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Still blogging, peeps!


SEE what working in a US-operated company has done to me? I can’t imagine I’m calling you guys “peeps”. Here I am taking a short break to express how much I miss blogging for fun since I’ve been trained to take blogging as a serious task, a very serious one.

I learned it’s not a simple diary online, especially when writing purportedly promotes the products, company and services of a set of clients. Gone are the days when I would look at the keyboard as a joystick and pound on it relentlessly until I’ve released all the words that depict the feeling or mood I have at a given moment.

All these months, I’ve been a constant visitor of different blogs that I’ve developed an addiction to each blog. I like digesting each word on a blogger’s post, and how I delight at the vivid photos incorporated into it.

As I start my other blog to talk freely about cars, interior design, art galleries, even escort service among others, I hold the line “blogging is a powerful sword” from brainteaser’s review of the first-ever Wordcamp Philippines, in high regard.

Apart from giving birth to a new form of journalism, blogging has also turned out to be a perfect tool for advertising. It can boost or bring down the reputation and business of others.

31 thoughts on “Still blogging, peeps!

  1. Oi Peep, sa yo ba yung PayPer Biz na nakalink dito? How about ‘cars-interiordesign’ etc?

    Bah, sayang, walang link dun sa escort-service. Wala si BT and I need an escort hehehe!

    Musta na po?

    (Looks like Hito & Avi are still sleeping!)

    Sonnet: Hey peep! Hehehe:) Yup yup, payper biz is my work-related blog. The links of cars, interior design and art galleries are that of our clients’. Di ko nilagay ang sa escort service kasi wala pang maganda sa kanila, baka ma-insulto lang si BT. Saka na lang hehe:)

  2. oi sonnetshaven, escort service ba kamo> anu yan legit? hahahahaha.

    anyways, re ur entry. ako din this past few months nabaon ako ng maraming gawain in and out of work. ngayon naman merong guitar workshop sa amin. haaayy. walang katapusan plus puro medical symposiums. kaya in fairness naman sa mga blog peeps which you referred as, bloghopping na lang muna me. hehehe.

    Sonnet: Oo naman, gmac:) Nagulat din ako at first then I found out if you’re a tourist in Canada, they offer it to you just like they would a hotel accommodation or airport transfer. Let me know if you like one hehe:)

  3. wow
    you’re back
    pang intl ka na talaga
    dati japan, ngayon us
    what’s next?

    Sonnet: Hi denoy! Biglang jump ship hehehe:) You might have friends in the US who might need or want our clients’ services, just let me know owkee?:) I miss you, see you soon:)

  4. Oi pimp! Loko-loko ka talaga. Ba’t meron nang laman yung link hehehe!

    Naaa, hindi yan a ng hanap ko, loko ka. Someone I can bring in a concert in a tuxedo. Mamaya, may magsabi pa sa akin na hindi lang used property, over-used pa hahahaha!

    whew, natakam tuloy ako! 🙂

    Sonnet: Overused! What a term, hahaha!!! Kidding aside, having an escort service is legal daw talaga in Canada. Most of the girls, I think, are Thai. At least hindi pinay:)

  5. hey sonnet! pareho pla tayo nawala sa eksena! 😉 wer back slightly, had a freelance job din kse kya hinde din ako maka-pag blog-hop. will try to visit your job-blog, interested ako sa escort service! hehe

    have posted some pics in our blog. C yah!

    Sonnet: Hi vhincent! Sige, check out my other blog and let me know what you think.

    Let me congratulate you and Jen again, friend:) Who does baby Arden look like? I’ll check out her pix:)

  6. PS Ateng. (off topic)

    Puntahan mo yung latest comment ko kay BT re: OFW. Pag may time ka, can you also write about the topic, Flipina stereotyping? Yun kung type mo lang…

    Sonnet: Owkee VF, I’ll check it out:) One of these days I’ll write about Filipina stereotyping. That’s a nice concept for my payperbiz blog:)

  7. yeah, blogging is such a powerful tool
    kaya dapat lang itong pagkakitaan

    Sonnet: Sinabi mo pa, raft3r:)

  8. haller mare! naks big time busy ang mare kong story machine. as in different stories ang pino-produce. yes i agree, na powerful ever ang blog especially kung cool, quality and good writer ang sumusulat like you.

    i miss your “tse” sobrang ginagamit ko na siya everyday.. hahaha.
    oh so chris kinasal na nga pala last oct. 11.

    Sonnet: Hi Janeski! Thanks for the kind words. Friend talaga kita, galing mo mambola hahaha!!! Please extend my congratulations to Chris. Hope nasa mabuti ka naman at tsaka ang ibang girlalush dyan, I miss you guys:) End of the month I’m going there, see you:)

  9. i think of blogging as having my own magazine without any editors 😉 hehehe

    Sonnet: Isn’t that just the best?:)

  10. dalaw lang.

