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I didn’t wake up with lots of energy today. It’s not that I wasn’t productive. As a matter of fact I was able to finish writing all my articles, and had sent my section in the paper to our artist for the layout task. Aside from this, I was able to please a client with an advertorial which I wrote to accompany their half page ad. But something is really wrong today. It might be the fact that I left my daughter feverish this morning. Or maybe it’s my dog’s broken leg that’s worrying me.

This morning, I had an upset stomach but I don’t know what caused it. I was munching on some cookies while writing an article when my stomach suddenly grumbled so I had to rush to the toilet and get rid of unwanted elements in my system.

After my toilet break, nothing much changed. I still felt the same and Matchbox 20’s “Unwell” played nonstop in my head. I thought I was only worried of the fact that I have exceeded the amount of tardiness an employee is allowed to accumulate in a month. See, I’ve been coming late (very late) to work since Monday. But then again, I’m not yet a candidate for suspension so I guess that couldn’t be counted as reason for feeling gloomy today.

I’m supposed to be happy for the record because this morning at work, all mothers such as myself received a flower from our marketing department. It’s their way of expressing how they regard us. I got a pink daisy. But you know what, just like me, my flower didn’t look so happy. What’s to be so thrilled about when you’ve done nothing but lie on somebody’s desk the entire day? She had her head bent with petals almost closing into a bud. I feel sorry that she had to be plucked from wherever she was originally just to be given to people like me.

On the other hand, I might not be the reason of my flower’s sadness. Maybe she’s just bored listening to me pound on my computer keyboard.

I guess today was simply designed to be boring.

7 thoughts on “Unwell

  1. hala
    must be one of those days nga…

    hope you get better soon, though

    ano ba kasing cookies yan?
    baka made in China

  2. greetings from Guam!

  3. Hello raft3r:) It’s a new brand, something called tortitas or tornitas, nakalimutan ko na. Masarap but it’s not safe for the stomach, at least mine. So, how’s the cast away to Marujo experience?

  4. good thing i didn’t eat that cookie you were asking me to try! 😀 magkasama siguro tayong nag-toilet break kung nagkataon.

  5. hahaha:) I’m not really sure if it’s the cookies or the witch mare:)

  6. wala lang ang ganda ng pictures ng pug.

  7. hahaha! thank you mare, napansin mo:) courtesy of jane ‘yan hehe:)

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