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Who’s vain?


Pelicarol tagged me to write something about makeup essentials. Since this sweet couple have always been game in doing tags, it would be silly of me not to do this. I just don’t know where to start because I know absolutely nothing about makeup. I used to write makeover articles some nine years ago when I was still working for a mainstream newspaper. But that was not by choice. I had an editor to obey, you see.

Among my many tasks at the time was to take a plain-Jane to Paradigm Salon’s hair and makeup expert Obet Federizo (I’m not sure if he’s still affiliated with Paradigm since I’ve not seen him for a decade) every week. I remember Obet never failed to turn simple faces into head turners. Every week, I would interview him while he did the makeup of a model. I’d ask information about each makeup item he applies on her but after every session, I forget everything he told me.

I know that what your heart refuses your mind can never absorb. I just can’t stand makeup. It feels sticky and itchy. As a matter of fact I’ve only been made up seven times in my 31 years. I felt the makeup brush on my skin for the first time in high school just a few hours before prom night. The next occasion that required me to wear makeup was a performance at the Malacañanang Palace with the rest of our college choir. The third, fourth and fifth times were for three weddings where I was a bridesmaid. Ahh, the sixth time I was made up was for my best friend’s wedding where I stood as her maid of honor. Then the seventh time I was made up was for my own wedding and this is the only time I smiled in front of the mirror while paint was being applied on my face.

There’s nothing unusual or pretty about my face. It’s just plain, bare. I doubt if anybody notices the raspberry lip balm I’m wearing. Aside from my lip balm, I nourish my skin daily with VCO.

VCO bar

VCO bar

I’m now passing this tag to Hoshi, Avi, Lenski, Dhangski, Brainteaser, Vhincent (Jen can answer :=)), and Lambing

20 thoughts on “Who’s vain?

  1. I’ll do this, Tonetski. ;p

  2. Sige Lenski share ka about makeup essentials:)

  3. No lo sé, girl’s talk! Baka ma-juding ako dito!

    Well, I always like my girl to be well made-up when we go out for a function (this will prevent my naughty eyes wandering around hehehe!). When I was still in my ‘cruising’ age, I almost denied a company. Paano, plain looking na, bobo pa. 🙂 .

    I don’t want to share the usual tsismis phrase: Ano ba yan day…

    Mas masarap pakinggan: Wow, sana ako si VF hehehehe!

    Honestly and no offence meant, men do pride themselves walking with their “gilded trophies”! Ask them!

    Magandang umaga po!

    VCO na namannnnnnnnn?

  4. Di ah, this topic is unisex VF:) Health and beauty, after all, shouldn’t be exclusively for women. Iba-iba talaga ang mga lalaki no? Parang ikaw, mahilig sa naka-makeup. My dad, brother and husband naman don’t like women with makeup. Feeling nila madudumihan ang white shirt nila pag nakakita ng babaeng naka-makeup hehehe:) Lipstick pwede pa raw. They’re after clear and spotless skin:)

  5. Oh, what school ang choir were you in in college? I’m so into choirs–like, I watch concerts and all that. I used to be in a choir too, and was able to perform in some important national events—only, I was eleven and I didn’t care what I was doing. Don’t even have pictures…..:-(

    Sonnet: I was in the choir of Lyceum in 1995, Kat:) Performing before former Pres. Fidel Ramos and his family at Malacañang was the most important performance for me because after that I decided to quit the group. Iwi Laurel was also present and she did a solo number:)

  6. ay, dapat bago gawin to ni len, gawin nya muna yung nauna mong tag, mare!

    gagawin ko din `to. for the mean time, dito ka muna. 😀

    Sonnet: Matatawa ka dyan kay Len, Vi:) Before she accepted this tag, she asked me, “Wholesome ba ‘yan?” O di ba safe sya, hehehe:)

  7. sige gwain ko ito at magkaalaman na.. hehehe

  8. Ops, ayoko naman yung masyado na parang geisha! As if you are staring sa isang omelette na may icing hehehe!

    I like women who use make-ups to enhance the beautiful “parts” of their faces. I mean enhance, not to fake.

    I just can’t resist looking at full lips enhanced with coal black lipsticks na kagaya ni Morticia sa Adams family hehehehe!

    Sonnet: Okay hehehe:) You like the female rocker’s lips pala VF:) Does BT know?:)

  9. ahihi tag nanaman pala ! 🙂 kaya ako kinabahan pag may link na nakikita sa dashboard ko ehehe.. gagawin ko to pag di ko ko busy ahihi 😉

  10. I know that you won’t let me down Lambing:) Hehehe:)

  11. BT? OO a! Sabi ko nga -lipstick ka nga dian! Ayaw naman ng black hehehe!

    Teka, ano na NAMAN yang female rocker’s lips? Di ba yan yung umaawit na hawak ang mic sa dalawang kamay na akala mo ay lulndag yung mic dahil full grasp ang sampung daliri?

    Bah, dahan dahan ateng. Kung minsan, gusto ko rin yung harana-type ang pag-awit, walong daliri lang ang hawak! 🙂

    (nahihiya si ako) hehehe!

  12. Hahaha!!! BT, where are you? VF’s selling you out. Syempre dalagang Pilipina sya why would she wear black lipstick? I say female rocker’s lips because that’s how to describe most female rockers especially foreigners who are into the grunge or metal stuff. They either put on bloody red lipstick or charcoal black lipstick. Di ba yon ang trip mo?:)

  13. Ala pa si BT, nasa meeting pa!

    A, ganun ba? Iba naman ang mga nakikita ko dito na rockers. They look unkempt. And we don’t call them make-ups they’re wearing anymore -props!

    Yung mga formal concert performers, oo. They are well made-up! Seriously, I still believe that women should have their own “vanity-mirror”. Filipino men shd be very proud to see their women well made-up.

    Sonnet: Props? Uh-oh do they have trees on their heads?:) Maganda naman talaga mga Pinay sa lahat, period.

  14. Go see ur student Hito, I’m grilling her about RH!

  15. naku, mas marami pang alam sa make up ang mga little kengkays kesa sa akin, hehe

    Sonnet: Hehe:) Iba ang mga kabataan ngayon, mas maraming alam kesa kanilang mga mommies pag dating sa kaartehan:)

  16. maipasok talaga ang VCO

    Sonnet: Aba syempre denoy hahaha!!!

  17. kasali pla kme dito! hehe buti na lang si jen sasagot .. pag-ako baka meron maka-discover.. hehe

    Sonnet: Hahaha!!! ‘wag mong ibuking sarili mo vhincent. Sinabi ko na nga na si Jen sasagot para hindi ma-obvious eh:)

  18. VCO for the face? talaga? does it really work? what if your face is oily to begin with? hahaha! mag-consult ba?

    Sonnet: It’s for all skin types, Caryn:) Just make sure your face is clean before applying VCO on it. It evens out your skin tone and prevents black or brown spots. What I do is I wash my face with a VCO bar first before applying some VCO with a cotton. There is no sticky feeling at all:)

  19. dehins ako akladibats.. or juding…

    pero may chap stick ako sa bag…. iba na ang protektado ang labi…

    Sonnet: Oo naman charlbert:) Even men have to look their best:) Thanks for dropping by!

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