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Motherhood taught me…


As Mother’s Day gets nearer, I can’t help but reflect on the things I learned since becoming a mother. Some of these things I learned from my mama many years ago but back then, I was too young to understand them. Some, I learned by experiencing it myself.

Motherhood, they say, is not easy. I agree. It takes a lot of patience, effort and creativity. But on the other hand, motherhood opened my eyes, mind and heart to so many wonderful realities in life which I didn’t see (or refused to see) as a single woman.

Below is a list of those things which I learned since Sonnet came into my life.

1. To sleep shallowly. Any moment your baby gets hungry or wants her nappy changed, you should be up and about right away.

2. To use cotton nappies and stainless clips. A baby’s skin is very sensitive so you have to alternate the use of disposable nappies and cotton otherwise your baby would be the breeding ground of rashes.

3. To feed my baby not according to the book but according to her demands. If the book says feed her every 4 hours but baby gets hungry every two hours, hell with the book!

4. That a baby is a good listener. You could talk all day to a baby and she’ll stare at you in awe. Adults like arguments and debates.

5. That a baby has a naturally sweet scent. Adults need to spray a bottle or can of perfume all over their bodies to achieve a pleasant odor.

6. That babies are sophisticated music lovers. They listen to Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Verdi, Schubert peacefully with their eyes closed. They don’t bang their heads like a crazy dog or go grinding their bodies like worms.

7. That a baby’s smile takes you instantly to heaven

8. That a baby cries even when she’s not hungry or wet. She just needs a warm hug and lots of kisses.

9. That babies understand the definition of “No” and “Yes” (even when they can’t talk straight yet).

10. That I can afford to come in late at work but I feel like a loser when I fail to catch my baby awake at night. That’s why I hurry home everyday. Nothing equates to the feeling I get from seeing and holding my baby.

9 thoughts on “Motherhood taught me…

  1. Advance Happy Mother’s Day, mare. I really admire your dedication as a mom to Sonnet. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Vi:) My world revolves around her:)

  3. Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy Tonetski!
    With the stories that you share to us about Sonnet, you surely is a good and proud mom. ;p

  4. Thank you Lenski:) Sonnet taught me the meaning of unconditional love.

  5. Hay! sana mother na din ako para na experience ko din yan, ihihihihi. I just kidding.
    Sobrang tama ka dyan mare, walang iba pang sasaya sa feelings na makita mo ok ang bagets mo. Pay off lahat.

  6. Happy Mother’s Day, Tet! Syempre alam na alam mo ang sinasabi ko, mas madali ka pang alam kesa sa akin because you’ve been a mother much longer than I’ve been. I appreciate the things you tell me especially ‘pag namomroblema ako pag may lagnat si sonnet. thanks for the advice, mare:)

  7. madami pala tetchie, not madali:)

  8. how was your 1st mom’s day pala?

  9. It was fun raft3r:) Jon and baby Sonnet attempted to treat me to a haircut and foot spa but I had it the week before kaya kain na lang sa labas hehe:) Tapos movie marathon all day. Sonnet likes movies na may kantahan at sayawan like the chipmunks flick:)

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