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It’s so wrong to be Jamby and Willie


Good thing I don’t use my first name “Mary”, otherwise I won’t have the guts to castigate Jamby Madrigal and Willie Revillame as our names share the same last syllable.

Stumbled on a blog yesterday about Jamby Madrigal deliberately and shamelessly using the late Pres. Cory Aquino’s memorial service as an avenue for her campaign. Imagine, she had somebody distribute yellow beaded bracelets with her face on it, yuck!!!
jamby madrigal

Now Jamby, don’t start and say this is not your idea. Nobody in his right mind would go out of his way to distribute those yellow bracelets with your scheming face. Excuse me! There’s nothing about you that will make us want you for President. Excuse me again!

Ikaw naman Willie, what were you thinking throwing a fit like that in your show because of a video clipping of the late president? It’s not everyday that a video clip is inserted in your show. Did you forget ABS-CBN owes Mrs. Aquino big time? If not for her, you wouldn’t be basking in the popularity of your noontime show.

What is wrong with the both of you? It appears your mundane activities have devoured your conscience. Poor creatures, you’re so pathetic.

12 thoughts on “It’s so wrong to be Jamby and Willie

  1. Jamby lost a lot of votes when she did that. Trapo siya. In the case of Willie, he has the good intention but he failed to express it in the right manner.

    Sonnetshaven: Hi Lenski:) Their eyes say a lot about their motives. Even before they did what they did, I always saw them as self-centered creatures.

  2. wahhh relax mare! pero tama ka mali sila.

    hayyy respeto man lang dun sa namatay at namatayan. and i think boomerang naman yan. yung pR nila na-lost

    Sonnetshaven: Hello Hoshi! Alamo mo janeski, kung mabuti kang tao I don’t think you would need a PR to boost your image. Kusang lalapit sa yo ang mga tao. Kaso itong dalawa kakaiba lang talaga.

  3. hehehe…i second denominationzzzz….

    uo yaan mo yang mga yan, mga tampalasan yan eh…

  4. Hello Precious, thank you for dropping by my Sonnet’s haven:) tama ang sinabi mo. Tampalasan talaga to the max ang dalawang yan.

  5. hmmmm….bilib na sana ako before kay jamby when she depicted herself to be a “philanthropist” daw but when she ran for senate, i turned sour on her. she could do the nation “more” good if she keeps her mouth shut or think before she acts.

  6. hello ifoundme! You know what? A person who tries to paint a beautiful picture of herself is up for something really bad. This is exactly what Jamby and Willie are doing. Mapagkawangga kuno.

  7. naaawa ako sa kanila… kasi balang araw.. babalik sa kanila ang mga ginawa nilang kalokohan… ayyy hindi na pala ako naaawa…

  8. Ako Pot, never talaga naawa sa kanila, hmp! By the way, Willie took a leave from work, baka dahil sa kahihiyan.

  9. Hiya there, Sonnet! How are you?

    Wow, I am so happy to see you’re blogging again. I was also inactive for months.

    Missed you. 🙂

    Asan na yung mga VCO?

  10. hehe
    hindi na sya siguro endorse ni juday sa susunod na halalan nyan

  11. Hello BT! Wala na ang supplier ko ng VCO eh, nakakainis nga. Business had to stop. I was planning to sell online pa naman hehe:) Hope you’re doing fine, girl. I miss blogging here but I have no choice, got to concentrate on payperbiz.

  12. Ay raft3r, thick face talaga ang babaeng yan. She does not deserve Juday’s endorsement at all. Kung ako sya tinda na lang sya ng beaded bracelets, I’m sure her business will boom in no time:)

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