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Thank you, Ninoy!


IT’S a holiday! Although I don’t remember when and why Ninoy Aquino was proclaimed a hero, I’m thankful to the guy because I get to spend time with my family today. I only have to spend a few hours in the office to wrap up the pages of Pinoy Gazette’s showbiz and lifestyle sections. After that, I’m through and free to do whatever I want.

I also noticed that Mr. Aquino’s death anniversary kept a lot of motorists inside their homes so traveling is easy and the streets get to breathe for once.

Honestly, I’m not the kind who excitedly reports for work on a holiday since I’d rather spend it elsewhere with my family. But today, I was left with no choice. I left our home this morning with a heavy heart. I promised Sonnet I’ll be home before sunset and she just smiled. My Switee, on the other hand, has to go to office also because he works for a company whose clients are US-based so what’s it to them if it’s a holiday here? Jon promised me though that he’ll be home early, too.

It’s been a tough week so a day of relaxation means so much to me. Thank you, Ninoy!

27 thoughts on “Thank you, Ninoy!

  1. it is sad that most Filipinos do not even remember the contributions of our heroes. I guess that is why we keep on repeating the History – of rulership tyrannical megalomaniacs.

  2. Yes, that’s a sad thing Richmond. I do remember what Dr. Jose Rizal, Apolinario Mabini, Gen. Gregorio del Pilar and those others in their ranks did for the country but personally, I don’t think Ninoy should be aligned with them. Just because his death ditched Marcos doesn’t make him an instant hero. My heroes are in my heart.

  3. i think kids know more lots about comic heroes than those heroes you mentioned. also we should also remember those present day heroes.

    anyways, its good to know that even for today ninoy does contributes something. making your day ok. hehehe.

  4. Hehehe:) Right, gmac:) This is the perfect time to laze around.

  5. Good for you, sonnetshaven. I, however, am at work right now because my company follows Korean holidays.

    But, I did have my relaxation day last Friday because it was South Korea’s Independence Day.

    Sonnet: The owner of the company you work for is a foreigner, Kat? Same here, Japanese ang sa amin. Korea’s entertainment scene is more exciting though than Japan’s:) I miss going to the Korean Film Festival which is held in the country annually:)

  6. thanks to, Ninoy, i got to have sleeeeeppp….. i had chance to spend some time at the national bookstore too and bought a lot of books (and my pocket is complaining. LOL)

    Sonnet: Hahaha!!!:) Your pocket’s complaining already, ifoundme:) Never mind, at least you’ve stashed your place with interesting reads:) Good for you:)

  7. how sweet Sonnet is to you! Kung makikita ko ang anak kong ngingitian ako, kahit gaano ako kapagod from work or kahit gaano ka busy, nawawala lahat ng pagod ko. hay.. miss ko tuloy anak ko…

  8. Totoo ‘yan, potsquared:) Do you call your baby everyday? Ako nga, I only work here pero ilang oras pa lang wala sa bahay I so miss my Sonnet already. I feel for you pero para rin naman sa kanya ang ginagawa mo dyan. Isa kang ulirang ama:)

  9. I wonder if Ninoy is sitll alive today would he still say that Filipinos are worth dying for?

  10. Lenski, if he were alive today I just hope he’s not part of the hullabaloo in politics. I hope he’s living a quiet life taking care of his wife.

  11. I’m also an admirer of the late Benigno A. If there’s someone who can match Ferdinand M. noon intellectualy ay si Ninoy . Kaya lang, during those times, kailangan natin ng malakas na leader to combat economic instability and the threat of communism. Ninoy was just a puppet (of Western democracy) at those times.

    Pity, we didn’t give a chance to Mr. Marcos’ New Society na kagaya ng ginawa ni Lee Kuan Yew noon sa Singapore. Kundi, sana, mas marami pa tayong holidays at mas relax ang buhay ng mga Pinoy ngayon!

    Hello Tonette… sorry, nothing political… nagv-VCO lang (VeryCuteOngguy) πŸ™‚

  12. ‘Yon nga VF, ‘yon nga ang sinasabi ko hehehe:)

    By the way, my VCO ad is everywhere. Did you see it in the homes of Brainteaser and Avi? It’s a sign that everybody should start using VCO lest face…’wag na baka lalong walang bumili:)

  13. Ninoy’s life is exhibited in the Aquino Museum in Tarlac. It was a nice experience visiting that museum a few months back. Made me admire him more.

