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Educating preggy actress


I’m very disturbed. So disturbed with what people are saying about a young actress who’s currently pregnant with her first child and yet constantly goes out on dates. This girl, according to sources, enjoys gimmicks and events despite her condition. She’s not married yet so there’s no husband to control her social life nor does she has a steady boyfriend (well, this is what she tells the world).

I learned recently from a very reliable source that what the actress has been telling newspapers and showbiz talk shows about her platonic relationship with a handsome radio jock is untrue. The actress insists she’s just friends with the jock, but those in the know say there’s more to their relationship. The actress, according to our mole, frequents the work premises of the guy even if she has no business to be there. Maybe she has an album to promote, I thought to myself.

Being a mother myself, I’m worried about the condition of the child that’s developing in the actress’s body. Somebody must tell her that her activities and lifestyle now will greatly affect the child’s features, emotion, mind, and health someday.

In table conversations, some people say that the actress needs an outlet to recover quickly from her painful breakup with the father of her child. Is that why she goes dating the handsome radio jock? On the other hand, a male officemate who’s married and a father of a cute little girl tells me that a pregnant woman’s sexual urges are far greater than the one who’s not pregnant. I wanted to think of this as true but I didn’t experience it.

Having unpredictable moods I could understand. I’m lucky that my husband swallowed his pride and had the patience of Job in those nine months I was carrying our daughter in my womb.

I know that married women like myself are luckier than preggy actress because we have husbands who would take care of us no matter what. But not having a partner or a husband does not justify the actress’s actions. I bet she has a mother, aunts, cousins, and other relatives whom she can run to any time, right?

Books on pregnancy are everywhere or if she has an Internet connection at home, she could surf articles related to pregnancy. This way, she’ll know how to take care of the tiny angel growing inside her body and whose life she is solely responsible for.

I’m not being close-minded. I just know that this actress is capable of straightening her act if she wills it. I have friends who got pregnant out of wedlock, just like the actress, but they coped through a healthy lifestyle.

12 thoughts on “Educating preggy actress

  1. hay, tonet butina lang hindi ako artista or else na blog mo rin ako. ihihihihihihi

  2. FINALLY! Grabe, kailangan pang takutin para lang magbasa hahaha! Kung ikaw ang artista mare, ako ang manager mo kaya walang pwede mag-blog s’yo:) Thank you for dropping by mareng tet:)

  3. Asus! baka hindi pa sya kontento kaya hanap pa ng hanap ng bagong putahe. sabagay hindi nga nya ginamit ang utak nya sana hindi nangyari yan ngayon pa kaya na kahit bundat na ayun rumarampa pa! kilala ko na sya AMININ!

  4. Kapatid Obet, give away ba? Di ba, makatarungan ba sa anak nya ang ginagawa nya? Ang ganda ng drawing mo, in fairness!

  5. It’s really not fair for the kid inside her womb. She’s been telling the whole world she priotizes her baby more than anybody else in the world, well, I think the baby can feel his mom is lying.

  6. defense nya lang ‘yon lenski. She just wants everybody to stop writing and talking about her. How can that happen when she won’t stop doing the things that has been drawing people’s attention?

  7. naku, mare! nasa loob yata ang kulo ng artistang yun. demure-demure kunyari sa TV pero kakaiba ang trip ang escapades sa labas. kawawa naman magiging baby nya. may maldita pa yata syang guardian-guardianan (hindi nanay o tiya)!

  8. tumpak ang assessment mo, mareng Avi!

  9. wow, blind item!
    sino sya?

    basta hindi si Marian Rivera yan
    oks lang sakin

  10. Malabo maging si marian raft3r:) Ok yung actress na yon, super kalog during press conferences but acts well naman. Itong preggy actress, santa-santita exterior-wise lang. Sa loob….hmmm

  11. Sayang talaga sya! may future ehhh kaso ewan. Ahem ma’am nag-comment ako! *apir! Balik tayo sa kanya, mukhang desperada na toh kawawa naman tayo talagang mga kabataan ahahaha. *sigh….

  12. Hahaha! aba, akalain mo nag-comment si Eka sa not-so-blind item ko hehe:) Thank you ha? hehe:) Hay, tayo talaga mga kabataan…ay ikaw lang pala hahaha!

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