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Music Progression


FRIENDS, I may not be writing about entertainment and music anymore but my heart will always have a big room exclusively occupied by my favorite musicians. Aside from my favorite foreign artists Kenny Lattimore, Lenny Kravitz, The Beachoys, The Beatles, Bon Jovi, The Cure, David Foster, Green Day, Toto, Lee Ritenour, Warren Wiebe, Aerosmith, Babyface, Maroon5, and Vertical Horizon among others, I will never forget the Filipino bands who stole my heart and whose music continues to linger in my system to this day.

There is just too many Filipino bands then and now that I like and love. To mention a few there’s Parokya ni Edgar, Alamid, Afterimage, Bamboo, Eraserheads, Fuseboxx, The Pin-Up Girls, Zavanna, Urbandub, and Put3ska.

Notice that they are a mixture of different genres because that’s the kind of listener I am. I don’t want to be stuck in one music category only and live the rest outside my door. I want to experience all types of music that this universe willingly offers.

I grew up listening to jazz-y ditties courtesy of my father’s records, cassette tapes and later CDs that fall under this genre. It will have to take another lifetime for me to forget George Benson, Gino Vanelli, Al Jarreau, Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker, and Lou Pardini. As I got older, I gradually got intimate glam rock, alternative and progressive rock. As a matter of fact, I was introduced to the latter not so long ago and fell instantly for it. If I’m not mistaken, the first ever progressive rock number I heard was from Pink Floyd.

I see how much respect Progressive Rock artists give their listeners. When they get onto that stage, it’s no longer just about the lyrics of their song or their vocal prowess. They create music that is worth every minute of your listening time. I especially like those bands that give a moment to each instrument in their band and person handling it. Music, after all, should be free to talk. I guess, sometimes musicians and record labels should put aside the business aspect so that music can just flow out sincerely and be enjoyed to the fullest.

If you’re up for a night of Progressive Rock, check out “In Progression 3: Odd Times” slated on Sept. 26 at 9mile Bar in Kalayaan, Cubao. For more details check below.

In Progression 3: ODD TIMES
When : Sept. 26, 2008
Where: 9mile bar (Kalayaan, Cubao)
Ticket: P100.00 w/ free beer

Gate opens 9pm
Band Performers:
Drastic Measure
Nimbus Crowd
Kitchen Sync (From Baguio)
Thought Prison (They were in In Prog2)

Please spread the word! The poster will be posted here as soon as it is done. for now let’s all do text brigades and email, thread, ym etc. advertisements.
Let’s support this event in preparation for a bigger and more exciting event by the end of the year!

-Pinoy Prog Community-

19 thoughts on “Music Progression

  1. me, i love progressive rock!! too bad im out of the country.
    same goes here sonnetshaven. im into mainstream music. hehehe

    Sonnet: Sayang, gmac! Progressive rock bands in our country are not only cool but brilliant. You’ll love them:)

  2. Hey Sonnet! How are you, friend?

    I so love this:

    Music, after all, should be free to talk. I guess, sometimes musicians and record labels should put aside the business aspect so that music can just flow out sincerely and be enjoyed to the fullest.

    Sonnet: Thank you, sherma dear:) Naku, hiya na ako sa’yo. wala pa rin ang VCO supply ko, sorry mare ha? ‘Pag may time kita-kita tayo nila Avi:)

  3. Hi there!

    I hope you can join us again on the 26th @ 9Mile Bar. We are both flattered and thankful for appreciating our music. See you!

    — abby/fuseboxx —

    Sonnet: Hello hello hello Abby! So nice of you to drop by my blog:) I’ll try to make time for that even though I’m no longer a writer for a music mag and newspaper. I’ve shifted to web content writing kasi it’s more encompassing and challenging:) Looking forward to your performance:)

  4. The only band I know from the lineup is Fuseboxx. I need to be updated with these new bands soon =)

    Sonnet Thought Prison is another favorite, Carol:) I especially like their violinist, ang galing:)

  5. my bro’s a dummer and his band just launched their album last sunday in a bar in malate — galing talaga ng pinoys basta music. sayang naman itong aking promo dahil di ko man lang alam kung anong pangalan nung band at kung anong title nung album, hayyy 😀

    Sonnet: Hindi pa huli kengks:) You can ask him then let me know so we could spread the word:)

  6. oo nga. i must say ang pangit ng sistema sa industriya ng musika sa pinas eh. sorry but its true. imo lang. i just hope these guys gets the attention than those trying hard singer and bands. 😉

    Sonnet: I can’t agree with you more, gmac. Pera-pera kasi ang laro sa music industry dito. So sad but true.

