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Zavanna’s international flare


THREE Saturdays ago, I figured 103.5 Max FM’s Tunog Kalye underwent a sudden reformat because I thought I heard a foreign band play an attention-getting song over the airwaves. Tunog Kalye is exclusively intended for Original Pinoy Music (OPM) so to hear a foreign band came as a surprise. I later discovered that the band responsible for the catchy song, “Beautiful Day” is Zavanna, a Filipino band with an international flare.

Zavanna on Tunog Kalye

ZAVANNA on Tunog Kalye

Honestly, I’ve been visiting Zavanna’s website ( for five days now just to hear “Beautiful Day” over and over again since their album is not yet out. According to the band, “My Life” (the title of their album) is still on its polishing stage.

Of course, the main attraction in the band is the excellent vocal range of Zavanna’s vocalist Carl (think Jon Bon Jovi) but aside from the vocal aspect, I also like the amazing guitar skills of Edward.

During Zavanna’s guest stint on Tunog Kalye, I experienced firsthand their music which I describe as new and distinctly different. It may be reminiscent of the past decade’s haunting glam rock hits but it’s still totally different from what other bands these days have to offer. Initially, British producer, Neal Shepherd, wanted to release “My Life” internationally but Zavanna dudes suggested it be released in the country first since they want to share their music with their fellowmen.


In a conversation with the band, they mentioned Def Leppard, Poison, Guns N’ Roses, and Bon Jovi are their major influences.

“It’s just really Glam Rock. That’s what came out on our album. We wanted it a little bit heavier but it’s just Glam Rock. Somehow listening to all those bands took effect. In our subconscious level it was sleeping but when the opportunity arrived, it leaped out,” Zavanna shared.





Although the band has what it takes to make the cut in the international scene, they definitely still categorize their music as OPM because all the songs in their album were written by Carl.





“We’re just average musicians but we strive to get that sound. If people think we sound foreign, I think it’s not only our success but the success of everybody. It means we Filipinos are capable of producing a sound that is of international quality,” they quipped.

37 thoughts on “Zavanna’s international flare

  1. ganyan talaga kagaling ang pinoy! tunog pang international talaga!

  2. Tumpak Kengkay:) You should hear them, ang galing. Carl’s voice is a cross between Jon Bon Jovi and Axl Rose. Parang nagbalik tanaw ako sa aking highschool days when Bon Jovi and guns N’ Rose were really BIG!

  3. well mabuti na rin may bagong discovery ka girl … tama na ang ibang grupo na nagpapakabanda pero hindi naman. napuno ng kayabangan at konting pagri-rip pero sasabihin original. maraming mga underground band na magaling like yung sa sinasabi ko sa iyo nakalimutan ko na yung name.

  4. Oo nga Mareng Hoshi sana mag-surface na ang magagaling na underground bands. Alam mo bang itong Zavanna hindi nahihiyang sabihin maganda ang kinalabasan ng work nila kasi pinupukpok sila ni Neal Shepherd and he even set a deadline for them to meet. Ang ibang bands kasi dito pa-effect masyado. Keso relaxed lang daw sila and their sound comes out effortlessly. Kaya pala tunog lata ang karamihan sa kanila hahaha!

  5. dapat mapakinggan ko to, mare at nang makapagbalik-tanaw naman sa aking elementary days! 😀


  6. glam rock with the aquanet hairdo

  7. Oo Vi, masarap mag-reminisce ng mga Bon Jovi hits. Ay, magugustuhan mo ang Zavannah talaga:)

  8. hehehe:) Except for the aquanet hairdo, the group’s totally glam rock raft3r:)

  9. Yay! Thanks for this post, Sonnetski. Been a long while since I tuned in to local music. 🙂 Hey, are you going to do lots of band posts? Lam ko, you interview bands tuwing… secret. 🙂


  10. Listening to Zavanna… gotta agree with you, Sonnet.

    They should also youtube themselves.

  11. Only on the bands I like brainteaser, may discrimination talaga hehehe:) It’s not that I don’t like the other bands. Di ko lang sila masyado feel hehehe:)

  12. brainteaser, I also want to see them on youtube:) You should see the guitar guy, magaling sya talaga:) Parang ocean waves ang kanyang tempo:)

  13. I hope to listen to their song one of these days. world-class naman kasi talaga ang talent ng Pinoys when it comes to singing and performing, no doubt about it.

  14. World-class talaga tayo Lenski:) The band said Arnel Pineda, who happens to be a good friend of Carl’s, inspires them to work hard to penetrate the international scene.

  15. cool! thanks for sharng sonnetshaven! better check out their cd.teka wala palang store dito ng opms. hay wait na lang ako sa bakasyon. hehehe.

    with their influences i think this band is a hit! astig ang posion!

