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Fairness in the Law


This past week, I’ve been constantly drawn to topics that concern extra marital affairs. I guess, listening to the fast circulating story of an illicit affair in the office shared by a couple from a different department had a strong impact on me. Of course, as a wife I wouldn’t want some woman to break up my marriage.

Before I go on, let me clearly state that I don’t indulge in office gossip. The uncalled-for office romance was only relayed to me by a colleague and after hearing her out, I locked her account in a trove and hid it in a place where no one would dare go.

I thought I’ve totally forgotten about the illegal office romance since this is our paper’s deadline week. I’ve been practically busy writing articles for my showbiz and lifestyle pages.

While watching QTV 11‘s “Draw the Line,” however, the story popped in my head again as the host of the show delved into a married woman’s painful story. She (fortunately) had to file a case of bigamy against her husband after she caught him living under one roof with his mistress. The guy’s mistress, on the other hand, now faces concubinage.

The program clearly expressed that justice continues to prevail in the country. I’d like to believe this but is there any truth to that statement? I’m just wondering why the wife has to wait for her husband to start living with his mistress before she could file a criminal case against him.

Concubinage and bigamy are taken so lightly in the country. I think law makers should come up with a greater punishment for those found guilty of cheating on their spouses. The family, after all, has to be preserved because it’s the basic unit of society. Everything good starts from one’s family.

I’m tired of hearing separated women crooning to devastating songs such as that of Cher’s “Strong Enough.” I don’t get inspired by these lines from the song:

‘Cos I’m strong enough
To live without you
Strong enough and I quit crying
Long enough now I’m strong enough
To know you gotta go

I believe in a couple’s strength to stay together, not only for their kids but for their love and respect for each other.

10 thoughts on “Fairness in the Law

  1. first of all, strong enought is one my favorite dance songs. hehehe… This issue is so serious and yet binabalewala lang ng RP’s citizen and state. yes there’s law and church pero wala lang yun kung hindi isinasabatas o sinusunod.

    coming from a broken family and with similar background (the side b version), that’s one of my fears, yung pangangaliwa at pakikiapid. ayokong maloko at ayokong manloko. the best thing talaga i thinkm yung moral and spiritual stand ng isang tao… higit sa anu pa mang batas.

  2. I agree with you 100% janeski. I wish everybody would have a high regard for his/her spirituality and morals.

  3. “Sa batas ng tao at batas ng Diyos hindi pwedeng paghiwalayin ang pinag-isa.” mga katagang tumanim sa isipan ko. parehong may kahinaan ang tao dapat lang siguro na labanan ang anumang mapanuksong madaling gumapi sa kahinaan natin. Dapat laging batas ng Diyos ang ipairal sa puso ng tao para maiwasan ang di dapat pagkasira ng isang masayang pamilya.

  4. abang puso, tamang-tama ang sinabi mo. Siguro kailangan ng tulong ng mga kabit because they lack self-esteem. Somebody should tell them that they’re beautiful and worth loving para di sila sumasama sa may sabit na.

  5. nangangamoy kapuso, ah
    i’m back!!!
    bigat ng topic natin ngayon, ah
    kita naman tayo!
    aalis kasi ulit ako, e
    this time matagal-tagal
    so jasms get together muna, ha

  6. hello raft3r:) Parang nakasama na rin ako sa trip mo sa Guam through your account hahaha:) Very vivid ang description ng experience mo dun eh:) San ka punta sa susunod? Keep me posted, take care:)

  7. Buti na lang I love you, Goodbye!!! ang madalas ko kantahin

    Sa mga lawmaker, humanda kayo. Alm na ninyo’t kita na ang future at counter part ni Crispin Beltran.

    Go, mare suporthan kita!!!!!! mwah

  8. Hahaha! ‘Wag naman ganun mare. maganda ang mga advocacies ni Crispin Beltran but he lived his life na. Ako naman napakabata pa para mag-goodbye sa world.

  9. Alam mo, mare, I want to study the psychology of people who gets into such affair. What drives them to do it? Mag-interview nga tayo ng mga ganyan. Kaya lang baka magalit ka, sampalin mo sila. 😀

  10. Hahaha!:) Ay naku Vi, di ako magagalit sa kanila maaawa pa ako sa kanila. Kasi walang benefits ang mga kabit. Mapapagod lang sila in giving out excessive patience and understanding to their married boyfriends. Tapos sa huli, sila rin ang maiiwan.

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