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Birds vs Humans


It’s only on weekends that I get to stay home and observe the surroundings. While enjoying the gentle breeze on a Sunday morning, I noticed two black birds with fan like tails playing in our backyard. These birds, surprisingly, are very playful and I enjoyed just standing there watching them for a good 15 minutes.

Later, I spotted a cat walking across the fence. The birds swooped down on the cat’s back as if inviting it to give them a piggyback ride and I was surprised when the cat didn’t react violently. It just turned its head to look at the tiny creatures on its back and continued its morning stroll.

Not long after that, I felt a kiss on my hand from our dog Goliath. He was in a great mood for play but I wasn’t since these birds have already locked my attention on them. Liath stayed patiently by my side. Suddenly the two birds, who probably got tired of pestering the cat, flew to his direction and started flapping their wings on his face. It was a really funny scene, something which I normally see in Looney Tunes only.

Goliath addressed them with a bark and then started to jump high. See, liath’s mom is a poodle thus explaining his light physical weight. The birds would repeatedly fly high to perch on the santol tree then swoop down and flap their wings on Liath’s face.

How beautiful the relationship these animals share and a shame that people can never relish the same. As I recall that backyard scene, I realized it’s unfair to use the expression ‘bird brain’ in connoting someone who lacks logic. Shouldn’t it be ‘human brain’ as in “Can you get rid of your human brain and put some sense into your life?”

6 thoughts on “Birds vs Humans

  1. In the words of the great OFFICE PHILOSOPHER–FELIX…”hitting one bird with many stones.”

    Nevertheless, I think that what happened to you is very rare. Our house used to be a haven for the neighborhood birds. We would often see them playing about in the garden and driveway. Unfortunately, if you attract birds, you also attract kids with slingshots. There have been many times when they would hurl the stones at the birds and end-up damaging the window or the large glass door. I admit to being annoyed at them for a time. However, if you think about it, these cracks on the windowpane might serve as the family’s badge of honor for providing a place for our animal friends to rest and go about their business without fear of being hunted-down.

    …and that goes for the termite population living with us for the past decade. He he he!

  2. Kapatid!!! You’re the first again but please don’t scare me. I was beginning to love those black birds. Help me come up with a subject about Felix, hahaha! This will serve as my sounding board from now on. Thank you for dropping by, do it often ha?

  3. Conrad, that philosophy from Felix really creates an ugly scene in my imagination. Poor bird… 😀

    Tonette, could it be because human have forgotten how to trust? Unlike these animals, humans are always suspicious of others.

  4. Avi, that’s what bothers me. Everybody is overflowing with issues.

  5. i’ve often been called a birdbrain
    i guess that’s now a compliment, huh?

  6. Absolutely Raft3r:) I respect birds more than humans. Next time they call you that just say, “Don’t mention it, I’m not only intellectual but a cool dude as well!”

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