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I AM not lifting my chair but I say VCO is perfect for health and beauty maintenance. I’m not a business woman by profession, in fact I have very poor skills in sales and I don’t have the charm to sweet talk a person into buying a product. That said, I’m not surprised PR firms won’t hire me. However, my mother was able to persuade me to sell VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) which is manufactured by a Chinese biochemist and a good friend of our family.

As the country continues to face the dreadful oil price hike and rice shortage, our biochemist friend has every reason to raise the price of his VCO goods. But he did not. That’s why I’m still offering my 250 ml VCO at P130 and each VCO bar at P100. On the other hand, multinational companies that order from him in bulk have increased by P10 to P15.

You might think that this is all about business. Not so. I just hope I can encourage men and women alike to use VCO because of its wonderful benefits. Aside from being a yummy beverage and dessert, coconut contributes to our total well being.

Using coconut oil regularly creates gradual improvement on your skin’s tone and texture. By applying it religiously on your face, neck, arms and legs, you strengthen the skin and underlying tissues on these areas. Coconut oil also promotes speedy healing of wounds, cuts and insect bites. As a matter of fact, it’s what I use on my daughter every time she has insect bites. You don’t have to wait long for the red mark to disappear. What’s more, coconut oil proves to be helpful in fending off invading germs that cause infections and illness.

Aside from its topical application, VCO can also be taken into the body. Daily consumption of VCO will reduce the risk of heart disease. People who experience discomfort due to their digestive system’s irregularity are advised to take a spoonful of VCO before every meal. You have the assurance that it will normalize that tummy of yours.

Three and a half tablespoons of VCO is the general recommendation for average-sized adults but if you want to have more, help yourself. There’s not a recorded case of VCO overdose so you can take as much as you like. It’s just like having your favorite fruit. Others mix their VCO with their vegetable or salad.

If you want to experience the wonders and magic of VCO, head to the nearest drugstore or health section of a mall. But before you pick up that bottle, check out its label for the line that says it has passed the Halal Certifying Board of the Muslims. By being Halal certified, the product is rest assured permissible since harmful ingredients are nonexistent. See, the Muslims are very cautious. They only take in what is proven pure and that is what makes them admirable. A VCO in the market that is not Halal certified isn’t made from 100% coconut oil. It has incorporated additives which do not guarantee the benefits only a genuine VCO bottle can offer.

35 thoughts on “Magic VCO!

  1. Hey, people! you can order VCO from the owner of this blog. Just leave a message here in the comments section together with your email/contact info so she can get in touch with you. πŸ˜€


  2. Thank you for the additional info Vi:) Avi, by the way, uses VCO also that’s why she has that youthful glow like me:)

  3. Ibang klase ka ng businesswoman. At dahil diyan, oorder na ako sa iyo. :p

    Surely Lenski! You won’t be sorry:)

  4. In fairness, everytime na may kati-kati at sugat. lagi hanap niya sakin mom nasan na yun magaling mo virgin coconut oil. yu bigay ng officemate. at take note konti lng yun bigay ni ate rose until not hindi pa ubos. KASI KONTI PATAK TODAS ANG BACTERIA sabi ng daughter ko yan ha., 6 years old po siya.

    Kay Sonnet VCO rin lang gamit ko mareng tet:) Galing ni Aira, 6 years old pa lang she can see the benefits of VCO. Effective kasi talaga:)

  5. I had the honor of interviewing the Filipino pioneer of VCO β€” Dr. Conrado Dayrit β€” almost a year before he died. I did a write up about him in the magazine I used to work for.

    He had shown me studies that VCO is really good both internally and externally. The only question about his studies is that they are not clinical studies, merely epidemiological. And knowing doctors, they only ‘accept’ clinical studies. That’s why there is still some sort of controversy surrounding the benefits of VCO.

    That said, I am hoping there would be clinical studies about VCO soon. It’s hard to discount the fact that those who have used the product feel benefit from it. I suspect that it is really the real thing. We just have to know how much is enough, and how much is too much. I’m talking about the dosage.

    I do have a bottle of VCO at home… given to me by someone. I’m not a regular user, but I use from time to time. Pag naubos, alam ko na kung saan kukuha. Hehehhe

    Good luck, girl!

