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Manufacturing robots


WHAT do you think of a microchip being inserted into your body? Last Saturday I was tuned in to GMA 7’s “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” and got to watch the program’s segment on microchips.

At first I couldn’t believe that microchips are actually being implanted in animals and people these days. But as soon as I saw how a veterinarian injected a microchip in a woman’s poodle, I realized this is really happening. According to people who do this, having a microchip in your pet avoids the possibility of losing it to the hands of dog slayers and eaters. The owner of the dog added that with a microchip in her dog, she could now easily monitor its health.

A young woman, on the other hand, says she puts a microchip under the sole of her rubber shoes which connects to her iPod. According to her, this helps her record the gradual increase of her speed and monitors how much she has improved since her last run.

Learning from the show, however, that implantation of microchips is being conducted even on human beings enveloped me in fear. Fear of science and technology. According to a health expert, a microchip implant in animals and people can be hazardous and cause malignancy. I don’t know if this is true but I’d rather take his advice than be turned into a guinea pig.

I’m neither a fan of technology nor am I a hater of it. What I only know is that I cherish and treasure my being. I just hope this microchip implantation won’t be ruled as compulsory in the country or in other parts of the world. If that happens, I’d rather go for euphenesia.

19 thoughts on “Manufacturing robots

  1. i think technology ignores the natural progress… gusto nilang pabilisin lahat. ayoko din ng ganyan, that is still an unnatural object being inserted. kahit ano pang benefits meron yan. meron nga daw kids have microchips para daw kapag nawala sila e madali mahanap, ano bang klase yun!

    Sonnet: Exactly, kengkay. The way I see it, unti-unting ginagawang mechanism ang mga living things. ‘Wag naman sana. Movies of this kind really scare me already what more seeing it happen in real life.

  2. Aba, maganda ang tech na yan mareng Tonette. Pusa ko nga, -thru GPS, ay alam ko kung saan siya pag sinumpong. Pag ayaw ang ulam, nagtatago!

    Maganda rin yan sa tao. Pag nawala ang minamahal, hindi na kailangan na punta ka pa sa mga useless na pulis!

    Sonnet: VF, the best thing to do is to take very good care of the ones we love. Hindi naman sila mawawala if we’re always around to look after them.

  3. wala na tlga magawa mga tao…. pero galing ng nakaisip and naginvent nito ah.. ;D

    Sonnet: Maganda ito mareng denise if they use it exclusively on machines. Makakatulong talaga para mapabilis ang trabaho natin:)

  4. I think we also saw that in TV, siguro ok na yung sa pets pero in our body? hmm maybe when we go to Space ok lang…lol

    Sonnet: Hahaha!:) Oo nga vhincent but while here, ayoko talaga. Uyy, September na guys. Talagang inaabangan ko ang baby nyo:)

  5. I can’t believe I missed this episode. I looked into it and was surprised to know it’s been going on in other countries for quite a while na.Europe has microchipped over half of its pet dogs, and certain night clubs in other European countries use an implantable chip to identify their VIP customers, who in turn use it to pay for drinks. I say that’s pretty scary.

    Sonnet: Oh my goodness, that really is scary Kat. I can’t imagine living in a world of microchip implanted humans.

  6. WOW amazing. I actually like the IPOD connection. I don’t really like the idea of injecting microchip into myself, but I did read about a company which required its employees to have RFID implanted in them. (

    Sonnet: I agree with you on the iPod connection, ynegussie. At least it doesn’t get into the person’s system only on his rubber shoes. I dread, however, the possibility of companies here requiring their employees to have RFID implanted in them. I don’t see the logic, really.

  7. hehe nag-aabang kna din pla tulad namin! yari wala muna writer ang chizmosa lounge by that time.. ako muna? haha malamang mawalang ng reader’s blog namin…

    dame na nya nararamdaman masakit sa katawan .. for sure lapit na…

    Sonnet: Hindi yan:) When she gets back, she can blog about celebrity babies. O di ba timely ang topic para sa inyo mag-asawa?:) And that would be very interesting, vhincent:)

    Maraming masakit talaga as she gets closer to her due date. Tell your baby not to give her mom a tough time. She’ll cooperate:)

  8. Sows, VF! May masabi ka lang eh. Hehehehe!

    I know that in Europe, ‘microchipping’ pets is already widespread. 🙂 VF’s cat is microchipped.

    But humans? Wag naman! There is still a line (no matter how thin) that defines what can be done on humans and what can’t… I don’t find it acceptable to microchip us for reasons na baka mawala tayo or anupang kababawan.

    But in special cases, like say, through microchips malalaman kung alin sa mga ugat natin ang may clogging at malapit nang pumutok (which results in stroke or heart attack); or to determine kung meron bang namumuong cancer sa katawan natin, or to determine sugar levels ng mga diabetic patients (which is very crucial)… I think kung may mga prosesong ganito where microchips can be used as quick, cheap, and sure diagnosis of chronic diseases, I’d say go for it. Kesa naman CT scan or MRI or what have you’s.

