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The mystery of a Santol


Last Sunday, Mama asked some people in the neighborhood to harvest Santol in the backyard. Later in the afternoon, I was surprised to see sacks and pails of the fruit. I had no idea there was this much in the tree because looking at it from the ground, I could see very few fruits.

Although I’m not fond of eating Santol, I like its characteristics. It bears an element of surprise which is not common in other fruits. Some fruits taste sweet from the outside down to the core. Others, on the other hand, are sour from the first slice to the last.

The Santol is a unique fruit since it’s full of secrets. Why its skin alone does not give a clue about its ripeness. Aren’t fruits supposed to give off an odor or at least feel soft in one’s hand when they’re ripe? A Santol doesn’t. You have to peel and taste it to find out.

Once you’ve peeled the fruit, you have to suck the Santol’s flesh to relish its taste. The fruit is often sour that’s why I was surprised our neighbors claimed the ones from our tree taste sweet. Honestly, I only like the flesh that surrounds the Santol’s seed because it’s very sweet. Avoid swallowing the seed though for you might suffer an intestinal problem.

You discover a lot of things from the Santol. It’s not a boring fruit that leaves nothing to the mind after its consumption. The fruit’s skin and pulp represents the unexpected events in one’s life while the seed personifies something or someone you can enjoy but never have to yourself.

14 thoughts on “The mystery of a Santol

  1. Santol actually reminds me so much of my childhood days. We also have a tree in our backyard then. I used to play “lutu-lutuan” under its shade.

    Salamat din sa ibinigay mong santol. :p

  2. Santol is my “ultimate” favorite fruit! My most special eating place…any corner with door…(“,)

    It keeps my feet on the bowl!

  3. You’re welcome lenski:) dami pa sa house, I’ll bring more tomorrow:)

  4. talaga hoshi? kahit maasim? di ko kaya hehe:)

  5. i love santol!

  6. dami pa denoy, bigyan kita:)

  7. may kwentong santol din ako kaya, at sobrang memorable din ang santolat puno ng santol sakin.
    Hindi ito bastos ha basta memorable talaga skin. pero kung bastusan meron dinakong kwento santol bastos edition. heheheh

    Seriously, matamis ang santol ninyo samin pangsinigang. salamat

  8. hahaha! maasim ba yung sa inyo mare? Parang type ko marinig ang kwentong santol mo:)

  9. promise yan, ha
    naglalaway na ako

    happy weekend!!!

  10. Oo naman, dami talaga denoy:)

  11. oo mas maasim mas gusto ko… actually yung asim niyan madalas nasa balat lang… iilan lang yung asim na nasa buto… sa school namin nung elem. talagang yung isang supot na may laman na 5 maliliit na santol yun ang bininili ko. masarap pati siya isawsaw sa toyo, bagoong, pag alang pera pwede na sa asin.


  12. hoshi, siguro masarap sya sa bagoong no? Kung di lang sana ako allergic sa bagoong. Without the sawsawan, ayoko kumain kasi nangingilo ako sa asim hehe:)

  13. Sa sobrang dami ng santol sa probinsya namin, ginugulay yan. Ang sarap mare. Tapos medyo maanghang ang pagkakaluto.

    May tag pala ako sayo. 😀

  14. Ay oo vi, nilalagay sa sinigang ‘yan sa amin. Pero mas type ko yung may gata:) Yung burong santol type ko rin:) ‘Pag ginugulay ang santol, game na game akong kumain kasi super sarap:) Exciting game ulit yang tag mo?:)

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