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Erotic post


WHAT can I do? I was tagged by Lambing and GMACOMICS so I’m left with no choice but to do this. Thanks Lambing and GMAC:) I thought this is going to be easy for me since I’m married anyway. Let’s see how my imagination works.


Create a short erotica of not more than 200 words, with the following words that can only be used once in the story:

1. sleepover – nakitulog
2. whip – latigo
3. handcuffs – posas
4. leather – katad
5. sexy – seksi
6. threesome – tatluhan
7. hairy – mabuhok
8. shotgun – shotgun

9. squeeze – pisil

10. explosion – pagsabog

It’s 11:30 in the evening and there’s a sleepover in Diana’s apartment. After securing the lock on the main door, Diana and her friends Trish, Anna and the latter’s boyfriend, Paeng, go to the kitchen to whip up some strawberries and cream for their midnight snack.

This is a yummy dessert says Paeng as he pulls out a pair of handcuffs from the left pocket of his leather jacket. The guy’s a cop by profession and Anna says she feels sexy whenever he’s around her but tonight she prefers to spend quality time with her girlfriends. So, Anna leaves Paeng in the living room and joins Diana and Trish in the bedroom. The threesome chat for hours unmindful of daybreak and had Lala, Diana’s hairy spitz, not joined them in bed they wouldn’t have stopped exchanging stories.

“Let’s get some sleep,” Diana suggests and just when they were about to do so, someone on the street fires a shotgun! The girls squeeze each other’s hand and slowly walk towards the window to see what or who caused the explosion.

Yehey!!! I’m done!!!

Now, I’m tagging Hoshi, Avi, Lenski, Brainteaser, Kengkay, and Raft3rπŸ™‚

31 thoughts on “Erotic post

  1. ang daya parang ung erotic lang dun ung momnet ni paeng at anna. hahaha. joke lang. at least natapos u na. hehehe

    Sonnet: hahaha!!! Naisahan kita, gmac no? May ibang erotic pa dun if you would only use your imagination:) Tsaka hanging conclusion kasi hindi ko rin alam what caused the explosion hehe:)


    I’m waiting for Avi and BT’s post for this tag!

    Shall I say, let me see who is more imaginative: married or unmarried…( ).

    Tonette, you are TOO evasive. How can you convince your unmarried friends hehehehe!

    Gusto mo, ako ang magku-kuento? :”>

  3. OMG! Can I do this? Waaaaaaaaa!

    Hahahahhaha! Ako, VF, gusto kong magkwento ka. Hahaha. I wanna see how you’re going to do it. I’m gonna tag you Buddy! Harharhar!

    It’s gonna be fun. Gusto nyo ng Y-rated? Hehehhee

  4. I am not, VF:) I want them to use their imagination. My story is too erotic for comfort nga if only you would use your imagination. I refuse to be like tabloid writers, I prefer a little discretion. Read it again and you’ll see the erotic parts, and dami kay:)

    Tag din kita, VFπŸ™‚

  5. Brainteaser, I’m too evasive daw according to VF:) What’s the strawberries and cream for if not…Ano ba? Hahaha!:) Bahala kayo basta I tagged you guys already:)

  6. I think he was expecting something? We’ll see how he’s gonna do it. MAgaling lang mangantiaw kasi akala niya hindi natin ita-challenge. Hah!


    How much will I dare write kaya? Hmm at hmm at hmm pa! Hahahahha

  7. Hahaha:) Oo nga brainteaser, tingnan nga natin ang story ni VF. He might get an X-Rating ha? Hahaha!!!

  8. Well, tingnan natin….(buti na lang, ‘ala akong sariling blog, nangungulit lang) hehehe!

    …I’ll continue your story BT.

