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Bad Memory


NOTHING can be worse than losing memory of people, places, experiences, objects. I’m not just talking about amnesia, even forgetting trivial stuff like the title of a good book, song or movie is really annoying. It’s so hard to focus on important things that you have to accomplish within the day if you’re bothered by something you cannot remember no matter how you try.

When I was pregnant two years ago, I bought a CD of classical music because according to my obstetrician, it will help develop the mind of my child. As I listened to it day and night, I realized I’ve fallen in love with one of the tracks. Back then, I knew the title of that Mozart piece by heart. In fact when I gave birth, I would always mention the title of that classical piece to my baby before humming it to her.

Now, all I could remember about my favorite number on that classical CD is that it comes before the final track. How pathetic.

This morning around 2, I woke up to my baby’s tiny voice. She was hungry so I fed her a bottle of milk then hummed the Mozart piece again so she could go back to wonderland.

I racked my brains out trying to bring the title of this tune I’m humming back to mind. It took me an hour to follow Sonnet to wonderland because of this activity. I didn’t want to close my eyes until I have remembered the title of that beautiful Mozart piece.

After breakfast today, I looked all over the TV cabinet in the living room but the CD was nowhere in sight. Here at work, I instructed myself to finish all my articles for the lifestyle page of our paper for I could use some time researching on Mozart and his works.

Still no success so I resorted to this. I’ll just have to visit a record bar.

41 thoughts on “Bad Memory

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s been a long time since you last listened to it. =) I hope you find it soon. I know how brain-racking forgetting something like that can be.

    If it’s any consolation, other than forgetting song and movie titles, I keep forgetting things I just did, like where I put the keys, or what I said seconds ago, and more little things. Maybe it’s why I’m having problems during tests. I hope there’s a vitamin I could take to improve my memory. Hehe.

  2. I used to have a sharp memory but after being under the knife for appendicitis my memory seems to be deteriorating. Case in point, I was eating pandesal one day and I remember that there’s butter in the fridge so I decided to get it. As soon as I open the fridge, I was standing in front of it for ages figuring out what to get. I really didn’t remember the butter so I went back to the dining table again and that’s the time I finally realize what I was suppose to get in the fridge.

    Mga ganoong bagay ba kaya ‘di ka nag-iisa. haha

  3. Carol, I’m glad I’m done with school because I always dread quizzes and exams hehe:) I should say though that my memory was much ok back then. I think the anesthesia during childbirth triggered my forgetfulness.

  4. Hahaha!:) Things like that happen to me also, Lenski. Forgetfulness wastes our time and energy.

  5. Hay naku mare, sana nagsabi ka na kailangan ko. Ginawa ko ang homework ko nung pergy ako. Meron ako mga cd, na mozart at ng iba pa.

    Pati books of name meron ako. Excited din kasi ako maging mommy noong.

  6. Maybe it’s time to go opera music friend, easier to remember. If I need to remember an opera title, I only need to associate it with something.

    Let me see if you can associate this one with something:

    Good luck.

  7. Hehehe:) Same here Mareng Tet. I was prepared as well kaso after giving birth humina bigla memory ko. Lahat ng mga kabisado ko nung buntis just vanished into thin air. Kaya madalas, ang anak ko ‘pag tumitingin sa akin parang ang daming tanong sa mata nya tipong, “What’s happened to you, Ma?”

  8. virtualfriend, I had Looney Tunes in mind the whole time I was watching the video. I know it’s silly but that’s where I associated the music:)

  9. …used to be in the “Wheel” soap commercial hehehe!

    ala na bang commercial dian? πŸ™‚

    Ahhh ok virtualfriend… I switch channels kasi pag commercial hehehe:)

  10. Okay, I’ll give you something more serious, something my Buddy loves too. Try to find a violin version accompanied by a philharmonic orchestra. It’s a lot better than an opera version.

    Here’s the link for you to sample the music:

  11. It’s beautiful virtualfriend but I can’t associate it with anything coz it’s the first time I saw the video and heard the song:) I love her dramatic performance even though I don’t understand the lyrics.

