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Pampers Discomfort


I AM a nonbeliever of TV commercials. I actually don’t appreciate products which are sold via well-thought-of tag lines and flawless models. It doesn’t mean though that I don’t respect people who work in advertising firms. Truth of the matter is I respect their work, which stems from a series of brainstorms practically held nightly, grueling hours of working on a campaign to perfection and a convincing power that has been proven effective in order to get the client’s nod.

I really have high respects for advertising folks since my father used to work as a creative director for various advertising agencies in the country. As early as grade school, he has shared with me all the deceiving tactics of advertising but despite that, I still managed to see the reason to respect people who move in this industry.

But now, I abhor TV commercials! I refuse to admit that I fell victim to a TV ad but it happened last weekend. While shopping for baby stuff, my husband and I stumbled on this well-known diaper brand, Pampers Comfort. It’s famous right? I could hardly count the moms out there who use this brand of diaper on their babies. Though I’ve never tried it on my baby yet, my Switee and I agreed to buy it since we wanted to try another brand that is cheaper in price but still made of good quality. Besides, the product’s TV ad said it has an extra layer which prevents leaking. More than that, I have to admit the line “Save P16” visible on the product’s label is what really caught me. It is, indeed, a lot cheaper than my little girl’s usual diaper brand.

We were happy after having purchased a pack of 12 only to realize later in the evening that this Pampers Comfort was a fake. See, we had to constantly change Sonnet’s nappy after an hour and a half! Ok, two hours then but that’s still too much. My Sonnet woke up crying, pointing to her nappy and when I touched her behind she was soaking in her own urine. This has never happened before when she was still using the former brand (which is Drypers, by the way. I have the freedom and pride to mention it because it didn’t cause us any trouble).

Sonnet consumed a total of five pieces of Pampers overnight. Is that reasonable or nuts? At noon the following day, my husband passed by my office and told me to buy a set of diapers before going home because there’s only one piece of Pampers left in Sonnet’s drawer.

What fool am I. We may have bought this Pamper’s Comfort for P78 and saved on P16 but since it was consumed in just one day, then that means we spent more. I realized, we were fooled by the product and its TV ad. I know advertising is just like any business but I do hope those in this field could be more considerate of the welfare of consumers out there.

I have actually recorded in my notebook the number of times I’ve changed Sonnet’s nappies that fateful Sunday evening. I can’t believe the wise and thrifty me was fooled by a product of poor quality. Now, I trust the words of my father that people who say they are satisfied with a product of poor quality are just trying to console themselves because they know in their hearts that they’ve spent on trash.

28 thoughts on “Pampers Discomfort

  1. Ah-oh… tsktsktsk.

    I love well-thought-out and creatively executed ads. Pero super naiinis ako when I see ads na parang nakakainsulto sa intellect ng mga nagbabasa sa nanonood/nagbabasa/nakikinig. Super!

  2. Out of the topic, pero post ko na rin dito. Hehehe. Di ko na mahanap yung page e. Girl, natawa ako dun sa etymology ng name ni Sonnet. Hehehe. Basahin mo ito, I know you can relate.

    NAME GAME: Filipino Style

  3. Totoo ka dyan brainteaser. Oftentimes, these ads treat us viewers like we were some dork. Sila nga ang dork eh kasi wala nang bago sa ideas nila. Puro luma kung kailan naging hi-tech ang mundo.

  4. It’s a sad truth and realization of what media can do to hide the truth from its viewers. It’s also sad that they have taken advantage to the idea that we will always be affected by their motives behind the ads..

  5. owshyet.. *hawak-ilong* nosebleeeeed. ingles..kahit san ako magpunta ingles..

    haha, but u have a point there. lalo na kung pangmasa ang ad tas ang mga komersyal model na kinuha nila eh poreyner. lintek, sinong autistic ang magsasabing makatotohanan ang mga ganung klase ng komersyals.

