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Note from a procrastinator


TODAY I feel like a princess. I woke up this morning thinking of my tasks waiting to be accomplished within the day just like Ofelia in “Pan’s Labyrinth,” a Spanish film which I watched yesterday afternoon with my Switee while our little Sonnet was taking her afternoon nap.

Truth is, I don’t know where Johnson got the movie because he normally inserts a disc in our player to convey it’s movie time but yesterday, he turned on his computer and scenes from the movie just popped on our TV screen.

Pan’s Labyrinth” is a fantasy film set amidst the backdrop of Spain’s post civil war. Young Ofelia (Ivana Baquero) is the main character who delves into the fantasy world and takes refuge in her fairy tale books. Her fantasies, however, turn into reality when she and her mother move to the countryside where the headquarters of her heartless stepfather, Captain Vidal (Sergi Lopez), is situated.

One evening, a tiny fairy wakes Ofelia and leads her to a labyrinth. Here, Ofelia meets a faun that informs her she was once a princess and the possibility to be one again is huge if she obeys his instructions.

Ofelia receives the Book of Crossroads from the faun which contains different tasks she must accomplish to regain her stature as a princess. In the end, Ofelia dies from a gunshot wound courtesy of Captain Vidal but this signifies the beginning of her immortal life as a princess.

Perhaps, to be a princess one must be serious in carrying out her tasks and have none of a procrastinator’s traits which I occasionally find in myself. That’s why today, I can feel like a princess but I’m not one so I guess, my chores can wait ’til tomorrow.

25 thoughts on “Note from a procrastinator

  1. i love this film, mare. grabe. one of the best fantasy movies i’ve seen.


  2. I found it very interesting too mare:) Before this, my all-time favorite fantasy film was “The Neverending Story.”

  3. Pahiram naman, hindi ako makacomment masyado

  4. Sige tetchie:) i’ll ask jon kung san naka-save. Mahiwaga masyado ang asawa ko. ‘Di DVD or VCD ang copy ng movie, bigla na lang nya pinaandar from his computer:)

  5. the director here did hell boy 2, right?

  6. Yup yup, raft3r:) He has a very wide imagination and always comes up with exceptional characters.

  7. tumpak ka dyan, raft3r:)

  8. you’re more than just a princess, you’re a queen. 😉

    and sis, thanks for visiting thefilipinoweb 🙂 *hugs*

  9. Queen of procrastination that is, hahaha! I think I’m going to be thefilipinoweb’s frequent visitor, Iva:) Thank you for visiting my haven:)

  10. yahooooooooo! howdydo friendster?

  11. Hello there, brainteaser!:) How are you? Isn’t it you’re meeting up with Avi tomorrow? I asked her to give you the VCO bars which you ordered from me. Sabi nya after the workshop, you guys are going Adarna. Try ko humabol sa inyo dun bukas after work, owkee? I’ll text you ‘pag natapos ako ng maaga:)

  12. Greetings Pinoy!

    I’m 17yro Kevin Paquet from Davao City, currently blog hopping!
    Can we exchange links? My website is
    Hoping to know you better and that we’ll have a happy blogging relationship!
    If you accept our link exchange request, please comment back on us so that we’ll add you then 🙂 [hirap mag monitor ng mga responds sa comments namin sa dami ng blogs na dinalaw ko]

    ps: you can also add me on ym if you want: i.believe_11

    Salamat po!
    We’ll leave on topic comments next time, sorry for this offtopic one, kaya nga naghahanap kami ng link exchanges to also exchange good comments in future ^^,) bow

  13. Hello raft3r, your VCO is ready:) It’s packed nicely, you wouldn’t have to worry about how to carry it home:)

  14. interesting… pero sa milyones na listahan ko ng movies to watch, baka mawalan na ako ng time mag blog, hahaha. though if this movie’s based in a book… hmm, mahalungkat nga sa internet.

  15. time to write a new one

    have a good week ahead!

  16. Movie addict ka rin pala kengkay hehehe:) I love this movie:)

  17. You know what raft3r, I’m just going to beat a deadline today then I’m back to the blogosphere:) Keep safe, den:)

  18. Hayyooo Sonnetski! Got na the VCO…. hehehe… Pero di ko pa naumpisahang gamitin. Ubusin ko muna this bar I’m currently using. Binababad ko na nga sa tubig para madaling maubos, eh. 🙂

    Bago ang avatar natin, ah! Hmmmm….

    I asked Avi to force you to do something…. hahahaha. Ask her about it, pleaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeee!

    So it’s going to be like you asking Avi to ‘force’ you! Nyehehehhehehehe! Galing!

  19. hi ate.. 😀 namamasyal lang po ! 🙂

  20. Hello Sherma a.k.a brainteaser! ‘Pag ubos na ang soap mo, start using your VCO and see the difference in just a week:)

    You like my new avatar? That was especially intended for this blog, hahaha! Kina-career talaga hahaha!

    What is it that you like me to do, Sherma? Curious tuloy ako but I couldn’t disturb Avi right now because she’s busy daw with our paper’s Turismo page. Ako tapos na sa pages ko so I’m blogging awayyyy!!!

  21. Hi there naglalambing:)

  22. Nahiya ako eh. 😳 Siya na lang. hehehe

  23. Ikaw na kasi baka next month pa nya sabihin sa akin dahil busy sya hahaha!

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