  12. Hehehehe! Here’s the best association: BT-VF.

    Okay, here’s the CD Title: Romantic Violin Favourites by Takako Nishizaki. It’s a collection from different antique πŸ™‚ musicians like Handel, Schumann including your fave, Mr. Mozart.

    Pity, coz of restrictions, I can’t install an MP3 converter in my system para maipadala ko thru e-mail. I know Salve loves this type of music too…

    Ah theme song nyo pala hehe:) I like classical music but not as much as Avi hehehe:) I’m only familiar with very few Mozart pieces, those that my father always play at home. Pero ‘yong galing sa CD ni Sonnet, super favorite ko kasi it’s really beautiful:)

  13. this is so true
    sobra ko iritable pag di ko mahanp yun bagay na alam kong nilagay ko lang sa isang lugar
    signs of getting old nga naman

    naku raft3r, if not for the anesthesia I bet my memory would still be in perfect condition hehehe:)

  14. read from readers digest for the month of april if my smemory serves me right that indeed memory loss is a big problem for people who are so busy but in ur case i wouldnt know probably you just have a lot of things in mind.

    anyways one way to exercise your brain is associating things or in ur case titles of songs on other things that would make you laugh so it wont be hard to forget. lemme give an example. i need to memorize 4298. so ill make the numbers into figures like i ride a boat(4) and saw a swan in the lake(2) then i hit it with a racket(9) and it became a fat woman(8).

    well its working on me. hehehe. hope it does on you.

  15. Wow! That seems to be an effective mind exercise, GMAC:) I’ll try it, thanks:)

  16. Mare, the reason you can’t remember VF’s music is because he’s talking about a commercial he enjoyed as a kid…

    … that was when our parents were still kids like him. Hardeharhar!

    Peace Buddy! πŸ˜‰

    No luck pa rin sa title?

  17. Tonette, eto ang tunay na memory lapse:

    Naguusap ang magkasintahan sa Ym. The usual lines from morning till afternoon ay:

    “I love you” sabi ng isa.

    “I love you too darling” sagot naman nung isa hanggang sa malapit na silang magpaalaman at the end of the day.

    “Happy birthday ulit love” paalam ng isa.

    Happy birthday too darling” sagot din ng kausap!


  18. Ahahahhahahahahahahahaha!

    Someone just celebrated HIS birthday and when the loving GF greeted him Happy Birthday again, before saying bye bye… he greeted HER back!


    Kilala ko yan!


  19. I hope my wife gets a different experience when she gives birth, she is also listening to classical pieces (mp3 that i have downloaded thru torrent) buying it is a littly pricy πŸ˜‰
    Is the title of the music Symphony No. 38 “PRAGUE”?
    From “Build your babies brain 2”
    My wife is really good in lyrics’ and we’re planning to join SingingBee after she gives birth! la lang just sharing hehe

  20. Hahahaha!!! vritualfriend, 19-kopong kopong pa pala ang wheel commercial na yon eh. Ooops, I just repeated the information which brainteaser fed me hehe:) Bati bati tayo:)

  21. Hahaha!!! Hindi naman siguro kayo yon brainteaser and virtualfriend?:)

  22. It’s not Symphony No. 38, vhincent;( I don’t remember the title of the CD either:( But if I see the album cover, I would be able to recognize it=) When are you expecting your baby? Congratulations in advance:) You guys can start preparing for Singing Bee as early as now:)

  23. actually kung pede nga sana ngayon she’ll join but she’s already in her 7th month .. baka mapa-aga kung sasali sya (stress hehe)

    Last guest baby Eistein & baby Mozart concert for the little ears:
    14. The magic flute …

  24. Hahaha!=) Excited kumanta on TV? Swerte kaya ang buntis, vhincent. Why don’t you let her join malay nyo di ba? Just be sure to inform her doctor about it so that she’s ready in case mapaaga ang paglabas ni baby:)

    Wrong guess pa rin:( Once I get the correct title of the song, I’ll let you know. I’m sure your baby and wife are going to love it, too:) Instrumental s’ya by Mozart. It’s really beautiful. I promise to let you know. If I have time later I’ll stop by a record bar and look for the CD:)

  25. Yay, do you think that Mozart’s music can alter genes? πŸ™‚ Sige lang sa mga future parents, -mother and father; from pre-conception to birth!