    Thank you brainteaser! I want everybody to experience the benefits from VCO:) Truth is, there really is no such thing as VCO overdose. At home we take one tablespoon of VCO after every meal. According to our Chinese friend though, if you have too much cholesterol in your body, suffering from high blood or having problems with your digestive system it’s best to take a tablespoon before every meal.

  6. PS: Did you change your blog theme?

    I’m trying to remember kung ito ba talaga ang dati mong theme or if it’s new. Kaloka, ulyanin na ako.

    Yup, I did! Medyo nakakasawa na yung first and it won’t fit my blog entry on VCO kaya dapat green so it matches the color of the VCO’s label hehehe:)

  7. astig ang VCO and i trust this blogger
    try it
    di kayo magsisisi

    You should trust me raft3r, why we’ve known each other since we were kids:) Kaya order ka ng VCO when you get back ha? I’ll reserve a bottle for you:) You might want to try the VCO bar, too:)

  8. Hahahahaha! You made me laugh about that color scheme. Hehehehe!

    Ano yung VCO bar?

  9. Para may theme brainteaser hehe:) Di sya fit sa blue eh:) Answering your question, the VCO bar is like soap but it’s not soap-based. Meaning to say, it’s 100% VCO minus the chemicals normally mixed into soap products. A VCO bar doesn’t dry your skin. Through research, I found out that perfume soaps are damaging to the skin. That explains why the the VCO bar is unscented. It dries pimples, prevents blemishes/dark spots and evens your skin tone:)

  10. kaloka na to! promote kung promote, mare! πŸ˜€

  11. Oo nga Vi, pwede na i-convert sa TVC hahaha! May mga nagbigay na nga ng testimonial. Matatalo na nga ang Oil of Olay nito:)

  12. Wow super grabe na talaga ang pagppromote ng VCO sa mga ka amiga mo. hindi me magtataka baka isang araw isa ka nang milyonarya na magpapabenta narin sa PIMS ng produkto mo. Totoo talaga ang VCO may na interview narin me na may goiter na nagpatotoo narin sya na gumaling na ngayon. Kaya sa mga hindi pa gumagamit na katulad ko BUY NA! baka maubusan kayo wag pabagal bagal kilos na!!!!!!

  13. Oo kapatid Obet maganda sya talaga kasi yung vitamin deficiency mo, pinupunan nya. Yung aunts and uncles ko nga na masakit lagi ang joints, nawala kasi regular sila sa pag-inom ng VCO. If it isn’t safe, hindi ko sana ginagamit kay Sonnet who’s only 1 year old di ba? Try it on Dallen:)

  14. nyahaha
    i love this thread
    para ngang infomercial

    pwede bang ako ang gawin mong model/endorser pagbalik ko?

  15. Really? How much is a bar? ok, in case ayaw mo lagay price, you can email me, sweetie. πŸ˜‰

    Hehehehe. Oy, may endorser ka na, Sonnet!

    Raft3r, don’t sell yourself short, yan lang advise ko. Gusto mo, i-manage kita? Share tayo sa kita mo. Hehehehe

  16. Raft3r, I would love to take you in as my VCO model kasi baby face ka like me but you have to use the product first. Iba kasi ang glow ng VCO user. People might notice the difference, malugi pa ako hehehe:)

  17. It’s very affordable at P100 brainteaser:) I guarantee you a smooth and blemish-free skin:)

    Sige, manage mo si raft3r and you won’t beorry kasi he’s not shy at all. He will make you very rich!!!

  18. So when tayo kita? Wanna try it, girlash!

    Want my skin extra (100x) super (1,000x) soft.


    Malay mo, gagaling at mapapauwi na ang aking sweetie…

    Kasalan na ito.

    Ang theme song? “Nang dahil sa VCO….” hehehehe

    Order ako! 2 bars muna. πŸ™‚ Ano pa products ng VCO that you have?