    By the way, wala pa bang revenue ang VCO ad natin? πŸ˜€

    Sonnet: Oo nga Mareng Avi, sabi mo ikaw maglalagay dito ng VCO ad di ba:) I’m so excited! Lagay na natin mare so that others can understand why only the purest will do:)

  14. We had a different experience yesterday, our O.B scheduled us for a check-up but when we got there the guard immediately approached us and told us that its a holiday and there’s no check-up… whhhaatttt??? hmmm great, the doctor didn’t know she scheduled us on a holiday. Most probably she also didn’t remember whose the hero that we’re observing.

    on the other hand tapsiboy had a different story, he was stock in traffic at ortigas? hmmm funny story hehe

    Sonnet: Naku, forgetful si doc, hope jen’s feeling ok:) My husband was also stuck in traffic on his way home from Ortigas last Monday. It’s a good thing I left work a little past lunch so the traffic wasn’t heavy:)

  15. ooops wrong email address … hehe

    Sonnet: Wow Mali, hehehe:)

  16. Hahahaha! Sonnet, kala ko pa naman kung ano ang ipinagpapasalamat mo sa kanya. Kaloka ka talaga. πŸ™‚

    Sonnet: Hello Sherma:) Ang saya last Monday parang wala ako sa Pilipinas:)

  17. thanks ninoy at walang pasok kahapon hahaha

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    Sonnet: sure, kevin:) thanks!

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    Sonnet: Attention everyone! Bilingual Pen is now open to serve you:) It’s a cool site and you’re going to love its owner:)

  19. Shocks… mali pa yung isang link na nalagay ko. Ano ba!

    Sowi sonnetski! /-)

    And thanks. πŸ™‚

    Sonnet: No worries, mare:) I have a new band to share with you later:)

  20. Mali pa yung isang link na nalagay ko. Ano ba!

    Bilingual Pen Forum

    Sowi sonnetski! /-)

    And thanks. πŸ™‚

    Sonnet: I edited it already mare, nothing to worry about:)

  21. hay naku buti pa sa iba holiday, sa amin kahit Pilipino ang boss ko may pasok talaga ang holiday wala pang double pay..

    ang cute siguro ng baby mo ate ano.. kakainggit naman .. sarap talaga siguro ng may baby..

    ate i tagged you pala πŸ˜‰

    Sonnet: Talaga Lambing? Grabe naman ang boss mo, sabihin mo totoo ang karma kaya ‘wag s’ya ganyan.

    Super sarap talaga ang may baby:) Nakakawala ng pagod. Ayan, excited na naman ako umuwi tuloy hehehe:) Go na ako sa tag mo, I can sense it’s an exciting one again:)

  22. aminin na natin talagang masarap ang may holiday… nagagawa mo yung gusto at ang luwag-luwag ng traffic. kung bakit naman kasi kada sun yung ni manny…baka naging monday yun holiday na rin.

    thanks kay ninoy, bukod sa holiday, naging inspirasyon siya sa maraming Pilipino. Higit sa pagturing sa kanya na bayani, mas mabuti siyang maalala bilang tao na may prinsipyo at pagmamahal sa bayan. marami siyang na-touch na tao kaya nga maraming dumalo sa kanyang libing, hindi ba?

  23. Di ba Hoshi ang luwag ng daan:) Saan everyday ganun no? Kaya I really thank Ninoy. ‘Yon lang:)

  24. nag-iisa na lang talaga si Ninoy ngayon

  25. Hmmm… sige na nga raft3r hehehe:)

  26. Kelan next na holiday? Ok na ok yun Ninoy Aquino day kasi nakagawa ko project ng bagets ko. Yung lang mas magastos kasi long weekend. Pero ok lang sarap!

    Salamat ninyo kahit maka Macoy ako.

    Saka ok din sakin ngaun yun Gloria Alien drawing PANALO sya dun.

    Hehehe. Joke

  27. Hahaha!!! ‘Yong Skrulls mare:) Ang galing ng marvel illustrator no?:) Gloriang-gloria nga hehe:)

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