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Bring back yesterday’s musikeros


INITIALLY, I wanted to share an article I wrote about the Afterimage band. Oh yes, they’re back! But if I did, nobody’s going to buy Top 40 Hits and Most Requested Songs anymore. I wouldn’t want that to happen because the editor’s a good friend.

I was a big fan of the band back in the 90s and I loved their songs such as “Next In Line,” “Tag-Ulan” and “Habang May Buhay.” Now I’m no longer that big a fan. I’ve turned into a mammoth fan! Blame the band’s current album entitled “Our Place Under The Sun” which contains 12 songs.

As usual, Afterimage’s music is still rock laden but there’s something new in their instrumentation. According to vocalist Wency Cornejo, a radio jock has categorized their music as “positive rock.” I don’t know what that means but positive their songs really are.

Afterimage dropped by 103.5 Max FM recently to perform live in the station’s Saturday program, Tunog Kalye. I got a firsthand experience of their new offering. I especially like the songs “Brightest Day” and “Musikero,” the album’s carrier single. Instead of Wency on vocals, bassist Niño Messina took the honor of lending his voice in the former song. His voice reminded me of Adam Levine.

I was drawn to the guitar scaling of the band’s new lead guitarist, Gereon Arcai, as well as Arnold Cabalza ‘s keyboard strokes. There was not much effort but their music came out crisp and right.

It’s about time the bands of yesterday come back to inject a variety in the music scene. I don’t mean to be offensive but a lot of young Filipino bands today sound alike. I can’t differentiate their music not to mention their voices. I miss the likes of Alamid, Rockstar, The Teeth, and even Orient Pearl.

17 thoughts on “Bring back yesterday’s musikeros

  1. grabe
    blast from the past talaga ire

    sana hwag sumunod ang introvoys

    gusto ko yun hanggan ni wency
    teka, tama ba ang title?

    happy weekend!

  2. greetings from japan!

  3. Marami talagang magagaling na OPM bands noon. With Afterimage’s new albu baka magkaroon ng trend. :p

  4. Yes raft3r, hanggang ang title nun pero solo artist na sya nung nilabas nya yung song:) I’m sure di babalik ang introvoys, may memorable ba silang kanta? hehehe:) Oi, have a safe journey owkee? Ba, ang galing ah natuloy ang trip despite Frank’s attack:)

  5. I hope so Lenski:) I wish to see Alamid’s resurgence:)

  6. super delayed ang flight
    halos naiwan ako ng mga connecting flights natin

  7. parang isang kanta lang ng alamid ang alam ko “your love.” Okay naman sa akin ang After Image.. pero mas type kong mag-focus sa song nila kaysa sa mismong banda nila.

    and i believe nung 90s pa sila positive rock.. di ba song nila “habang may buhay,””next in line,” and tag-ulan.” mga inspirational songs para sa mga nag-e-emote.. hehe

    like kung bumangon yong rockstar… buhay pa naman ang rivermaya ko e. hehehe… mabuhay rico and bamboo!

  8. Good for you raft3r:) Ayon nga sa The Alchemist, if you truly want something with all your heart and soul, the universe conspires to give it to you:) It knows you’re dying to see JJ on stage hehe:)

  9. Oo janeski, magaganda talaga songs ng afterimage. Pero at the time hindi nonexistent pa ang category na positive rock kaya nagulat din daw sila nung tinawag silang ganun. Rock band lang daw kung i-tag sila noon:) Mabuhay ang Rico mo! Pero mare ha, no offense ha, mas na in love ako sa instrumentation ng “Yugto” kesa sa boses nya. Sumulat na lang kaya sya hehehe:)

  10. Okay lang… ganun din naman reaction ko kay rico nung siya kagad ang ipinalit kay bamboo. hanggang ngayon nga.. di ko pa rin gusto ang song nila na “Elesi.” nagustuhan ko lang siya talaga sa “liwanag sa dilim” at “You’ll be safe here’

  11. Oo nga janeski pero in fairness, magaling talaga si rico magsulat. May isang sad song sya na gusto ko, ‘My Favorite Song” ata title nun if I’m not mistaken.

  12. may napasikat din ang introvoys, iyong line to heaven. favorite ko noong grade 4 ako. :p

  13. Oo nga pala Lenski, sige na nga may memorable song na sila. Still, it does not change the fact na paos si Paco kumanta kaya ayoko sila hehe:)

  14. Tama ka, mare. I, too, prefer the bands before. I don’t listen to the music of most bands today; they do sound alike, really. Can’t distinguish one from the other. 😦

    crumb trails

  15. Plus there were less remakes yesterday Vi unlike now kaya nakakasawa ang present bands.

  16. i remember hanging out with wency during our high times with my band. well our vocalist was the close friend of wency thats why. hehe. its gud to know their back. gusto ko makita ulit maita ang da wuds. hehe

  17. Wow! talaga GMAC? Ka-circle mo pala sila Wency, bongga:) What happened to your band? You guys could regroup tapos hit mainstream:)

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