    Sonnet: Salamat sa pagdalaw, den hehe:)

  11. nahawa ka na sa mga super bagets na kasama mo diyan ah! hehe

    Sonnet: Actually our writers don’t speak like that mare, pero pag may naririnig akong mga agents nakakahawa ang kanilang twang hehehe:)

  12. we miss reading your updates, ms. tonet. 🙂

    Sonnet: Hi Carol! How’s it going with you and Peli? I miss your blog just the same pero from time to time I take a peek:) My hands are currently but I’m adjusting really fast in my new work:)

  13. hey, i saw you’re comment on my brother’s blog.. thinking-out-loud..

    i was thinking maybe we could exchange links? 🙂

    Sonnet: Sure father and son, that would be nice:) Oh, the law graduate’s your brother? He’s been very helpful these past days. I’ve been pestering him with BIR related questions and he’s effectively shed light on it.

  14. well, he’s not a graduate yet. 🙂

    linked you up as ‘Life’ since i saw you used that anchor text..

    yung sakin kung pwede “father and son” .. 🙂


    Sonnet: Thanks for linking me, but can you use Sonnetshaven instead? Let’s share the traffic.

  15. Hello sistah! Musta ka na?

    Lemme know pag punta ka kina Avi at Janeski. Baka pwede me sumabit. Hehehehe. 🙂

    Sonnet: Hello mare! Eto naka-adjust na ng konti sa new work, konti pa lang hehe:) I’ve already put up my other blog, the work-related one. If you have time, please go to and let me know if it’s good enough to promote our clients’ sites:)

    I’m going to Janeski’s office at the end of the month, silip lang ako sa girls. If you’re free punta ka rin ha? See you then:)

  16. mare namiss kita! hehe

    Sonnet: Hello mareng dhangski:) Same here:)

  17. hi, thanks for passing my sa aking blog kahit na busy ka. ibang klase talaga ang blogging kasi you discover people and became friends with them kahit na hindi pa kayo sempre, nagkakaaway away din kahit na hindi nila tunay na kakilala 😦

    Sonnet: Don’t mention it kengks:) I hope you’re feeling a bit okay now. Your family is always in my prayers.

  18. …went to that PPB blogmo. Kakahiya dun, lahat true, walang makontra! 🙂

    Sonnet: You’ve been to my other blog, VF? Di ko man lang naramdaman hehehe:) For our clients kasi kaya pormal-pormalan dun hehehe:)

  19. ano na?
    visit my blog
    may good news na nag-aantay don para sayo!

    Sonnet: Parang alam ko na hehehe:) When are we going to meet up?:)

  20. Hiya sistah! What’s up na?

    Ingat ka, baka masyado kang yumaman sa ginagawa mo. Work, work work! Huuuuuu!

    Sonnet: Hi mare! Naku, I’m loaded with work. If I have to blog naman, I allot it to my Payperbiz since this is regularly checked by our boss. Hope you’re good mare:)

  21. busy pa rin? have fun!

    Sonnet: Kinda kengks, loaded hehe:) Take care

  22. sipag naman ni sonnet.. balik ka na!

    Sonnet: Hi Pot! Know anything about cars or video production? Maybe you can drop by my Payperbiz to shed some light:)

  23. Wazzup, sistah? Missing you na. Waaaaaaaa!

    Sonnet: Same here mare, seems I’ve abandoned sonnetshaven already. Dami lang talaga gawa. Visit me at Payperbiz if you have time mare, owkee? Take care now:)

  24. hala
    nasan ka na!

    Sonnet: Di mo ako nakilala as Payperbiz? Hehehe:) When are we meeting up? Lapit na thanksgiving ah, walang pasok:)

  25. hey sonnet how are you?! mukha gabundok work mo parang kme paguwi sa bahay 🙂 hehe

    Anyway just dropping by to say hello!

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  27. meri krismas!

    Sonnet: Hi Kengks! Merry Christmas:)

  28. meri xmas na din!

    Sonnet: Hello jen and vhincent:) Merry Christmas, guys:) I know you received your best present this year called baby Arden:)

  29. Hey Mare! Merry Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Enjoy the holidays. 😉


    Sonnet: Miss you BT!!! Belated Merry X-mas and Happy New year!

  30. hi po! i add your link to my blogroll kung ok lang! thanks!! happy new year!!

    Sonnet: Hello Cindyrella, happy new year!

  31. happy 2009!!!!
    mag blog ka na uli dito!!!

    Sonnet: Happy new year, Denoy!

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