    Where’s Avi? πŸ™‚

  9. Hehe:) Avi’s still in a shoot VF, she’ll find out about this later in the evening:)

  10. safe naman ng story mo tonet… pero okay in ha nagawan ng paraan.. ako gagawa pambata ito oh.. hahaha

  11. Isa ka pa, Hoshi hahaha!!! Nakakainis, no one even bothered to ask why it has a hanging conclusion. Zsa zsa, basta gawin mo hoshi ha? Tsaka bawal ang pambata kaya nga erotic di ba?:)

  12. nakakabitin naman sonnet.. hihiih good story btw…

    Sonnet: Sige nga Pot, kampihan mo ako:) Di ba good story? Did you see the erotic scenes? Nakakainis ang mga tao dito,they want it too obvious kas. Ang dami ko na ngang elements pinasok para super erotic sya and they still don’t see it hehe:)

  13. so ibig sabihin sequel itong erotic story na ito pero i doubt kasi pansin ko tinabunan mo ng mga new entries eh. para hindi halata. hahahahahaha.

  14. Hahaha!!! Di ko naman sinadyang tabunan, GMAC:) I was listening to the Pin-up Girls kanina kaya nasulat ko sila ng di oras hehe:)

  15. Pingback: BARD & BRAIN | Erotica…

  16. Oist ate Tonette, gawa ko na aking E-story. Nandun kay BT!

    Sonnet: Owkee:) Eto na ang X-rating hehe:)

  17. uuuy si ate playing safe ahihi πŸ˜‰

    pero nice one πŸ˜‰

  18. Lambing, nakita mo ba ang mga erotic scenes? Hehehe:)

  19. Done na with this tag, Sonnetski! Hehehe… Go see my blog, hehehehehehe.

    May ginawa din si VF. Pinoste niya sa comment section ng blog ko.

    Inaaway niya tayo! Hmmmp!

    San ba si Avi at pagtulungtulongan natin? Hoshi… everyone, lina rin kayo. Help us ‘kill’ this guy named VF. Hehehehe

    Sonnet: Were you the one who wrote “Closet”? Akala ko si VF kaya inaaway ko hahaha:) Sige balik ako sa bahay mo:)

  20. Hahahaha! You used symbols kasi, Sonnetski. πŸ™‚

    Nandun ka pala sa blog ko kaninang nagko-comment ako dito. What a coincidence, noh?

    Sonnet: Mare, kinantiyawan ko na si VF hehehe:)

  21. ARU, nagtanong ‘ka mo! Dangling daw ba? Tsk Tsk Tsk. Kayong dalawa ni BT talaga oo. Masyadong wild ang imagination! Meron bang fruit na sticking-up? Kahit yung talong, dangling!

    Hmmm… prutas ang sinasabi ko ha.

    Asan ba si Manay Salve? Siya ang gusto kong kulitin dahil inosenteng-inosente hehehe!

  22. Come on VF, fruit daw hahaha!:) Pinilit mong ipasok talaga ang dangling because you know that other thing would come to mind pag yon ang ginamit mong adjective:)

    Sige kulitin mo si Avi para gawin na rin nya ang tag hehehe:)

  23. wala naman erotic dito! wahahahaha!

    Sonnet: Hahaha!!! Mareng Avi, you’re just like the others:) You people are expecting too much from me just because I’m married. No wayeee, with discretion ito hehe:)

  24. I’ll see if I can do this! haha

  25. Kayang-kaya mo yan Lenski, believe me:) Use your imagination. Ikaw pa?:)

  26. raft3r and erotica

  27. Gawin mo ito rat3r:) Turf mo ito hahaha!!!

  28. waaa, na tag na naman ako πŸ™‚ will try to work on this, pramis

  29. You should kengkay hehehe:) I’m looking forward to reading your story:)

  30. buti na lang taga comment lang ako. Pero feeling ko promise kayang kaya ko gawin yun. EROTIC kung erotic. 2nd the motion sayo tama ka tonet feeling ko baka talbugan ako ni leng-leng para imagination na ang pag uusapan. hehehe

    Sonnet: Oo naman tet, master mo ang mga usaping erotic hahaha!!!:) Pero pag dating sa imagination ewan ko lang. Baka pumangalawa ka lang kay Lenski hahaha!!!

  31. Gusto mo exotic pa. leng leng

    Sonnet: Naku ma-a-accelerate na yang si Lenski sa olive green. Sandali lang sya sa mint green kasi fast learner. In no time, nasa green revolution na ‘yan hahaha!!!

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