  6. Hi Kisty, you stated a fact. These advertising men have failed to recognize the fact that TV viewers and consumers these days are smarter and wiser than those of yesteryears. Thanks by the way for visiting my haven:)

  7. Hahaha!:) Nakakatawa ang comment mo mahiwagang_sibuyas, salamat sa pagdalaw coz you made my day:) Nakakahiya kasi magsulat sa tagalog mahiwagang_sibuyas eh:) It’s one thing to speak the language pero iba rin pag sinulat na ito. Truth of the matter is, nagsusulat ako sa isang Filipino newspaper which circulates in Japan pero bago ma-approve ang articles ko, katakot-takot na editing ang pinagdadaanan kasi mayaman ang vocabulary ng Filipino language. Ang problema, ang alam ko lang ‘yong vernacular. Kaya nakaka-believe ‘yong mga may blog na nakasulat sa derecho at tamang Filipino:)

  8. medyo “tinamaan” ako dun sa first few lines ng post mo mare. 😀 but it’s ok.

    napansin ko lang, most moms ata, they fall for that “Save ____” or “FREE ____” na nakakabit sa mga products. my mom does, all the time. kaya andami naming kung anu-anong free na mangkok, plastic na baso. ayun nakatambak lang sa mga cabinets kasi di naman magandang gamitin. 😀

  9. ay elib ako sa post na ito, promise! yang manufacturer ng diaper na ito. paki-check muna ang quality ng product ninyo before n’yo ilabas sa market.
    believe me, malakas na ang power ng mga consumers ngayon especially kung may access sila sa net.
    sige mare-sige pa!

  10. Naku Vi, hindi kaw yan hahaha!:) Sorry kung natamaan ka, di bale hindi naman dito napapanood ang mga gawa mo. Bata pa lang kasi ako asar na ako sa mga commercials talaga. Bukod sa nakakaistorbo sa TV viewing session ko, I just don’t like the fact that they sugar coat their products to a point na unbelievable naman. But I have to agree with you that moms really fall for products with that “save” or “free” factor. Times are hard kasi mare. Sobrang mahal ang mga gamit ng bata pero syempre you would only want the best for your child. Kaya ako madalas kahit mahal binibili ko kay Sonnet. This one time lang talaga ako nagkuripot sa kanya at ganyan pa ang nangyari (sigh)

  11. Tama ka Hoshi! Consumers are not stupid, ‘yan kasi ang akala ng mga manufacturers at advertising firms na ‘yan. Sa mahal ng mga bilihin ngayon iniimbestigahan na muna ng mga tao ang mga produkto before they purchase anything. I wonder why I didn’t do that in the first place. Nagpadala ako sa linya na “Pampers ang gamit ng anak ni ganito….effective daw, mura pa.” (sigh ulit)

  12. well, the advertising outfit succeeded in their goal even with a bad product. speaking of advertising, the way some are made, like the coke angel commercial was quite good, yun nga lang, latin american models na naman to the detriment of our pinoy models. and speaking of original ideas, have seen that Fita lately? it was a rip off from a foreign beer commercial.

  13. Hi Estan, nice of you to drop by my haven. Just like what you said, I too, noticed foreigners are invading our local commercials samantalang we have models here whose features and expressions are far much better. Naku, the advertising firm responsible for that Fita commercial should prepare to face the court ‘pag napatunayan it’s a rip off.

  14. oh no, that sucks. whatever happened to the “truth in advertising” thing they teach us in college? lagot, kung pacontest yan, pwedeng pwede mareklamo sa DTI. sana wag naman ganyan ang claims, lalo’t pang-baby (na napakasensitive) ang produkto. Haay.

  15. You’re absolutely correct, Iva. These advertisers should be sensitive to the needs of people hindi ‘yong puro pera lang. You ask, “whatever happened to the truth in advertising?” According to my dad, it was never there to begin with. That’s the saddest part:(

  16. First of all, Advertising Graduate ako at nasa industry rin ngaun advertisement kaya hindi ako ganun ka paniwala sa advertisement. ( naku baka mawalan ako client nito sa pinagsasabi ko.)
    Agree rin , ako kay salve wala pa kong nakikilala na pinoy hindi mahilig sa saving at free. kahit alam nila na dinadaya sila. basta lang masabing meron silang nakuha.( that’s what it called tactics, strategy or gimik)
    Agree, din ako na bumili ka ng iabng brand atleast, meron ka comparison diba at nakatry ka rin ng iba nga lang it turn out na hindi ok.
    Pero ang hindi lang ako kasi naman since birth ni ira until ma give up na siya ang diapers. Eh PAMPERS ang gamit ko pero yun hindi fake ha! at yun hindi comfort yun isa nakalimutan ko pero ang color nun red. Alam ko yun orange ang comfort.
    Saka that time bukod Drypers nga ata. Pampers ang pinaka mahal na brand noong at hindi rin nagbibigay ng saving ang Pampers mga freebies or ibang promotion na magdrop empty pack, win birthday party or education chuva. Pero hindi rin ako nakakapa join. MAYABANG ANG PAMPERS THAT TIME.
    Well, baka nga siguro kaya hindi na sila ganun or hindi kaya nagpalit ng materials kaya puede ng sumabay sa mumurahin.
    Actually, ang main concerned dito yun na iistorbo si sonnet sa pagtulog dahil basa ang nappies niya. at syempre mare I’m sure puyat ka. Hayang baka kaya late ka. heheheh joke.

