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The rumormongers strike again


IN the official launch of Gabby Concepcion’s debut album which was held last Tuesday at Red Box Trinoma, I noticed that a lot of the questions which the press people hurled at the actor had no relevance to his album. I am not writing to defend Gabby since I’m not a fan of his (I only had a slight crush on him when I was in grade school since he resembles Charlie Masso of the defunct foreign group, Menudo) but I respect him as an actor.

Anyway, during the interview I couldn’t help but wonder if there is any truth at all to the rumors that Gabby is using his ex-wife Sharon Cuneta and daughter KC to completely revive his showbiz career, which he abandoned in the 90s when he left for the U.S.A. It’s a pity he had to be cautious in answering the questions of the press, obviously avoiding to spark an issue that could possibly fill the entertainment pages of tabloids and broadsheets. Gabby definitely knows the mentality of showbiz writers and how should he not?

Check out these questions: “Dream mo ba magsama-sama kayo ni Sharon at KC sa stage [para mag-perform]?,” “KC wanted to record a song with you, didn’t you invite her to join you in your album?,” “Naniniwala ka ba na the more you hate, the more you love? Bakit parang ayaw na ayaw kang pinag-uusapan ni Sharon?,” “Theme song n’yo ba ni Sharon ang Come What May (which is included in his self-titled album under Warner Music),” “Kanta mo ba kay Sharon ang (title of song)?”

Instead of focusing on each of the album’s 12 tracks or noting down the steps Gabby took to develop his voice quality since we all know that he’s not a singer, everybody was trying so hard to let the guy talk about his ex wife. I understand digging into a celebrity’s personal life is part of showbiz reporting but do these rumormongers know that there is a time for that?

Reporters have a way of putting stuff in your mouth and later claim that it came from you. It’s during these times that I wish the person on the hot seat is somebody like Dina Bonnevie, Celia Rodriguez, Annabelle Rama, and others whose personal lives you wouldn’t dare touch.

16 thoughts on “The rumormongers strike again

  1. hi visit mo naman new post ko kasi tag kita hehe.

    owkee dhangski:) Thanks:)

  2. i noticed too that a lot of showbiz writers either create their own stories and twist the truth or they simply attack the artists when the latter choose to be quiet.

    I agree with you 100% ifoundme. They love to sensationalize news. I don’t want to speak ill of them since I write about showbiz stuff for a living also but a lot of times they go beyond their boundaries which is so disrespectful.

  3. crush ko din si papa Gabby noon.. pero sana naman yan mga press people na yan lubayan na yun mga pang iintriga na yan..

    nananahimik na nga yun tao e.. 🙂

    Korek, Lambing! They seemed to have forgotten that he’s married na rin.

  4. aww. what people do to earn money. i bet those people aren’t really interested in knowing what they asked, they just do it because they know it would stir controversy or chismax and the more juicier the chismax, the greater number of audience pays attention. hehe. or they just can’t think of any questions and ended up asking those. hehehe 😀

  5. I think so too, Carol:) They can’t think of better questions kaya ganun na lang parati. It’s better to conduct an exclusive interview with a celebrity than attend a press conference kasi nakakadismaya lang:(

  6. Ala akong masabi, di ako mahilig sa tsismis hehehe! Sige, tsismis ka nga Tonette! 🙂

  7. Nainis nga ako virtualfriend kasi konting information lang nakuha ko. I plan to write this for two music mags pa naman kaso hindi na kasi nakakahiya. Puro tsismis ng mga tsismoso’t tsismosa nakuha ko hehe:)

  8. i think baka mas maraming kasing dumating na showbiz reporters kesa sa music reporters kaya naging ganyan ang takbo ng interviews! pero kung magaling ang PR people ni gabo, dapat naiwasan ang mga ganyang katanungan esp kung tungkol sa album nya dapat ang focus di ba? ayan, wala ka tuloy makuhang matinong istory tungkol sa musik nya

    Tama ka dyan Kengkay. Nakausap ko ang PR, yon nga ang nangyari. Mas marami daw pumuntang tabloid writers. Kung sa bagay, I can’t blame the music writers kasi Gabby’s not really tagged as a singer. Baka nabaduyan sila kaya they didn’t show up.

  9. showbiz!

    wala bang tungkol ke Marian Rivera?

    Wala raft3r eh but since you’re a big fan of hers, I suggest you drop by vhincent‘s blog kasi they wrote something about Marian, magugustuhan mo:) Nag-comment din ako dun hehehe:)

  10. crush ko din si papa gabby este MALI PALA(in a modulated voice). hahahaha

    well showbiz, what else can we expect.. the more you make it controversial the more publicity he gets and the more attention on his career he will be having.

    he might be enjoying these intrigues after all. May point ka dyan, gmac:) Come to think of it, good or bad publicity is still publicity.

  11. naku mare kaya nga minsan talaga prefer ko rin ang “by appointment interview” mas nagiging magiliw pati roon ang artist. knowing talaga na maraming ganyang klase ng reporters na gumagamit ng leading questions.

    good thing may kagaya ni Tonet & Jane.. wahahaha… nag-i-stick sa kung para saan ba ang presscon. ang journalism po ay to inform, to entertain and to persuade public opinion. wag gumawa ng rumor at chika. tapos yung mga iba diyan sila pa ang galit kapag nasungitan sila. wahhhh. makaimbento na nga istorya… hehehe

  12. Hehehe:) Ay tama ka diyan, mareng hoshi. Marami sa kanila napipikon pag nasungitan ng celeb dahil sa sarili nilang kalokohan. Or it could be that we’re so tired already of what we’re writing kaya asar tayo sa mga ka-uri natin mare hahaha!:) Hay naku…

  13. Weird. Gabby Concepcion is an actor not a singer. Hot copy kasi kaya kahit hindi singer may album, showbiz nga naman.

  14. Looks like his manager is working doubly hard Lenski so he can penetrate all areas. Syempre nga naman, more projects mean a bigger commission for the manager hehehe:)

  15. mas ok siguro na i-continue niya ang acting niya, kasi medyo malayo ang singing field para sa kanya, pero in fairness, parang hindi tumatanda si papa gabby.. este gabby pala.. (nahawa ako kay gmac)

  16. Hahaha!!! Kapapahan naman talaga sya so I don’t blame you, potsquared:) He really should focus on his acting but his manager thinks otherwise. Syempre gusto nya maging versatile ang alaga nya para mas malaki ang kita hehehe:)

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