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Moderate Anger vs. Violent Anger


Each one of us gets angry in different ways and scales depending on the amount of energy that we put into this kind of emotion. One person can tolerate a misdeed which, on the other hand, can trigger the anger of another. I’ve been told many times that I should be more cautious of a person who seldom gets mad than he who always has his mouth stashed with a pot of hurtful words.


Personally, I know the kind of person to fear and why. But for the sake of this subject on anger, here’s a little analysis of a moderately angry person and one who is violently angry.

Which do you prefer?


1. Rolls eyes at you
2. Speaks one line that would make you wish you were never born
3. Ignores you
4. Back stabs you
5. Pretends that his anger has subsided but gradually works to get even with you (e.g creates an email account and sends fabricated mails that are detrimental to your reputation; calls your home number and informs the household that you met an accident when in fact you’re just in a meeting; talks to the boss and tells lies about you persistently; hires a kidnapper, etc.)


1. Bangs the table and slams the door
2. Speaks kilometric sentences until you no longer know what he’s trying to drive at
3. Shouts at the top of his voice and walks out
4. Plugs his earphones and ignores you
5. Turns the radio up when you attempt to explain your side

4 thoughts on “Moderate Anger vs. Violent Anger

  1. Ayoko ng away. Kaya ako, relax lang. 😀

    Kakatakot yang violently angry na yan, ha?

  2. Mare, mas takot ako sa una hehe:) I was once a victim of a moderately angry person, hindi ko kinaya mga schemes nya. Katakot talaga! Thanks again Vi, your thoughts always mean much:)

  3. i’d go with the violent type
    i’m a taurus, after all

  4. Raft3r, perfect choice. That’s the normal way to belt out anger, isn’t it?:)

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