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Plurk like you would Tweet


How many of you are busy tweeting? Did you know there are many other sites similar to it? One of them is Dialogues are ongoing but instead of scrolling downwards, you have to move through your monitor horizontally.

Like an online diary, Plurk allows you to link your favorite websites, photos and YouTube videos! I recently posted links of a cleaning service in Az and NY Asian escort.

If you’re exploring Plurk, just holler Payperbiz!

10 thoughts on “Plurk like you would Tweet

  1. I don’t have any of those. hehe
    A lot of social networking sites are sprouting in the Internet that I can’t keep up. nyahahaha

  2. And how are you?
    Miss na kita. :p

  3. aba
    di ko trip ang tweeter at plurk
    bakit kaya?

  4. It’s fun, Lenski:) I like it both for work and personal use:) I’m super fine and still in euphoria. Still feeling like a newbie in my job, everyday is exciting:) Take care always

  5. Raft3r my dear, you said the same thing about Facebook before but now you’re more addicted to it than I am hahaha!!!

  6. nyahaha
    di naman masyado
    pang promote lang ng blog ang fb

  7. sige ita-try ko ito mare pag nagkatym na me! kailangan na sa biz hehehe


  8. I was a plurker before a tweeter, and really I like plurk more because of the message threading.

  9. hello janeski a.k.a. Hitokirihoshi:) Try more mare, maganda sya and very user-friendly

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