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It’s not just the twang


I’VE been attracting call centers as of late and asked to grace their office for an interview but before giving in my staple question would always be, “For which post do you want me?” and I”d always get this response: “Call center agent.” This ends the conversation.

I have nothing against call center agents. Matter of fact, my brother used to work in one of the pioneers in the call center industry. I still recall his American accent and how he would correct me whenever I would pronounce an English word incorrectly. My defense would be, “I speak Filipino English not American English” although I know that didn’t make sense. English will always be English and Filipino is Filipino, right?

To hear my brother speak with that twang while on the phone always awed me but it never inspired me to get into the kind of job as his. I even thought of it as a difficult one. I understand that we’re both designed for different jobs that’s why I never yearned to be in his shoes and he’s never thought of writing as an exciting task.

So when I received a call from another call center last night, I had no worries about leaving my sleeping baby for awhile in the bedroom because I knew the talk won’t take long. However, I was surprised when the person on the other line offered me a job I find really interesting. After putting down the handset, I gave our conversation a long good thought. I don’t discount my current job so I have to weigh things very well before coming up with a final decision.

I just realized that call centers have a lot to offer, too. When my brother was still working in one, I would always hear terms such as agent, team leader and the like. I never thought there’s room for those in the writing profession such as myself.

29 thoughts on “It’s not just the twang

  1. I work in a call center here in the United States (I’m guessing that’s where you’re at). It sucks! Don’t do it! The general public is filled with idiots, and you’ll be constantly fixing the mistakes of your bonehead co-workers! Then your bosses will be constantly trying to fire you, because the rules and regulations are intentionally unfair!

  2. Hi Art:) I’m in the call center teemed Philippines, hehe:) The call center industry here is the fastest to grow but if that’s what I’m going to experience inside, I think I should think 50x first. If I may ask, doesn’t your company have a tiny booklet which contains the rules and regulations? If it does, the management has to be sure an employee has deliberately violated what’s stipulated in the booklet otherwise it has to prepare to face a labor case which the employee could possibly file against it with the help of the department of labor.

  3. Hahahahaha! Nice post, Sonnet!

    Ask also about the schedule… Do you have to go on shift? If you have to, I don’t think it’s a good idea. One, you have a baby. And two, the drastic change in our circadian rhythm is bad for the health.

    Sisterly advice lang, friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Take care! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Hello sherma dear! Thanks for the advice:) I’ll consider those things in the interview. Besides, I really can’t work in the evening since my husband is on the graveyard shift. Wawa naman ang baby Sonnet namin kung parehas kaming wala sa tabi nya at night:(

  5. Girl, padalhan mo ako ng image ng VCO at saka contact details mo… in case may mag-order… lagay ko sa blogspot na mga blogs ko at sa brainteaser… pwde ads dun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Wow!!! Thank you, sherma:)

  7. Bah, hindi lang si baby ang kawawa, pati si Baby-D, mas kawawa -sa lahat ng bagay (bahala na kayo anong mga bagay yun) Of course, you don’t like your hubbies to become, “Sansuwi” or “Canadian citizen” or “Asthmatic”! (may premio kayo sa akin if you can tell me the meaning of those words enclosed with a quotation marks hehehe)

    Ask them multi-national companies to give you also the benefits they are giving to their employees in their home countries. Here, they pay a total of 14 months a year including a 1 month paid vacation. It’s their government who will require them including a yearly cumpolsary COLA salary adjustment.

    Yay, don’t take too hard on schedules. Hope you know that CEOs put an average of 15 hours of work a day? (going to required cocktail parties and golf meetings to seal a deal [for the company] is considered hard work guys -the reason why they seldom smile when they see you hurrying home!)

    Wow! One month paid vacation, ang sarap non:) Like you can be gone for a month and charge it on your VL, virtualfriend? Dito kasi you can’t even be away for a week, hahanapin ka agad. So we don’t really get to relish that so-called VL credits.

  8. Tonette, ignore the errors. ‘Di ko mahanap reading glasses ko! huuuuuuu

    No worries, virtualfriend:)

  9. I was surprised as well, I never knew call centers need writers? Well, I know writers are important to a business because they can be good for the advertising division and other divisions I couldn’t think of right now. But that’s great news. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you make the right decision ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck!

  10. It would be nice to write about something else aside from the usual showbiz stuff hehehe:) Thank you, Carol:) I’m trying to look at it from the logical perspective:)

  11. man, you gonna hate me when i get back

    Hi there raft3r! What’s up? Last week was Virginia, what’s the newly rafterized place? hahaha:)

  12. sonnet’s, hanapin mo nga pala ako sa multiply at facebook
    happy weekend!

