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Why blog? Why not?


A WEEK ago, an officemate stumbled on my blog and asked how I made it. So, I fed him the details and told him it’s an excellent way to detoxify his system from stress and worries. The guy wants a blog of his own, too, but dreads what other people will say because he is not a writer by profession. I told him one doesn’t have to be a writer to maintain a blog.

One’s blog serves as his soundboard. You can write or draw. Others even take photographs of people, things and places that interest them and post these on their blog. One reason why I like visiting is the fact that it teems with creative souls. I don’t get bored whenever I’m on this site. It’s like jumping from one room to another. Sometimes I feel I’m in a museum because of the superb visuals.

I went to the blog of the pretty DJ Kelly of radio’s 103.5 Max FM last week right after our interview for Pinoy Gazette and I was also amazed. Had I not been busy at that time, I could have read all her poems. Yup, her blog contains poems that are very interesting and riveting.

I really hope more people would see the essence of a blog. I especially like to encourage artists to get into this habit. It’s always a pleasure to see beautiful artworks. Whether it’s something you painted on canvas, designed in Photoshop or simply drew on a piece of paper using Mongol, that’s a work of art. Since my brother-in-law, who also happens to be an artist, doesn’t have a blog of his own yet, I’m posting here some of his works achieved through Photoshop.

12 thoughts on “Why blog? Why not?

  1. I encourage people to blog. Magandang pantanggal stress and you’re able to express yourself freely pa.

    Di ba, mare? 😀


  2. I agree with you 100% mare! Mabuhay ka at sa iyong domain:)

  3. Blogging is for everyone. You get to share what you know and you get to learn from others as well. :p

  4. Boohhh… blog ng blog…wala ng rason-rason… j0ke…tama sila lahat…kaysa mabugbog ka (bog), mang-untog (tok), manampal (pak), manipa (pang), mamaril( washung) eedie magsulat ka na lang sa net (blog)… techie ka pa kuno…. hehehe

  5. You’re absolutely right Lenski:) Great advertising medium pa hehe:)

  6. Hahaha! Complete with effects pa Janeski ah:) Dagdagan mo pa ng splat! bang! kaboom! etc. Tama ka, nakapag-express ka na ng sarili mo, di ka pa nahuhuli sa world of technology:)

  7. sobrang cool mag-blog
    bagay sa mga taong makwento

  8. angels & demons ang oix, ha

    happy weekend!!!

  9. how’s your journey raft3r? ok ba ang gawa ng brother-in-law ko? mahilig sya gumawa ng story through images. Pareho sila ni jon:)

  10. You are so right about this, Sonnet girl.
    Here are some benefits of blogging

    Magandang medium to de-stress
    Magandang medium for self-expression
    It gives us our own, distinct voice
    It allows us to discover our hidden talents
    It lets us meet people and establish friendships
    It helps us grow
    It challenges us to consider issues seriously
    It lets us discover things about our friends (Salve has been my friend for more than a decade, but it was only through her blog that I discovered she writes good poem)

    Ok… till here na lang muna. Pigang-piga na ang isip ko! Hahahaa

  11. Brainteaser, you get a perfect score!:) We benefit a lot of things from blogging that’s why it’s addictive hahaha! I normally blog first before getting down on my work, pang-warm up kumbaga hehe:)

    My brother-in-law has a seamless imagination, mana sya sa husband ko who’s also an artist. They can both do so many things with a simple photograph:)

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