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Facebook addiction


I’ve never been this addicted to a website. But since my friend Avi invited me to Facebook, I feel as though I’m having a second childhood. I’m always too thrilled to check out my account. Truth of the matter is, I was able to get my work done in a short span of time yesterday. You know why? So I could log in to my Facebook to face all the challenges, quizzes and games that await me.

In no time at all, I found myself inviting all the people in my contact list to join Facebook, too. All of them! There are certain games that require you to invite friends before you can see the result of your efforts that’s why I was left with no choice but to bombard their inbox with invitations. Of course, coated with an enticing message so they won’t say no to me.

I just checked my Facebook account a few minutes ago and guess what, from being a vampire I turned myself into a slayer. See, the games get exciting every time!

It also serves as an avenue for book and movie reviews. So far, I’ve reviewed two books and one movie. I’m a huge Anne Rice fan so I opted to review her book “Lasher” but before that, I was inspired to write something about Mitch Albom’s “The Five People You Meet In Heaven.” Last weekend, I got engrossed in the 1999 Al Pacino flick, “The Insider” so I thought of sharing a few things about the movie.

10 thoughts on “Facebook addiction

  1. hehe
    am i the only one not addicted to this website?

  2. hay raft3r, initially I thought the same thing. Pero when I got hooked ‘di na ako nakawala. Nakakaaliw eh. Daming games, quizzes, groups plus you get to meet all kinds of people. Recently I became friends with a Filipino who won first place in the 26th Maryland Open Filipino Martial Arts Tournament which happened on April 13 in Baltimore. O di ba newspaper material sya? hehe:)

  3. nyahaha
    ikaw talaga
    always on the prowl for news

    happy weekend!!!

  4. enjoy talaga ang mga quizzes at games at kung anu-ano pang eklavu sa facebook, mare! ikaw yata most active sa friends’ list ko. 😀

  5. Why, of course mare! Aside from the games, I’ve met people from the band scene so that makes work easier for me. Ang daming pwede ma-interview for the songhits ‘di ba? hehe:)

  6. grabe talaga sa facebook nakakaaliw dahil ang daming mga ka ek ekan ang makikita mo. (mag promote ba?). tama ka salve. kung titingnan mo sa pwesto nya kala mo busy sa work. asus nagffacebook pala ang mare mo. bilib talaga ako dyan napapagsabay nya. dapat tawag d2 facebook adik!

  7. hahaha!:) Grabe ka naman bet, I’m just being true to myself. Efficient naman ako sa work ko ah, kaya dapat lang efficient din ako sa facebook hahaha!:) Hala, answer all the quizzes na pinadala ko s’yo. Madami ‘yon:)

  8. Girl, i got a facebook profile , too! Add me up, will ya?
    Hey, what’s your profile id there? It’s pretty cool there too, huh? When Friendster was starting to be inefficient–the WAGS girls moved there to keep in touch, mostly difficult to post in the group discussion now, overloaded, duh??
    The video thingy is pretty neat, too–check out mine, girl..promise di ako ngongo!!

  9. Hi Mitchelle! Nice to have you in my home:) Thank you for dropping by:) Wow! you’re in facebook na din? This is exciting:) My id’s Mary, I’ll check you out hehe:)

  10. thats nice for u lol hahahha

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