    Great news, raft3r! Finally magiging ka-facebook na rin kita:)

  13. didnt know meron palang nagofer ng pagiging writers sa call center. and i always thought they just talk. no offense. isnt it that if you are a writer you can also stay at home? just a thought.

    Me too, gmac:) I never thought they had room for poor writers like me:) I wish I could work from home but I doubt it coz they already asked me if working on shifting hours is ok. That’s the downside but I guess that’s really part of the industry.

  14. We have a Intranet database that contains all of our rules and regulations. However the trick is they have rules that contradict other rules, and then they sometimes cite and enforce things that aren’t written down anywhere and then deny you when you try to get things reversed. They also cite everything as being “a violation of the Code of Business Conduct,” while at the same time saying, “Not every situation can be anticipated by the Code of Business Conduct,” meaning they may cite you for violating a rule that isn’t even in there.

    The turnover is pretty high.

    That’s very bad, Art. You mean to say the company can make and break the rules anytime they want. That’s bull. I think I should think 100x instead of 50 before getting into a call center:)

  15. forgive me but i disagree when you said you are a poor writer. they didnt ask you to be part of them for nothing and besides i enjoy reading ur entries!

  16. Thank you for the compliment, gmac:) Since I work for a newspaper, I feel that my writing has been confined to show business only which is not of much interest. It’s only here that I get to write about other things:)

  17. Yes madame Tonette, 4 weeks (government required) vacation plus accumulated extra days if your job requires you to put extra hours on top of the normal 40 hours a week.

    To assure that the employee gets his paid annual vacation, the government collects from the employer the employees one month salary and will deposit the amount into the employees bank account.

    Ah, kulang pa nga yata ang batas natin para sa proteksion ng mga manggagawang Pilipino!

    Musta na Manang Antonia? ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. kitam? minsan kasi naka-kahon na agad yung impressions natin sa mga bagay kasi yun lang ang alam natin sa kanila e, yun pala may mga interesting tidbits din na nakatago in between. so, kapag okay ang offer and you think it would work best for you – good luck!

  19. Kulang na kulang talaga virtualfriend. Companies here expect you to deliver more than what is expected of you pero ikaw walang karapatan mag-expect ng anything from them. Talk about fairness.

  20. Oo nga kengkay:) Ako I’m guilty of that kasi pag sinabing call center, I imagine everybody in head speakers tapos nagsasalita mag-isa. I realized I was wrong. Sana nga maganda ang offer para makapag-ibang linya naman ako. Nakakaumay na sa diyaryo hehehe:)

  21. ok nasabi ko nasa iyo ang aking call center experience na nag-last lang ng 2 weeks. it’s really up to you mama tonet kasi kung graveyard ka nga ang risk talaga diyan ay ang health, lifestyle and time mo for your family.

    i admire yong individuals na nakakahanap ng kasiyahan sa call center apart sa issue ng pananalapi. kasi iba yong nagtatrabaho kasi gusto mo kaysa nagtatrabaho kasi kailangan mo.

    kung ano man ang iyong desisyon, suportahan taka! more power mama tonet. sana ako rin, gusto na ng ibang gawain. sayang ang miles ko!

  22. Hahaha! Thaks Hoshi:) Nakatanim sa aking isipan at puso ang iyong call center experience kaya I’m going to weigh the pros and cons first before I come up with a decision. Pero nilinaw ko na sa kausap ko mare na i’m not going for the graveyard sked.

  23. You get to write about show business for a newspaper? Wow! I’ll take your job! Do you think they might want to outsource your job to the United States? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Hehehe:) That would be impossible Art because our paper is only circulated in Japan since it’s published by a Japanese company. You wouldn’t like this job. Constantly writing about the lives of celebrities can derange the mind. Honestly, there are days I want to puke already.

  24. think wisely before you decide! call center job is not that easy esp when it comes to schedules like having a graveyard shift. in terms of compensation namn for sure they will offer big amounts but susulitin ka din ng company….hehe but still all decisions is up to you pa din.

  25. Yes vhincent, I’m really concerned about the schedule so I still haven’t decided yet:) The sked is more important to me than the salary because I can’t afford to leave my baby at night.

  26. it’s always the schedule that is the problem, mare. you’re tied to the schedule they’ll give you even if you’re writing for them. they’d give you the salary you want but… imagine going to work at 3 am and you’re expected to write several contents before the end of your shift.

  27. Kahit super dami ang work Vi ok sa akin but all I ask of them is to let me start in the morning and allow me to go home when the sun goes down. Pag yan maibibigay nila, I’ll accept the job:)

  28. Hi ,
    Hello ,
    Nice blog

    Eng.Hasan Al-Bahkali

  29. Thank you for visiting the haven Hasan Al-Bahkali:)

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