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Fighting for Life


WHILE watching TV on a Sunday evening, I chanced upon the 2002 flick “John Q” which stars Denzel Washington.

The movie’s about a father who exhausts all his savings and possessions in order to come up with the amount of money needed for his son’s heart transplant since his insurance won’t cover the operation. Unfortunately, selling everything he had did not help because the required amount was just too big.

John, the father of the boy, became so desperate of his son’s condition that he held everybody in the hospital hostage and told the authorities he won’t surrender until the doctors perform an operation on his son. John even declared “free health care for everyone” inside the hospital.

I strongly agree with John’s point that sick equates to help. Doctors should pay attention to people, regardless of their standing in society, who walk into their hospital. They’re not there to shop for syringes and dextrose in the first place. They are basically seeking medical help.

I’m much aware that the medical equipment and physician’s fee are of utmost consideration in any hospital. However, is it impossible to attend to the patient first and just bill him afterwards when his health condition is more stable?

Fortunately, the movie ends with the doctors performing the operation on the boy.

I thought of the movie a few minutes ago after receiving this link from my husband:

It’s an open letter of a husband pleading help for his beloved wife. The husband happens to be my husband’s supervisor at work that’s why we strongly feel for him. I know that we have no right to ask God why terrible things happen to good people. There is really nothing we can do. But I hope it would be all right to request you to send this message across to people you think are capable of extending financial help to the couple.

Let’s pray they survive this trial. Thank you very much and please keep safe always.

8 thoughts on “Fighting for Life

  1. i saw this movie
    ok din
    about hmo
    kita mo talaga na iba ang tingin nila sa mga african americans

  2. Oo nga eh at tsaka kung ordinary citizen ka lang, deadma sila. Just like here in our country. ‘Pag may health card ka, di ka masyadong pansin but if you show them the cash, oh you’re so important to them.

  3. Panget ang John Q. Predictable ending. “Rotten” din ang rating nya sa Rotten Tomatoes.

  4. Care ko sa ratings nya, the movie speaks the truth in society.

  5. oo naman basta sa kapakanan ng baby lahat gagawin mo kung pwede ngalang ba na tayo ang umako ng karamdaman nila, para hindi nalang sila ang maghirap diba? pag pray natin ang mga kapus palad na may ganitong pagsubok na lahat ay may solusyon parin.

  6. ‘Yan ang prayer ko kapatid obet, na sana lahat ng tao maging healthy lalo na ang mga bata. Mabigat sa dibdib twing may nakikita akong bata na naghihirap dahil sa sakit.

  7. dont know that movie but i cant help but emphatize, kasi dito rin sa alemanya dapat may health card ka kundi wala kang benefit. pero minsan nga kahit na may health card kang binabayaran magaantay ka pa rin ng ilang buwan para lang makakuha ng appointment sa mga specialists! kahit nga sa dentista ilang araw din aantayin mo para lang makapagpabunot ng ngipen! kulang na rin kasi ng medical specialists tapos hindi maayos ang medical benefits… hay buhey — welcome nga pala sa WPP

  8. Hello Kengkay, salamat for dropping by my haven:) Alam mo, naaawa talaga ako sa mga tao na nasa ganitong condition. Sana pag dating sa health aspect, mas pagtuunan ng pansin ng gobyerno kasi mas importante naman di hamak ang buhay ng kahit sino kesa sa negosyo ng kung sino.

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