  7. Oh, I’m too lost in the world of Kpop and progressive rock is a new term to me. And I’m quite interested, thanks for sharing.

    Sonnet: You’ll love prog rock, Kat:) Thanks for the link:)

  8. Courtesy call Aleng Tonette. Musta na ang hubby at si Sonnet?

    Ang gusto kong mapanood ay si FPJ na kumakanta ng Usahay!


    Sonnet: Ano daw?:) VF, you always surprise me with a lot of new terms. Related ba kay Ungga Ayala yan? Hehehe:) Anyways, my Sonnet and Johnson are both good:)

  9. you 4got to mention my wife, Janet
    tampo na ko sayo nyan

    i’m back!!!!

    Sonnet: Ahh…isa pa, ahhh…sige na nga friends naman tayo eh hehehe:) Kidding, of course I like your wife especially in 7th grade. But I grew up na eh. Joke, joke, joke! For the record, I like JJ, too:)

    You’re back in the Phils?:) Wow! Kita-kits na:)

  10. Aha, I like it si vous me comprenez pas 🙂

    “Usahay” is a Visayan love song (i guess). Si Hito nga ba ang Waray? Tanungin natin. I like the song kung mestisong bangus na ilokano na kagaya ni FPJ ang aawit. 😛

    Anyway, can you also write about Pinoy choirs and philharmonic orchestras? We usually have choir groups here promoting our culture. Latest group na pumunta ay UP Singing Ambassadors pero hindi ako naka-attend dahil walang makuhang escort! 🙂

  11. I love the new look!

    Bat di kayo nagba-blog lately? huhuhuhu

  12. Thanks brainteaser! Naku, super busy kasi ako lately. I’m currently working on another blog which is work-related. I’m being trained on link building and blogging happens to be part of it kaya my boss came up with a blog for each of us writers. Parang kailan lang, I blog for fun. Now, I’m doing it for work hehehe:) Di pa nga na-set up ng maayos ang isa kong blog.

  13. Hi VF:) Sige, when I have time I’ll give in to your request hehehe:) Tutal choir member ako back in college but I was never a soprano. Alto ako eh, kulang sa tinis ang boses hehe:)

  14. paramdam ka naman dyan!!!

  15. Raft3r, sorry sorry talaga ha? As I’ve told the others, I’m in a new work environment so I’m learning the ropes pa lang. Don’t worry, give me a month I’ll be back to normal. Isa pa, our boss made us come up with a blog that’s work related so I’m working double time in setting up that other blog. Hindi na nga ako maka-blog hop masyado. Pero in fairness ha, I visit all the blogs in my blogroll kahit hindi ako nagko-comment kasi I was tasked to teach my younger colleagues how to set up a blog, and which approach to take in writing. So far, yours is one of their favorites hehe:)

  16. sali ka sa contest ko!

  17. HI ate sonneth.. miss you na!! 😉

    Sonnet: Hello Lambing! Miss na din kita tsaka ang pagbabasa ng blog mo. Dami pa akong
    gawa eh, but I’ll be done soon:)

  18. hey sonnet, what’s up? busy pa rin?

    Sonnet: Hi Kengks! Yup, still on busy mode pero I’m almost done. Nga pala, I used your blog as specimen A dito sa office ha? Kasi my boss instructed me to help my younger colleagues set up a blog for link building. Kailangan sa work namin since SEO ang nature ng work namin. Yung blog mo may theme so madaling ma-explain sa kanila. So if you find strangers visiting your sight, asahan mo sa akin sila galing hehehe:)

  19. Aghh!! i wish i’m in manila to have the luxury of hearing music such as you mentioned. hanggang internet at tv na lang talaga namin naririnig lahat.

    Sonnet: I missed the show myself, sayang nga eh.

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