  17. It’s such a coincidence that I stumbled upon your blog because I just thought of this awhile ago when I watched (actually, i wasn’t looking, so it was technically heard) an advertisement of a brand of noodles. It said it was the only brand which didn’t change its cost since the price increase of other food / commodities. But there must be a catch to this, i thought. Profit makes the world go round, and if it’s too cheap to bring in profit, then it mustn’t taste good or even have anything good on it. 😛 Just like what happened to your situation. At least now you know better. 🙂 Actually people who buy things with poor quality have this mentality: “Ok lang, mura naman eh.” not knowing they’ve been actually fooled.

    Great blog. It’s an intellectual stimulant. Hehe. I might blog about this or something like it. Hehe. Thanks 🙂

  18. Mareng Tet, Ira used pampers six years ago so it may be true na maganda pa ang quality ng product na ito at the time. Kasi ngayon, contest sila ng Huggies sa pagbibigay ng discount kaya I bet they changed their material nga. Dahil gising ng gising si Sonnet, napuyat nga ako ng husto mare. Whatever it is that they did to their product, I don’t care coz I have no plans of buying pampers again. Period plus exclamation point.

  19. Hi Carol! I agree with what you said that people have the mentality it’s ok to buy things with poor quality because it’s cheap anyway. It’s such a pity, right? But I’m guilty of this sometimes not always hehehe:) Thank you very much for the compliment and for visiting my haven:)

  20. Buti hindi nagka-rashes si Sonnet. Very tricky talaga ang mga ads na yan, they are taking advantage of the “crisis” that we are experiencing now.

  21. Yes Lenski, that’s a sad fact talaga:( When I’m using a new product on Sonnet I’m very observant kaya hindi sya nagkarashes sa pampers na yan. Had I been complacent baka nagka-rashes talaga sya kasi tumatagos sa pinaka-outer layer ng diaper ang weewee nya. Parang cloth diaper nga lang nakakainis:(

  22. hmm, we only used pampers with both little kengkays… pero alam mo i dont think we used the pamper’s comfort — ang ginamit namin e pampers active fit at pampers easy ups — never silang nagkaron ng rashes with the pampers we used… bakit kaya ganyan ang quality ng pamper’s comfort? and yes, tama kang hindi maniwala sa ads kapag your baby is on the line.

  23. Talaga Kengkay? Does the Pampes active fit come in a red pack? According to tet, that is what she used on her daughter some six years ago at ok daw. She said she has never tried pampers comfort either. Nakakadala talaga ang product na ito. Kung itong brand na lang natitira sa supermarket, Id’ rather go for clothe diapers na lang. Magtitiyaga na lang ako magpalit parati.

  24. hehe
    di ka na prumepreno, ha
    i don’t have kids
    kaya wala ko masyado ma-share dito
    pero my sister has 2
    she swears by another brand
    email ko na lang sayo yun brand, ha

  25. Hay naku raft3r, nakakainis kasi naman talaga ang experience ko sa brand na ito. Nakakaimbyerna talaga! E-mail mo sa akin brand ni apple, den ha?:) baka maging hiyang din si sonnet dun:)

  26. parang red and green yata yung active fit e —

    Naisip kong i-try ang ibang pampers sa baby ko Kengkay tutal hindi lang naman pampers comfort ang nasa market. Pero on second thought, ‘wag na lang kasi ‘pag may mangyaring hindi kanais-nais ulit sa anak o eh magkaroon pa ng part 2 itong pagwawala ko sa blog.

  27. Aru! ganyan talaga sila gagawa ng gimik para lang masabi na maganda at okay ang produkto nila. pero pag na try muna don mo lang marerealize na mga anak kayo ng kwago isa pala kayong japek. mga tinamaan kayo ng lintek kapwa pinoy pinagloloko nyo. dapat lang na mangyari sa inyo ito! PAK! ka dyan!

  28. True ka dyan dpuge:) Japek talaga ang pampers na yan, mandadamay pa sila ng mga inosenteng bata sa kalokohan nila. Tuwing naaalala ko talaga ang nangyari kay Sonnet, gusto ko isumpa ang produktong yan. Hay, imbyerna talaga!

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