  16. Hi gmacomics! Nice of you to drop by my haven:) You can check out Zavanna’s website to get a fill of their music. Grabe, oo nga nakaka-miss ang Posion. My favorite song off their Flesh & Blood record is Something to Believe In:)

  17. Hmmm… I haven’t heard of the band or their music yet. I shall visit their myspace page. 🙂 Btw, added you to our links as well. 🙂

  18. happy weekend, sonnetshaven!!!

    Hello raft3r:)

  19. greetings from Virginia!!!

    Ang sarap talaga ng buhay ng kaibigan ko, sana we could switch places even just for a day, hehehe:) On second thought, ‘wag na lang kasi I don’t think your company would allow me to tag along my kiddo and hubby:)

  20. Sounds like this band is going to be a hit! Cant wait to hear their music! Kailan ba release ng album? Balitaan mo ko ha!

  21. Sure thing Pepper!:) Their album is roughly scheduled to be out by next month. I’ll add up your link so I could keep you posted:)

  22. ibang klase talaga ang galing ng Zavanna 🙂 grabe! nag number one pa sa Final Countdown (103.5 Max FM’s Top 30) yun ‘Beautiful Day’ at nasa countdown din yun ‘I Need’ plus super gwapo ng vocalist nila!!!!!!!!!!! Hi Carl, good luck sa banda nyo!

  23. Hi Arlene! I agree with you, complete package nga ang Zavanna:) Superb na ang boses ni Carl, gwaping pa:)

  24. Tok tok tok.

    “Sino sila?”

    “Salesman Po”

    “Of what?”

    “VCO Po”. 🙂

    Puede bang mangulit dito?

  25. Come in, come in virtualfriend:) You’re more than welcome:) VCO kamo? I heard that product is so effective for one’s skin and internal organs. All my friends have shifted from their old brand to VCO:) Salamat sa pagpunta rito kasi maraming nangangailangan ng VCO rito hehehe:)

  26. Okeidokei ito. Hahahahaha! Hi Tonette….

    Yay, masaya yang si VF. 😉

    Malapit na ang aking proj, girl. Super excited na si ako. 🙂

    Busy? Ala ka pa new post, eh. 🙂

  27. Hellooo Sherma:) VF has been very helpful in the promotion of VCO:) You might be able to convince him to order some bars hehe:) I don’t have a new entry yet coz my work has piled up already. I’ve totally forgotten to transcribe my interviews with the other bands which are needed for the music mags. Masyado kasi naka-focus sa zavanna. Now, I’m cramming hehe:)

  28. Yay, for internal organs too? 🙂 Good. Sooner or later, we’ll be eating white and clean isaw, straight from the chicken using VCO. Hindi na kailangan hugasan!

    Mayroon bang Tanning VCO friend? 🙂

  29. Yikes! I don’t think that’s a good idea virtualfriend, eh di ang langsa non? Gusto ko pa rin yung nilulutong isaw hehe:) At present, we don’t have a tanning VCO yet pero hindi na kailangan di ba kasi tan na tayong mga Pinoy:)

  30. hi tonette!!! and also to all the bloggers here..i just wanna say thank you in behalf of the group..thx for supporting us and for all those kind words..i hope n pray only for the best for all of us that we can bring out really great music that we can share not just for our fellow filipinos, but that the rest of the world can appreciate..sept 2 is the tentative date that nick graham of atomic rooster (writer of cheap trick’s “the flame” and europe’s “i’ll cry for you”) will be joining us in the studio in manila..expect something really cool from the album from there! see ya guys!! and so many thanks!!! 🙂

  31. CARL MCFLY is in the house, guys!!! I really liked Zavanna’s performance 2 Saturdays ago on Tunog Kalye. We’re all excited to get a copy of your album:) See, some friends here are working overseas so we’re really hoping you can get your music out there so they could experience it, too:)

    I’ll mark Sept. 2 on my calendar. Thank you for informing us, Carl:) Zavanna is THE band to watch out for:)

  32. Hi guys!!! thx so much vour the support!!! The album has finally taken shape and will soon be out in the market with a limited number of copies..we’ll be testing the waters to see the market here at our very own any case we’d like to humbly ask you to visit our site and check out some of the music at….thx so very much and we hope to see you all soon in one of our upcoming gigs this september 🙂

  33. Wow!!! That is great news:) I’ll be purchasing the first piece. Mahirap na, you mentioned limited lang ang copies di ba? Baka maubusan pa ako hehe:) Congratulations Carl and to everybody else in Zavanna!:) You guys are brilliant!

  34. Hi! I was able to record Zavannah’s Beautiful Day when they had it played on air during their guesting on Tunog Kalye. If you want, I could share to you the mp3 of it. :):):)

  35. net!!! meri xmas!!! how do i get in touch with you?

  36. Merry X-mas Carl! Please email me at Is Zavanna having a show? I can blog about it on This is my work-related blog. I’m now working for a company that specializes in SEO, website building. Hope to hear from you soon:)

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