  19. Hahaha!:) Wow, magandang line ‘yan for VCO, brainteaser:) Right now, we just have VCO bars and bottles. My mom refused the VCO capsules kasi you get very little of the product unlike with the 250 ml bottle. Do you want your VCO bars tomorrow, brainteaser?:)

  20. ay! may bentahan nang nangyayari! galing!

    brainteaser, may isa pa kong advise. napulot ko lang `to sa lumang pelikula ni FPJ, ka-partner nya si Elizabeth Rampsey. Sya ang nagsabi nito. “Sa isang libong halik (galing sa sweetie mo), puputi ako.” Try mo baka effective din. πŸ˜€


  21. Saan ka ba based banda, girl? πŸ™‚

    Me, nasa QC. Pero be in Makati later today…

    if you have time this lunch time…

  22. Hi brainteaser:) I didn’t bring the bars coz I heard yesterday you’re meeting up with Avi on Saturday for a workshop. Sabi nya you’ll probably tell me to give the bars to her, I’m so sorry:( I work in Ortigas. If you want I can meet you tomorrow after work since our lunch period is very short. Mabibitin tayo sa chikahan hehehe:) Is it ok with you, brainteaser?

  23. Mareng Avi, ang tanong: Pumuti ba ever si Elizabeth Ramsey pagkatapos sya halikan ni FPJ? hehehe:)

  24. napadaan lang..kakaloka ang discussion dito wehehe πŸ™‚

  25. yung vco pa ba ang kwentuhan dito? hehehe!

    ay naku mga mare at pare, sister & bro, pards & bading weto na ang 100% pure vco oil na good na sa inyong health okay pa sa inyong beauty. di kailangang ng maraming seremonyas, lalagok lang at papahid lang ok na. di gaya ng ibang beauty products diyan na marami ng eklabu, chemicals at anik-anik di na effective , di pa safe…

    bili na suki nyong si tonet! wahehehe

    (hay nawala na ang idea ko nung nakaraan) It’s time to change things, it’s time to move on… it’s time for Tonet’s VCO! Clear na?

  26. Hello dhangski! Nice of you to drop by my haven:) Health conscious ka ba? O di kaya’y beauty conscious? Try mo VCO ko, very effective:)

  27. Hahahaha! Mareng Jane, grabe pwedeng-pwede ka na branding manager o kaya marketing. Bentang-benta ang linya mo. Pero kidding aside, si Hoshi ang number 1 client ko kaya pansin nyo naman, kasing-ganda ko yan:) Tulad ko, hindi nagme-make up yan pero stand out ang beauty nyan like me:) Kaya mag VCO na rin kayo para matulad sa amin:)

  28. Uy, naintriga ako. Maganda naman skin ko kahit walang products pero baka lalong humanda pag nag-VCO ako. Haha. May question lang ako hindi ba weird pag ininom? Kasi mejo feeling ko mag-regurgitate ako kasi oil? I had a very bad experience before with drinking olive oil plus calamansi for some detox thing na pinagawa saken and pag naiisip ko yun naging experience ko while drinking nasususuka uli ako. Sorry parang ang gross ng story ko. xD Yung sabon mukhang like ko. Sensitive kasi skin ko ayaw nung mga regular soap. 😦 Need ko itaon na luluwas ako to get it kasi I’m currently based sa Batangas. πŸ˜€

  29. Hello Nika! Don’t worry you won’t regurgitate by taking in VCO. Gaganda pa nga ang digestive track mo. But if you don’t want to drink it, you can apply it on your face like you would a moisturizer. You said sensitive ang skin mo, I suggest you use the VCO bars because it’s not soap based and it doesn’t have perfume. It’s the perfume in soaps that usually damages the skin cells kaya it’s better to do without it.

    Let me know when you’re coming to Manila owkee:) By the way, thank you for dropping by my haven. It’s always a pleasure to have beautiful people like you here in my space:)

  30. Hi!! everything na cnabi ni Ms. Tonet is 100% true… guess what sobrang ok ang VCO nagpdala ako sa parents ko abroad para matry din nila…para maexperince nila ang effectiveness ng product… Buti na lang may inoorderan anywhere…tnx to VCO kaya lalo maganda c denise!! πŸ˜‰

  31. Hello Denise! Actually, Denise is my celebrity endorser. Wala lang sya picture kasi she does not have an account on wordpress. VCO beauty ‘yan:)

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  34. alam nyo tama ang naka sulat sa dscription about vco dahil ako ay isang member ng uno na nagbbenta ng vco and dad ng frend k ay gumgamit ng herbal na ito na may sakit sa heart desease ngayon magaling na sya. maganda ito sa xternal and nternal of our body kayat subukan nyo na proven and tested na…. bfad approved

  35. You said it, Welfred:) Very effective talaga ang VCO, it promises a healthier life.

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