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Image I love


I’ve been tagged by brainteaser and gmacomics.

I’m not a photographer but I’m a fan of photography and I admire people who can capture the realness of an event, a facial expression, an occasion with just a click of their cameras. This tag is a celebration of photography and poetry’s marriage and I’m glad I’m part of the gathering.

Here’s the rule:

1. Write a poem or an inspiring line based on a photo of your choice. This photo can be your own, or someone else’s. (If the picture is not yours, please ask permission from the owner when you post it, or better yet, provide only the link to the picture that inspired you, without posting it.)
2. Your poem or inspiring line may be of any length, and any genre. It can be humorous, sentimental, heart-warming, whatever. You may write in Ilokano, English or Filipino.
3. Post your inspiring line in your blog and in the comment section of this page (or just a link to your post so we could go and check it there). For poetry submissions, please indicate if you wish your piece to be posted in Bilingual Pen as an article submission.

4. The goal of this game is to get us to write, and express our thoughts and emotions.

High with Sonnet

It’s a line of truth or lie

A notion of the youth

Who think they speak of love, of life

Yet live the moment with rules

Season, theme, space and time

All these seem relevant

In a fast-paced reality

Even on times that I write lit

Then the sky whispers

An angel is coming

As told in many a song

She’s heaven’s precious gift

In an instant the moment changed

And so did the word and the world

Who’s Shakespeare to call Sonnet a poem?

I wonder who coined it from a song

Sonnet is my cotton candy

My solemn hymn in the night

Prayer answered by my beloved God

My life, my heart, all that I am

I’m now tagging Pelicarol, Lambing, Lenski, Potsquared, Kengkay, Vhincent, and Raft3r.


27 thoughts on “Image I love

  1. ako noong twing maririnig ko ang kantang IKAW. Ganyan ang feeling ko. Kahit na alam ko na ginawa yun kanta hindi para sa isang bata. Pero yun linya. ANG LAHAT NG AKING GALAW ANG SANHI AT IKAW. KULANG ANG MAGPAKAILANGAN PA MAN ANG IBIGIN KO AY IKAW.

    Wala ba ang bebe ko nun, excited na ko, nasa tiyan ko pa lang siya yun na palagi ang gusto kung kanta. Kaya ngaun tuwing kakantahin yun. Sinasabi rin sakin ni anak ko na gusto daw niya yun kanta for me.

    Tapos mga picture perfect pa na kadalasan hindi sinasadya ang mamaganda namin kuha ang nakita ko sa wallet niya. Tinatago ng bagets ko.

    Sarap sarap ng feeling.

  2. Ba’t ganun tet no? ‘Pag yong babies natin na ang iniisip natin parang nothing else in this world matters:) With them, it’s like having heaven on earth:)

  3. Cute ni Sonnet! Sino ang naka-capture ng photo na iyan? A child really makes you feel that you are hooked for life. :p

  4. I did Lenski:) She looks so naughty in that pic hehehe:)

  5. Please put this link sa comment section ng tag, girl, dun sa binigay ko sa iyo na link, para pag may gustong bumasa ng poems mo, mapupunta sila dito. 🙂

    Sonnet: Nandun na po mare:) Thanks for tagging me, I enjoyed rummaging through Sonnet’s file of photos:)

  6. …like mother like daughter ba or like daughter like mother? I’d say, like father…

    Nice poem Madame Antoinette!

    Sonnet: Thank you for the compliment, VF:) She looks more liker her father pero she has more of my traits according to family and friends hehehe:)

  7. oh, am a kengkay not a poet, hahahaha. takot ako sa tag na to

    Sonnet: Kayang-kaya mo ‘yan kengks:) You have a lot of beautiful pictures na pwede mong gamitin:) Kahit short inspirational line lang:) Sige na join ka na:)

  8. Sonnet’s pretty and the poem is marvelous! ang ganda pareho!

    Sonnet: Thank you, thank you ifoundme:)

  9. your lil kid looks so precious on that shot

    Sonnet: She looks so makulit kamo den, hehehe:)

  10. sinu kamukha ni sonnet? 🙂

    waah 2 na utang namin, don’t worry habol kme to post them…

    Sonnet: Vhincent, when she’s not making funny faces, she looks like her dad except for the eyes kasi akin yan hehehe:) Chinito ang Switee ko’y kaya hindi nya pwedeng angkinin ang mata ng Sonnet namin:)

    Dali habol kayo ni jen, pwede pa. ‘Pag dumating si baby Arden you’ll be very busy na:)

  11. Girl, may iiemail ako saiyo. 🙂 Please check.

    Sonnet: Yes mare, I read it already:) Thanks thanks, you’re sooo sweet:)

  12. Galing ng poem ah parang tula lang… mabuhay Mommy Tonet

    Sonnet: Hehehe:) thanks janeski:)

  13. ang cute at pretty ni sonnet!

    Sonnet: Thank you, GMAC:)


    Sonnet: Hehehe:) Kulit ng mukha pot, noh? Mana sa ina:)

  15. ayy eto pala yung tag mo.. ehehehehe, sige paghahanda ko sonnet ha.. hihihi

    Sonnet: Sige sige, abangan ko yan:)

  16. Hito, tinag din kita. Hasan na yung poem mo, girl?

    Mare, tingnanmo yung gawa ni VF. Ahahahaha!

    Naloka ako.

    Sonnet: I read it already, mare:) Ang ganda, love is in the air talaga:) Kilig ka? Uyyy:)

  17. haha. mana ba sa ina? post mo nga din tonette ung pic mo. hahahaha. joke po.

    Sonnet: Naman… kanino pa ba sya magmaman? Hahaha!!! Hindi, I’m proud to say na mas maganda sya sa akin, gmac:)

  18. wow ka cute naman ng baby sonnet !!

    hihihi.. 😉

    hmmm nice poem 😉

    Sonnet: Thank you, Lambing:) Don’t forget to do this tag ha?:)

  19. I love this photo of Sonnet! Your little girl rocks.

    I know how precious she is to you, mare, and how much she inspires you.
    Pa-kiss kay Sonnet, ha? 🙂

    Sonnet: Sure, mare:) I’ll kiss her later for you, matutuwa nanaman yon:) She loves tight hugs and lots of kisses:)

  20. ahihi .. akala ko nakalimutan mo na hehe 😉

    Sonnet: Hehehe:) Lambing ha, balak mo pa akong isahan:)

  21. bukas, lalabas ang aking sagot

    Sonnet: Thank you kengkay:) basahin ko yon:)

  22. makulit parang yun nanay

    Sonnet: Mas makulit sya sa akin den, hehehe:)

  23. Pingback: hanu ba « Kwentong Kengkay

  24. Hayyo!

    Mare, bc? Sayang ala ka sa wordcamp! 😦

    Sonnet: Hello sherma:) Lately, I’ve been very busy kasi daming inaasikaso sa work. Sa next word camp I’m joining you guys:)

  25. greetings from Cali!!!

    Sonnet: Enjoy and keep safe lakwatserong kaibigan ko:)

  26. sweet poem and cute ni sonnet! she already knows how to pose! hehe =)

    waaah a tag! i will do this asap (as soon as pwede hehe. thanks for always remembering us, ms. tonet. 🙂

    Sonnet: Hello carol! You’ve been busy lately ah:) I’m looking forward to your favorite photo and the poem that you’re going to write. Hulaan ko, I think it’s going to be something sweet and romantic. It’s going to be about you and peli hehe:)

  27. Oh, she’s so cute. Motherhood must be so fantastic…..Love your poem

    Sonnet: Thank you, Kat:) Motherhood is heaven on earth:)

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