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Fuseboxx induced


I have long given up on the night life since becoming a mother. Truth is, I would always excitedly head home after work to be with my baby, and kiss my Sweetie before he leaves for work since he’s on the graveyard shift.

On April 18, 2008, however, I had to change my routine after Ed Mijares of Ballyhoo Records invited me to the anniversary of Fuseboxx, the unquestionably brilliant band that churns out progressive rock music. I’m not really a rock aficionado but I don’t abhor it. I just happen to be the kind who digs more into jazz ditties, the likes of Lou Pardini, Al Jarreau, Stevie Wonder, Lee Ritenour, Sergio Mendez, and Sadao Watanabe among others . But after hearing a Pink Floyd number from a former officemate, I found myself drawn into a surreal beautiful sound, which, I later realized was categorized as Progressive Rock.

What do I know about progressive rock? Nothing of course except that it has the elements of jazz and rock interestingly intertwined and addictive.

So, me and my friends at work headed to 6UG last Friday to rock to the music of Fuseboxx. While waiting for the main feature, two other bands called Eternal Love and Pulp Reason performed interesting numbers with catchy instrumentation. I particularly liked the violin part of Pulp Reason and the style of Eternal Love’s lead guitarist in handling his guitar. It’s as though his left hand was just floating on the fret, it’s fascinating how he can play that well without exerting so much effort.

Unfortunately, I failed to ask the two bands if they have an album out in the market. I kept procrastinating since Fuseboxx hasn’t performed yet anyway.

Finally, when it was Fuseboxx performing on 6UG’s platform, I couldn’t get my eyes off them. It’s like being hypnotized by their music but in a wonderful way. I especially liked how each number was heavily driven by Abby and Eric’s keyboards. At one point, Abby mentioned about being questioned by some people of their faith. So, they dished out a song that’ll prove they are no anti-Christ. It was a great piece with intelligent lyrics.

Fuseboxx’s energy rubbed off on everybody present in the room that even after having left 6UG, I could still hear their instruments playing loudly in my ears. I guess I had an overdose of Fuseboxx, which I truly enjoyed.

14 thoughts on “Fuseboxx induced

  1. I had a good time @ 6UG that Friday, mare. Thanks to you! 🙂

  2. music is good 4 the soul.
    teka, san ba ang 6UG na yan?

  3. Marami pang upcoming events showcasing bands, mare. punta tayo:) Nawili no? ay teka, baka awayin na ako ni jon, hehe:)

  4. Hi raft3r! it’s located along pearl drive in ortigas center, gloomy ang loob nya parang underground talaga. The tables are really low ala-japanese style with pillows teeming the place. Parang nasa bahay ka lang:)

  5. Hi,

    I was also there, and men every band was JAW dropping. Seriously I wasn’t expecting that.

    I think the bands name that performed were;

    Thought Prison – fantastic violinist.
    Eternal Now – epic lines (wished they ahad a vocalist…hmmm)

    fuseboxx – errr I’m still looking for my JAW. haha

  6. Hi Danilo:) Thanks for the correct information:) guess my friends and I heard it differently, hahaha! It was my first time to see Thought Prison and Eternal Love perform. Galing! One of these days, I’m writing about them in a music magazine. Fuseboxx is a phenomenal group! I still haven’t recovered from that April 18 event hehe:)

  7. hahah… kaya pala… mali ang info natin… yeah agree with Danilo… i really like the violinist, she’s so amazing… even her posture and outfit, galing… yong eternal now… wow galing nila Tio Pepe… I’m really anticipating their album… sarap ipang-soundtrip… siempre yong fuseboxx galing ng tandem nila abby and eric.. and siempre ung buong band… hope mag-progress ang progressive rock sa entire Philippines!!!

  8. And there was three of us, janeski! Ano ba, bingi ba tayo? Hahaha!

  9. san po ba ang 6UG may bayad ba pag pumunta dun? uuuyyy..akala ko po ma’am rakista ka! rekenroll! \m/

  10. Eka, long live rock!…and jazz hehe:) 6UG is along pearl drive lang, dun sa kabilang street. Yung bayad, depende ata sa featured artist. Pwede ka mag-inquire sa ballyhoo:)

  11. garing rakrakan raro na eternal now…astig…lalo na ung violinist

  12. Hi chuba, I agree! Catalina Africa raw ang name ng violinist:)

  13. the other bands were ETERNAL NOW AND THOUGHT PRISON. check out fuseboxx forums @

  14. Tama si Bloodytom. Sali ka sa forum ng fuseboxx para updated ka rin! 🙂

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