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Turn RH to Law


My visit to Hoshi‘s blog earlier led me to this and I felt it’s necessary I pass it on to you.

The struggle for the passage of the Reproductive Bill (RH) in Congress rages on. The Reproductive Health Advocacy Network (RHAN) through our org, the Democratic Socialist Women of the Phils. (DSWP) initiated an online petition that we request you to support by attaching your signature. Please go to to do this.

We hope to gather ONE MILLION SIGNATURES to show our legislators that there is a wide support base for the bill’s passage despite what the opposition says. We will present the signatures both to the House of Representatives (HOR) and Senate within September as we are waiting for the schedule of plenary deliberations in the HOR and the release of the Senate Committee on Health’s report.

Please support the petition. It will not take more than 5 minutes of your time. More than 10 women die daily due to pregnancy and childbirth-related causes. The big bulk of those who die are poor women at the prime of their lives. This is simply unacceptable and must be stopped. Congress has the power to do this.

Let’s spread the word and save lives.

7 thoughts on “Turn RH to Law

  1. in-email to sakin ni chef ginney kaya pinost ko din, tapos inobliga ko din si jane na i-post nung nakatambay kami kina conbasman nung sat. 🙂

    Sonnet: This will help a lot of lives:)

  2. Supported ko ang bill na ito

    Sonnet: Same here mareng tet:) Pumirma ka na? I affixed my signature already. Punta ka lang ‘don sa link sa taas tapos sulat type mo lang name mo.

  3. you know, i’m supposed to write about this also kasi i want to make people understand why there is a need for this to push through. the notion that people against this insinuate that this can be a great excuse to be promisuous. can you believe that they associate this with pre-marital sex? as in ALWAYS! sometimes ignorance gets into my nerve that i can really feel my face turn red. anyway, glad to know that they are actually making actions for this, let’s help save a lot of women and children!

    Sonnet: That’s a sad fact ifoundme. There are a lot of shallow minds today. If they would only look at the bigger picture, they’ll see the importance of this bill.

  4. Have read this on my email i think or from another blog, syempre have laready signed to support it.

    BTW, Jen is ok already nervous since its already september, tsaka medyo madami na sya nararamdaman na masakit sa katwan…errr

    Lately ko lang nabasa yung comment mo regarding sa baby music case close na pla! 😉 dame ko MP3 nadownload na ganun…

    Sonnet: That’s natural, vhincent. Now, while she’s nervous you must try your best to stay calm. When she goes on labor, let her listen to to all that soothing music. She’ll be needing you more than ever:) By the way, did you guys listen to Mozart’s Divertimento in D Major K205? It’s relaxing:)

  5. already signed in. i remember doing a coverage on tv inside one of public hospital in manila. sobrang kawawa ung mga poor moms on labor and tama lack of information results to negative to serious and even death to families across the nation. hope this will push through.

  6. Talaga gmac? Tsk tsk…Kawawa ang mga poor moms at kawawa rin ang mga babies nila who aren’t supposed to suffer in the first place.

  7. oo as in labor nila walang anesthesia. san ka pa. tapos after delivery papag lang ang higaan. kawawa talaga. tsk tsk tsk

    Sonnet: Grabe…kaya there should be a law that would protect them.

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