    What I’m trying to say is, depende sa gamit or purpose. For life-saving purposes, hindi naman siguro masama. Iyon ay kung may ganitong functionality itong microchips na ito. Pero kung monitoring of whereabouts lang at determination ng kung sino ang VIP or hindi… “WHAT THE! ANO BAAAA!” May isip tayo, no. Hindi na natin kailangan ng name identity tag! Huuuuuuuu!

    Sonnet: I agree, mare:) If it’s going to save a person’s life we can consider it but for security purposes, pwede ba? I thought this microchip implantation is only happening in the US, grabe na rin pala sa Europe.

  9. i guess the Bible prophesies are really coming true. nasa Bible na yang mga ganyan and there will come a time that you won’t be able to buy if you don’t have that. pero that’s your ticket to hell too…

    Sonnet: ifoundme, now you’ve got me really really scared. I think it’s about time we migrate to another planet where there’s oxygen?

  10. it does sound scary no? being at grad school, i’ve seen a lot of pretty weird things. when i visited a sri lankan friend’s lab, he showed me a goat they were keeping alive with an artificial heart. it kind of freaked me out

    Sonnet: Oh my goodness! An artificial heart in the goat, caryn? I don’t want to be judgmental but that is like stealing the poor creature’s life. They should have killed it instead. Science and technology can really make me sad sometimes. Grabe na the things they do to improve the world kuno. Hay…

  11. Off topic post:

    Girl, eto yung link sa tag ko saiyo. Heheheh. Gawin mo, please!

  12. Common guys, how about pacemakers and hearing aids? They are the precursors of a brave new world.

    Soon, we can already upgrade our aging “Pentium” internal processors, increase our RAMs and perform better as human beings? How do you fancy using your made up eyebrows and eyelashes as function (F) keys and your mouth as built-in speakers? And mind you, you can buy them in any computer store and they come plug & play –you don’t need doctors anymore!

    Ah, back-to-the-future! There’ll be time that cellphones are used to roast chicken and pcs inside our brain!

    Sana nga para kung may magsabi sa akin ng “mahal kita” thru YM ay mafi-feel ko kung totoo o hinde hehehehe!

    Sonnet: Yikes! What kind of world is that, VF? Nakakatakot hehe:) Kung mangyari man yon sana patay na ako by that time hehe:)

  13. hahaha, tama nga si kat, dito may mga club memberships na per chips na lang enter ka na… weird! at pano kung ayaw mo ng maging member, ipa opera mo sya ulit o ibigay mo sa prend mo na member, kadiri! i dont know, minsan OA na lang ang technology

    Sonnet: Ano ba yan, parang nasa outer space na sila. Sana matigil na ang kahibangan sa chips na ‘yan. Tama ka dyan kengkay, OA na ang technology.

  14. wow
    an ipod connected directly to the body
    i like

    Sonnet: Sa shoes lang daw raft3r. You’ll have to insert a microchip in the sole of your shoes and then you can connect it to your iPod to record your speed:)

  15. ang chip ay para sa robot at ang natural ay para sa tao. ok lang ang technology basta hindi ito ang priority at mas importante sa buhay.

    Sonnet: Tumpak, mare! Kung sawa na ang mga inventors sa robot, pwede namang gumawa ng bagong robot. Just spare humans.

  16. it will come na mga tao naman ang lalagyan nyang microchip. somewhere in europe merong mga businessmen already implanted by these chips so they can do business wherever they are without cards and money on hand.

    it is said on the book of the revelations that there are two places where chips can be implanted in our body. forehead and the back of the hand. this is the mark of the beast. scary? yes and its coming.

    Sonnet: Naku, mark of the beast pala kaya the more that we shouldn’t allow it to happen. I hope our faith in God is stronger than science and technology.

  17. Question sa mga guests ni Aleng Tonette that you may like to explore:

    Kung microchip ang puso ng kambing na sinabi ni Caryn, iibig pa kaya yun? E, ang tao kaya, aawit pa ba ng “May-Pagibig-Pa-Ba”?

    If the answer is yes, bah maganda sa mga Ale na pihikan. Puede na rin akong magpatayo ng made-to-order Husband store hehehe!


    Sonnet: I doubt it, VF. Syempre iba yung real heart di ba? Nakakatakot yong idea to live and move in a microchip dominated world. Cell phone nga lang noon ayoko na, napilitan lang coz it’s a requirement at work. Eto pa kayang microchip sa katawan. Scary.

  18. Ahahahahha! VF, your mind can be so kaloka sometimes.

    PS: Have you forgotten what happened to your HUSBAND STORE? Sows! Na-take over ko na yun ah!

  19. hmmm scary talaga… kinilabutan ako ate..

    nasa bible kasi yun eh..

    i agree kay ifoundme and gmacomics.. its coming na talaga..

    Let’s keep praying..

    Sonnet: You’re right, Lambing. We can only cling to prayers kasi wala na tayo magawa kung talaga destined mangyari ang bagay na ito.

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