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The Pin-Up Girls’ wave of success


I’VE been very irresponsible last Saturday, shame on me! On the way to my Saturday job on 103.5 Max FM’s Tunog Kalye (TK), I didn’t bother to know what’s in store for the band called The Pin-Up Girls. All I had in mind was that they are Francis M’s replacement on TK since the latter is currently in the hospital and we all know why.

Upon getting to the station, I browsed through the pages of a newspaper while I waited for the band’s arrival. First member of the group who got in was Ryan Nachura. He plays the guitar. I asked him if it’s alright I sat down with him so I could ask a few questions about his band. He said yes so I started interviewing him. In the middle of our Q&A, The Pin-Up Girls’ vocalist Mondo Castro appeared in the doorway and after the introduction I asked him to join the interview.

I learned that they have been around since 1998 so all the more did I feel embarrassed realizing I haven’t been doing my homework. Honestly, I’ve not heard nor seen the band perform prior to their guest stint on TK so most of my questions are what a reporter would normally ask a newbie in the music industry. That, however, shouldn’t have been the case had I prepared for this interview. It’s a good thing none among Ryan, Mondo and Jeng Tan (who’s on bass and vocals) has the star complex in spite of the fact that their album entitled “All Seats Are Taken” is getting good reviews in America.

The tracks in their album are being played over Seattle’s radio station KAOS FM and New Jersey’s It got played once in a British station called BBC as well.

Like Zavanna (which I’m still raving about), The Pin-Up Girls serve as fresh air in the current band scene wherein, as I said before, everybody sounds alike. It’s nice to hear something new once in a while. The Pin-Up Girls’ music is inspired by 90s British pop rock so it gives you an idea of why they sound different.

Among the songs they performed last Saturday, my favorites are “The Five-Minute Hallway” and “Love X Ten”. At present, the band remain to be independent because they refuse to compromise their music.

According to Mondo, “We were trying to get signed up to a record label pero ang dami nilang requirements. Medyo sad din kasi you’re not recognized here but we don’t want to compromise. We’re not being snobbish, we just want to stay true to who we are. We recorded the songs that we like because at the end of the day, we want to like ourselves.”

Here are music videos of their songs, “All Seats Are Taken”, which was directed by Mondo himself, and “The Five-Minute Hallway”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

13 thoughts on “The Pin-Up Girls’ wave of success

  1. marami talagang talented filipinos, buti pa sa ibang bansa nakikilala talent natin, sa pinas, katakot-takot na pangungutya muna.. then pag sikat na sa ibang bansa, nagkakandarapang ibalik sila sa pinas… huwat! pero alam mo sonnet, kala ko girl band sila, sa title ng post mo.. hihihi

    Sonnet: Hahaha! I thought so too noong una potsquared:) Remember, I didn’t do my homework nga kaya I was expecting a girl band. According to them, they were hanging out one day in a friend’s house when Jeng walked in wearing a Bettie Page t-shirt. Kaya ‘yon, naging Pin-Up girls na sila hehe:)

    Tama ka sa sinabi mo. Dito, if you’re not signed up to a record label they don’t mind you at all. Pero pag sikat ka na, hahabol-habol sila as if they own you.

  2. kakalungkot na pati sa music industry nilamon na ng sistemang palakasan. ang daming mahusay na pinoy sa musika pero hindi pinapansin dito pero pag sumikat naguunahan pa sila sa pagkuha ng rights ng banda. (tagalog ako ngayon ah. hahaha)

    Sonnet: Totoo ‘yan GMAC. Buti na lang marami pa rin talented artists who don’t let the system bring them down. If they have to spend from their own pockets just to come up with their own album, they would. Pin-Up said they held a garage sale years ago so they could fund their first indie album titled “Hello Pain.” Mayrics baby didn sila:) They used to perform there and they miss the place na daw:)

  3. bakita nga ba ganung ang nagiging trend?

    Actually i don’t know the bands either but my wife already heard them before. Yung genre nga lang nila baka hinde masyado patok dito saten…

    Is Sgt. Pepper still the owner of Tunog Kalye?

  4. I think you have to be signed up here to gain popularity, Vhincent. I don’t think it’s the genre din friend kasi there’s one band called Goodbye Tracy, magaling din. They write Filipino songs pero wala pa ring pumapansin masyado kasi indie rin sila. Masyadong binibigyan importance dito sa atin pag may label ang grupo kahit hindi naman magaling. Buti na lang in the States, walang problem ang Pin-Up because they were signed up by Sutton Music and their songs are regularly played in stations.

    On Sgt. Pepper, he’s the station manager of Max FM so he practically has a say on all the programs not just Tunog Kalye:)

  5. I’ve never heard of them before, but after watching the videos, wow, I love their sound! There are so many good Filipino indie bands talaga, and hurrah for Pinoy talent!

  6. Ang galing Kat no? Jeng Tan, the bassist, is Raimund Marasigan’s ex-girlfriend. Prior to Pin-Up she’s had other bands wherein she handled different instruments but it’s with bass that she is most comfortable:)

  7. aha
    ayaw maging sell outs, ha
    they would soon cave in

    Sonnet: It won’t take long for this group to hit stardom, raft3r. You should see their facebook account, puro foreigners na ang fans nila:) Dito lang sila hindi masyado pansin and they’re fine with that:)

  8. ang galing! ang gaganda ng mga songs! dito ko lang naman sayo na they do exist pero ang galing!

    don’t you think the local industry is too crowded already? kung napapansin sila sa labas, mas okay yun!

  9. You’re right ifoundme. Crowded, I think, is the word to describe the local music industry. Kasi naman even if a band doesn’t offer anything new nandyan sa mainstream. Kaya the good ones prefer to go elsewhere.

  10. teka buhay pa ang mayrics ah. sa may espana. astig nga ang mga bands dun tapos meron pa silang big couch sa backstage before tapos dun sila nagyoyosi (lang???). hehehehehe.

  11. Yup yup, gmac:) Nandun pa ang Mayrics pero alam mo yung mga bands when they become busy (and famous), they hardly have the time to visit the place anymore.

  12. ate, you’re right about sa Mayric’s… i remember the old Club Dredd and the LA rock… heheehehe…

    Mondo’s a former AngTV star right? hehehehehe… tanda ko p… elem p ako nun…

    love the pin up girls….

    Sonnet: Hello charlbert, nice to have you in the haven! ‘Yong club dredd isa pang malupit na den for rockers just like mayric’s. I’m not sure about the new club dredd though kasi I haven’t been there yet.

    On Mondo being a former Ang TV kid, trivia yan ha:) I didn’t know that:) Thanks for the info, charlbert:)

  13. Thank you for your comments! You can download THE PIN-UPS tunes for FREE:

    Please continue to support the band! God bless you all!

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