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My Manga Face


MY husband’s fascination for anime characters has somehow rubbed off on me so I occasionally find myself admiring the handsome and pretty images in either an anime program or PS game. I have always wondered why Japanese artists would draw big round eyes for their anime characters when in reality, theirs is just as small as the slit on a piggy bank. I don’t discount the fact though that they always manage to come up with beautiful illustrations.

So when I came across the blog of ihavebeenherkind via wpp, I got so excited when I saw an entry titled “Face Your Manga” which tells about a site that enables you to come up with a Manga character version of your face.

Here’s my Manga face…

Cool eh?

Cool eh?

Would you like to see your face in Manga, too? Press this then:)

20 thoughts on “My Manga Face

  1. blog hopper! πŸ˜€

    di ba kaya malaki mata nila kasi un ang pangarap ng mga japanese?? πŸ˜€

    love ko rin jap culture, sobrang fan ako ng jap series πŸ˜€ di ko pa natatry yan face your manga, pero madami na rin nga akong nakitang may ganyang avatar. try ko nga yan mamaya πŸ˜€

  2. So that’s the reason, lyingwithclotheson:) Sige try mo itong Face Your Manga, nakakatuwa:) Thank you for dropping by the haven:)

  3. Find a picture of atong revilla when he was still young or the kid model of incremin (boy) thats my manga face! hahaha that’s what jen is always saying to me…

  4. Hehehe:) Atong Revilla-look-alike ka pala, vhincent:) O di ba artistahin pala ang beauty mo:) Try nyo ni Jen itong Face Your Manga, it’s fun:)

  5. although i’m not really inot anime, i think this one’s cool. ;p

  6. It’s fun Lenski:) Check out the site if you have time:)

  7. ang cute natin, ah

    btw, nagkaroon ng anime convention d2
    pucha buong hotel yata namin puno ng wierdos
    todo custome at make up

    pero aliw sila tignan

    Sonnet: Hehe:) Get your own Manga version raft3r:) Nakakaaliw! Recently they held an anime convention here also:) Actually, it’s held here annually and every time they impress me kasi pinaghahandaan talaga nila costume and all:)

  8. no problem, just spreading the good news πŸ™‚
    i used to make South Park versions of myself, but when I found this one I got hooked instantly πŸ™‚

    Thanks for commenting (you’re the first one to do so)! Oh, and I’m Em, BTW πŸ™‚

    Sonnet: South Park:) That’s interesting, too:) Good thing you shifted to anime, mas cute sila hehe:)

    Thanks for dropping by the haven, Em:)

  9. parang di ko sya maaccess… syempre curious din ako.. hehehe!

  10. Hahaha!!! Who won’t be curious ifoundme? Ako nga ginawa ko agad hehe:) The link of the site is in the last line of my entry but if it doesn’t work, press Face Your Manga in the second paragraph. That leads you to the link of ihavebeenherkind. She has all the details:)

  11. try ko yan hahaha ang cute!

    Sonnet: You can choose the shape of your face, eyes, lips, lahat pwede Dhangski:)

  12. Ang ganda naman……

  13. Thanks Lintek! Try mo rin ha?:)

  14. Ako, my MANGA face is like an omelette na pinakain mo ng hilaw na native mango. πŸ™‚

    Musta na po?

  15. Hahaha!:) What a description, VF:) In Face Your Manga, you can produce different anime versions of your face, saya:)

  16. Oh, I actually drew you Sonnet, on that feeling artist night when I drew my friends. One day I’ll psst an entry, Bloggers–Cartoonified.

    Anyway, your manga version’s waaay better.

    My ex is an artist and he said the purpose of those big anime eyes is to show more emotion.

  17. A drawing of me:) I’m excited to see it, Kat:)

    Thank you for explaining to me the reason behind those big eyes:)

  18. naku, dapat pala naka-attaned kayo ng anime convetion d2
    panalo talaga mga attendees
    di ko sila kinaya sa mga costumes nila

    Sonnet: Uyy, fan na ng anime ang asawa ni JJ:) hehehe:) Anime fans are really creative and they’re imagination is boundless.

  19. coolness! i agree, everyday in tokyo i am assailed by manga-like figure with huge eyes. my friends tell me its a sort of japanese alter-ego, something they aspire to look like. some of the popular idols here are the one who most resemble manga drawings πŸ˜‰

    Sonnet: Now that’s helpful information:) Thanks, Caryn:) If you’re experiencing anything new in Japan, please drop us a note at We would love to write about it:)

  20. Galing gus2 ko try pano gawin?

    Sonnet: Mareng Tet, punta ka sa link na ito

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