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LIKE a child who’s set foot on a playground for the first time is how I describe myself at the moment. I’m experiencing a lot of new things and I love the fact that I’m learning something of importance every single day.

All the more do I understand my daughter now because we’re both on the same page. While she’s working on her ABC’s and nursery rhymes, I’m basking in a new work atmosphere. It always feels good to be around people with healthy minds and by that I mean open to new ideas and improvement.

Writing should be fun and fulfilling. Although it also falls under the category of profession, I still perceive it as an exciting activity more than a chore. Love, death, anguish, angst, sun, rain, flowers, trees, cartoons, movies, music, people, gods, gadgets, are just among the many things that trigger one to slump on his computer chair and pound on his keyboard until he finally gets his feelings and thoughts accurately out on that piece of while sheet on the computer monitor through rich text.

In my case, all it takes is contentment and a happy disposition for me to write monumental articles at work. Good thing that I have both now.

9 thoughts on “Playground

  1. congratz mare sa iyong new playground… more power and keep it up…

    nga pala pinatatanong ni ate tet kung paano kung gusto niya mag-order ng VCO.

    Sonnet: Halloo mare:) thank you for the kind words, isa ka sa nag-push sa akin to follow my dream:) please tell tetchie wala pa ang supply, ewan ko ba kung ba’t hindi nagpapakita ang biochemist friend ni papa. I wish hindi sila warla kasi kawawa naman ang VCO life ko.

  2. Oi, batang Tonette, when you step into that ‘playground’, make sure you identify the weed from the grass. You don’t need to do the ‘weeding’ but you may need to share the ‘gardening’.

    Tsaka sabi ni Tatay, Nanay at ako na kuya mong makulit: Huwag kang maglalaro ng posporo at huwag mangurot sa mga kalaro! 😛

    Nah! Si Ate Hito, nagv-VCO din? 🙂

    Sonnet: Ay sinabi mo pa VF. I’m more cautious now kasi I learned from experience. I can read people now like a book hehe:)

  3. Oh, naunahan ako ni VF! Waaaa!

    Hiya, girl. I so missed you. Nanahimik ang blogland nung hindi ka nagpoposte. Kaloka ito. Nagbibisi-bisihan din kasi yung mga iba! 🙂

    Congratulations on your new plaground. Good luck. 😉

    Like hito, wanna ask din how to get my VCO order. Waaaa! Two weeks na akong back sa aking old soap!

    Sonnet: Oh no naubusan ka na rin mare? So sorry ha? kasi naman the supply did not arrive yet. Don’t worry, i’ll tell mama na kulitin na ang biochemist friend nila ni papa:) I terribly missed reading your posts also kasi I’ve really been very busy. I’m adjusting a great deal but I’m having fun. Ang saya saya:)

  4. ei congrats sa new playground!! ang daming busy nga ngayon noh. me hanggang bloghop na lang muna me. hehehe.

    Sonnet: Hello gmac:) Nakakahawa siguro ang pagiging busy hehehe:) I have yet to adjust to my new work environment and process so I seldom write and blog hop these days. I miss your site and the rest as well. Once I’ve settled in, I’ll be really active again in your blogs:)

  5. I’m happy for you, Ms. Sonnet. =)

    Sonnet: Thank you, Carol:)

  6. congratulations sonnet! hope you will be more successful and “playful” in your playground! more power! God Bless!

    Sonnet: I am, indeed, more playful, potsquared hehehe:) I’m enjoying my newly found playground:)

  7. Aba, may bagong post na. Enjoy your new playground. :p

    Sonnet: Thank you b-day girl! Di kita nakita last Tuesday, but I extended my greetings to you through janeski:)

  8. congratulations
    i’m very proud of you
    see you soon, ha

    Sonnet: Thanks den! I’ll see you soon:) Di ako maka-comment sa blog mo kasi blocked ang blogspot dito, I don’t know why. Pwedeng-pwede sana ngayon mag-comment kasi walang masyadong work. Di bale when I get home, patulugin ko maaga si Sonnet para makasilip sa ‘yo. I know I’ve missed a lot on your entrees already.

  9. congratulations! hindi lang pala ako ang busy… ikaw rin pala…

    Sonnet: Good for you, ifoundme:) New work environment kasi so it entails a lot of adjustment.

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