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HCH Syndrome


THERE have been occasions in my life I couldn’t get a clear idea down on my sheet. Experts call this dilemma writer’s block which purpose of creation I never understood. It’s a good thing this disease doesn’t linger for days. After an hour or two, I would be back on work mode and I’m proud to say that I always submit my piece in time for our paper’s deadline.

That was the case until this week came into the picture. The moment I turned on my computer last Tuesday, I knew right away that I didn’t want to write. It was not because I was burned out due to the previous deadline. As a matter of fact, my entire system was still all revved up for any project that’s waiting to be accomplished.

It really had nothing to do with my mood but everything about interest. Suddenly, I found myself envious of my husband for being able to do what he enjoys doing. He does concepts and designs for print ads which come out in a widely circulated paper in the U.S.A, Charlotte Observer. How I thirsted for his knowledge in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and other programs required in the field of graphic design. I even requested our IT department to install InDesign in my computer which they immediately granted.

When I could no longer hold back my desire to learn in-depth print design, I confessed this HCH (Having a Change of Heart) Syndrome I’m going through to Johnson, my husband. I told him that I’m tired of writing about things, people, Pinoy TV shows, and that I would rather describe them through images. Fortunately, he took it in positively. He even shared links related to InDesign tutorials so that I could easily grasp the subject.

However, even with all those tutorials piled in my hard drive, I still turned into a nuisance to the graphic artists in our office because I would constantly ask them about the function of each tool displayed on the tool bar. I realized InDesign is a lot more difficult than Word and Notepad, programs which are commonly used by writers.

But I’m not about to give up on this brand new dream. Not just yet. As a matter of fact, I posted on this entry samples of my initial effort. By the way, if you’re health conscious, you can purchase this pure VCO (Take note, it’s pure virgin coconut oil not mere extract) from me.

10 thoughts on “HCH Syndrome

  1. alam mo sa ating mga barkada
    ako lang yata ang hindi writer by profession
    nandyan sina sol, diane, lille, gannon, ikaw…

    life is unfair

    happy weekend sayo!!!
    see you b4 i leave for my next trip, ha

  2. wow! okay lang yan HCH mare! talagang pag ginagawa mo ang isang bagay for so many years.. darating ang point na gusto mo naman ng bago…

    explore-explore lang kunga baga! remember “Mag multi-tasking daw… hehe!!!”

  3. Life favors you more denoy:) You’re not a writer by profession but you have excellent writing skills. ‘Yan ang gusto ko sana, to write on the side lang. Writing shouldn’t be a chore kasi:)

  4. Mare, siguro nga nasa subconscious ko ang “multi-tasking” na ‘yan kaya nagsisipag ako mag-aral ng Indesign hehe:)

  5. Marami talagang pwedeng matutuhan sa mundo hangga’t interesado ang isang tao. Go, go, go! Mag-layout ng mag-layout. ;p

  6. Thank you for lifting my spirits lenski:) Isa kang positibong enerhiya sa buhay ko:)

  7. okay lang mag-HCH. it only means you thirst for new things and want to acquire new knowledge. basta natututo ka, go lang ng go. 😀

    pansin ko lang, may slight promotion sa bandang dulo ng post. 😀

  8. Very observant ka talaga Vi, pwede ka talaga mag-abogado:) You notice the tiniest detail all the time:) Kailangan ‘yan, mahalaga ‘yan sa buhay ko hehe:)

  9. grabe
    negosyante ka na rin

  10. hehe:) that’s good for the health, especially the skin den:) I sell VCO bar na rin and use it instead of soap kasi wala syang chemicals. Yung chinese friend ni papa kasi is a biochemist who makes these products.

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