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Pathetic interior designer


Thank God, my load today is lighter than most days. Unfortunately, I’m blogging with a heavy heart.

I hardly encounter rude people on the net but this morning, I just stumbled on one. She’s an interior designer in Hollywood by the name of Tobi Tobin. From the looks of it, she chanced upon my Payperbiz blog yesterday and didn’t like my post on Randolph Duke, a Hollywood fashion designer whose beautiful creations are much appreciated by world-renowned entertainment figures like Angelina Jolie, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, and the like. Moving on, I wrote about Duke’s New York abode which was recently featured in a TV show about interior design.

In my post, I mentioned Duke collaborated with Tobin in designing his tropical-inspired beach house. After writing, I googled some pics of Duke’s home to accompany my write up.

Alas! Upon checking Payperbiz this morning, I received a threat from Tobin. She wrote:

“To whom it may concern,
Please take down this Randolph Duke editorial on your website….You do not have my permission to use these photographs from my website. I will pursue with legal if it is not down today. 1/ 7/09. One of the phtoographs you have used for your website was not designed by Randolph Duke it was designed by Tobi Tobin Design.”

Did she sound insecure or what? Had she only read my entire post, she’ll realize I never wrote that those pictures were designed by Duke. I also did not give all the credit to Duke for her to sound so mad. Besides, I don’t think I’m guilty of copyright infringement because those photos I used didn’t even have her signature on them to begin with; I just found them on the Google page. I wasn’t even aware her site existed.

I removed the pictures anyway along with her name. I don’t know this designer to begin with. It’s only Duke who’s popularity I can’t ignore since he’s been in Hollywood for decades and he never fails to create to die for gowns.

18 thoughts on “Pathetic interior designer

  1. Unang post mo for the year, highblood ka. hehe
    It’s good that you just removed those photos.

  2. i second the motion… happy new year mare!

    ganyan talaga ang mga chinilin na yan… kapag masyado mong ninamnam…leveling yan para… siempre angat tayo… we know our job

  3. Happy New 2009, Mareng Hoshi! Kamusta? Nakakalusot na ako ng konti ngayon. Ever heard of or I learned the sites you visit won’t be traced here pala. I occasionally use these sites para makasilip minsan dito at sa friendster. Take care now:)

  4. Hello Lenski:) I just had to let it out. I’m ok now. According to my boss, style daw yan ng mga “artists kuno” para bayaran sila. Had I insisted on keeping the photos, pwede nya ako pagkakitaan. Hope everything’s well with you:)

  5. Baka gaya niyan ni HF, allergic sa Pinoy.

    Happy new year Tonette.

  6. Hi VF, happy 2009! Who’s HF? Malas nya if he hates us. He can’t say he’s lived his life until he’s met a genuine Pinoy.

  7. ay grabe. baka di marunong magbasa. hehehe. 😀 nakakaawa na lang, sayang dahil dagdag

  8. oops na-enter ko 😀 hehe. dagdag publicity pa naman sa kanya yun. anyway, sana mabawi itong bad vibes mo ng isang malupit na kasiyahan sa susunod na mga araw. parang horoscope lang. hehehe! 😀

    Sonnet: Hello Carol! How’s Pelicarol, the sweetest couple in the blogosphere?:) Salamat sa iyong reading sa aking future ha? Hehehe:) So far, it’s happening naman. Nauna lang siguro ang maliit na annoyance na ito hehe:)

  9. ngayon ko pa lang nalaman yan mare! pero thanks sa tip.. magagamit ko yan..

    Sonnet: Oo mare, maganda yung sites na yan especially nowadays na marami ng usisero sa Internet. May privacy ka dyan:)

  10. wow
    at may kagalit na agad

    tama nga si len
    may bago kang post

    btw, dalaw ka sa the deadbeat club
    one year old na sya

  11. Hello raft3r:) Di na ako galit, one day lang yon hehe:) Wait, punta ako syo now na:)

  12. Hello, mare! Na-miss ko ang katarayan ng blog mo! 😀

    Hayaan mo na yang Tobi Tobin na yan. In the first place, mukhang fake naman ang name nya.

    Sonnet: Hi Vi! How are you? Sino nga ba yang sinulat ko? I forgot all about her already hahaha!!! Oi, we have to meet up. Meron kang hindi sinabi sa akin hmmm….

  13. awayin ko sya para sayo, gusto mo
    upakan ko yan

    Hello Den! ‘Wag na, sayang lang effort mo dyan. We’re not even sure kung tao, baka computer generated lang coz we don’t even know the face of this person hehehe:) Hope all’s well with you:)

  14. Okrayan sa first post of the year after several months! hehe

    Hope your ok now at wala na yang kachurvahan tobi na yan.

    Kung Hei Fat Choi!

    namiss ko magbasa dito ah…

    Sonnet: Kamustasa to the proud parents of baby Arden! How’s she? Di na ako nakakadalaw sa blog nyo, blame it on work. One of these days I will and I’ll probably have the longest comment for every post you have there hehehe:)

  15. Happy Valentine’s Day! mare!

    Sonnet: Hi Janeski! How was your day of hearts? Hope it was in full bloom:)

  16. hmmm now lang ako napasyal ate sonnet.. na miss kita… hmmm marunong ka din palang magalit hehehe..

    yaan mo na yun mga feeling na yan.. smile ka nalang 😉

    at mwwahh 😉

  17. Have a Blessed Holy Week, Sonnet!!
    That all in things God may be glorified.

  18. sister! musta ka na?

    been so loooooooooooong since our last chat. I hope you are doing great?

    di na ako magko-comment. tagal na ng post na to eh! i’m sure hupa na ang hb mo! hehe


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