    Here’s a fact about milking cows: “Cows barned with piped-in classical music produce more milk.” Question: Sa tao kaya? πŸ™‚

    The Ombra Mai Fu by Handel, ikaw naman friend, hindi yun ang theme song namin. Bah, I’m not going to promise my love to a tree hehehe!

    Pero very romantic yan sa candle-lit spaghetti dinner with a nice chianti; both partners sharing a single strand of that well revered Italian noodle hehehe!

  26. I have zero knowledge about cows virtualfriend so I can’t really compare them with human beings hehehe:)

    Sharing a single strand of an Italian noodle, grabe vitrualfriend ang sweat…ay, sweet pala ninyo ni brainteaser hehehe:) You guys maintain that sweetness owkee:)

  27. I also have undergone surgery… Hindi cosmetic ha… Hehe. And I always blame too much anesthesia for my bad memory πŸ˜€ hehe. πŸ˜€

  28. Swit –gaya ng kendi-mint, matamis at mainit, di nawawalan ng “ala-ala” Thanks sa adbays mama Tonette.

    Yang ala-ala, pagkuwentuhin mo si Salve tungkol sa Titanic episode namin ni BT. Ang hirap niyan, ako a pinalipad hehehe!

    (pasensia na, busy yung kinukulit ko) πŸ™‚

  29. Now there’s two of us Carol, hehehe:) Sana somebody could invent an anesthesia that would not affect one’s memory. I think we should come up with a campaign for this hehehe:)

  30. Sige pag may time si Avi magpapakwento ako, virtualfriend. Bisi-bisihan sya lately eh:)

  31. Teka does it mean CS ka when you gave birth?

    Takot pa kme sumali for the game eh kse medyo lapit n yung due date nya baka ma-stress lang.. yung swerte nita-try muna namin sa lotto! hahaha

    Naging chat board n ata ito ah ..

  32. Nope, normal delivery ako vhincent. But they used twilight anesthesia on me during childbirth to keep me sedated. Hahaha! Sige, taya lang kayo ng taya s lotto. Believe me, swerte ang buntis. Ako ata sa raffle nananalo lagi noong buntis ako hehe:)

  33. Suerte ba ang buntis? Teka, mag(pa)buntis na rin kayo ako, tsaka meron bang SPECIAL delivery?

    hehehe! πŸ˜€

  34. I know the feeling. πŸ™‚
    Don’t be too hard on yourself.. You will learn what the title is soon! πŸ™‚

  35. Yung C-section ang special delivery sa panganganak, virtualfriend:) kasi mahal ‘yon and you’ll cherish your wound forever. Kung 2 months ang recovery period after normal delivery, it would take 4 months para sa nag-cesarian.

  36. Thank you, Kisty:) I’ll resolve my problem this weekend.

  37. memory is not a problem with me especially kung bitter ako sa experience ko. most of the time it really helps to have a diary/ organize or even white board/ bulletin board in your room or workplace. sige sama mo na rin ang “post it.”

    now, of you’re talking about memory na sobrang dami. tao lang tayo. pc nga kailangan pa ng mga giga at pentium na pentium na yan.

  38. Noon Mareng Hoshi magaling memory ko, ngayon lang sya nag-deteriorate kaya naiinis ako sa sarili ko. Pero tama ka mare, hindi naman tayo computer at may limit lang naman talaga ang ating memorya maliban na lang kung gifted child:)

  39. ako mare gifted child kakainom ng gatas…na-overdose lang kaya bgasak ang iq ko sobra-sobra na tipong di na maintidihan…hehehe

    Hahaha! Nag-ramble na sa utak mo ang mga thoughts kaya naging forgetful jones ka mare hehe:)

  40. when a woman forgets, they can always use giving birth as an excuse
    when a man forgets, boy, are we screwed!!!

  41. Naman raft3r, men have been forgetful since birth:) I could count members of the species who aren’t hehehe:)

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