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Shelf life


FOOD and other perishable items would come to mind whenever I hear and see the word “shelf life.” My perception of the word, however, changed after conducting an interview with the sweet and friendly DJ Kelly of 103.5 MAX FM.

In our 45-minute conversation, I asked Kelly what prompted her to get into radio and what kept her there for 15 long years. She shared her account and listening to it, I noticed she would always give herself only five years to work in a company.

“See my shelf life is five years. In five years, you would have done everything. You would have interviewed anyone.”

Those were the exact words of Kelly who has worked in five different radio stations. As I recall what she said, I can’t help but wonder what I’d probably be writing about by now had I set a time frame for my writing career, too. While a lot of my friends would jump ship whenever they feel like it, it took me eight years to leave my previous job where all I did was write about the activities and lives of showbiz personalities. It became my comfort zone and it’s only when I finally left that I realized I’ve been missing out on a lot of more exciting writing avenues.

If having a shelf life in one’s career is important then I guess I’m an expired commodity.

Aside from one’s career, where else can one apply the term shelf life? Is it appropriate for relationships? Let’s say you’ve been going out with your guy for five years already and in that span of time not once did he pop the question, are you staying or leaving?

Ahh… Don’t mind the paragraph before this. I just wanted to move away from the topic of career so I shifted to another subject.

It’s been about shifting gears for me this past week. I think I’m just having that HCH Syndrome again.

17 thoughts on “Shelf life

  1. it applies on my career. sa sobrang lawak ng aking course i tend to miss out ung ibang mga gusto kong gawin. now im stuck with broadcasting. well i hope not for long. hehe.

  2. When you say broadcasting, I imagine working in a very busy environment gmac:) I think of huge cameras, people pacing back and forth, yelling creatures, gano’n nga ba? According to a colleague mas maraming pwedeng gawin on TV and radio.

  3. Hmmm, my mother has told me the exact same thing, and her shelf life for a certain job is seven years.
    As for me, i’ve been teaching online for two years, and i plan to stay here for the next four, or until I get that teaching license. And then, I’d be a classroom teacher, like, forever.

    I love that idea.

  4. It’s good that you know exactly the direction you’re trekking, Kat:) Good luck! Thank you for dropping by the haven:)

  5. yup actually masarap ang buhay ng isang broadkaster. you have the cahnce to meet even the most important people in the country plus the fun side where you can go places you have never been and celebrations as well.

    ung sinasabi u na sigawan madalas it happens sa studio. kasi sobrang pressured ung mga tao and umaabot ng hours ang preparation perro ang air time is minutes lang so it must be executed perfectly.

    ang pagmumura ay magiging komon na lang sa pandinig mo at hindi na masakit pakinggan. ganun dun. hahahaha. though i heard diferent from another network station.

  6. Hahaha! Casual cussing, that’s funny gmac:) I notice that whenever I do interviews behind the scenes.

  7. nyahaha
    i have always been an expired commodity

    ewan ko ba
    i don’t like routines, eh
    the whole entire freaks me out
    mabilis pa naman akong magsawa (sa trabaho, sa ka-date sa LAHAT)

    pero being routinary is a part of life parang paghinga
    kaya everyday i ask myself kaya ko naman palang makipagsabagayan sa routinary job ko, e

    Sonnet: Dalawa na tayong expired raft3r, hehehe:) Siguro ganito lahat ng produkto ng alma mater natin, always on the lookout for something new hehehe:)

  8. exactly sonnetshaven! hahahaha. i remember one reporter not in the network anymore cursing me with unpleasant words and what i did was just stand and look at her with a poker face. lalo nagalit. hahahaha.

    Sonnet: Hahaha!:) Buti nga sa kanya, yan ang pangganti sa mga ganyang nilalang. But after a while the anger of these cussing creatures subsides no? Uso lang ata talaga ang cussing sa TV kaya ayoko dun:) Kahit casual cussing pa ‘yan hehe:)

  9. LOL! relationships came into my mind while reading this post. magteten years na kami ng boyfriend ko and settling down is being planned but nothing definite yet. feeling ko tuloy expired na expired na ako… parang inaamag na nga eh… hahahah!

    as for work, minsan kung saan ka komportable dyan ka na lang talaga eh… maybe you’re meant to have a 20 years warranty before you get expired. 🙂

  10. Oh no ifoundme! Wag naman 20 years, kapatid. I won’t survive that. As a matter of fact, I’ve set my eyes on a new prospect already hehehe:) As for your relationship, how do you feel about it? As long as your happy with the set up, keep the love alive:)

  11. wow, kelly kelly, i used to listen to her on magic 89.9 before, crush ko siya.. hihihi.. with regards to gmac, same kami ng pinanggalingan, madami ngang na-miss na opportunities, hindi ko alam ang shelf life ko sa present work ko, minsan kasi pabago bago ako ng isip..

  12. Usually, it’s hard to decide for one’s career potsquared. I didn’t decide anything for myself until I left my previous job. It’s only then that I realized I need to grow.

  13. goodluck sonnetshaven! more power to you and your family! 🙂

  14. thank you potsquared, it’s really nice of you to visit the haven:)

  15. the whole concept pala
    hindi the whole entire
    ano ba naman yon

    Sonnet: Raft3r, it’s funny that I understood what you were trying to say. Honest:) Truth is, ngayon ko nga lang napansin that you used a different word hehehe:) I’m not pulling your leg, I didn’t notice it talaga:)

  16. If having a shelf life in one’s career is important then I guess I’m an expired commodity.

    LOL, Sonnet! Hehehehhe.

    I’m among those who put a ‘shelf life’ to my career. I get bored easily. The longest I stayed in a company is three years, the third year of which, I spent contemplating another jump. Some jobs can be fulfilling… but I just cannot imagine being an expert in just one aspect of a job (or life). I wanna try different things… learn the ins and outs of the job… be on top or at least near it, then jump.

    Yep, I’m a rolling stone.

    But I’m a stickler when it comes to relationship. Just ask my buddy! 😉

  17. I admire people like you, brainteaser:) I should have been more adventurous but it’s not too late. That’s what I’m doing now:) Nakakapagod na talaga sa dyaryo, girl.

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