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Why not Bongbong Marcos?


SO what if former first lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos is urging her son, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. a.k.a. Bongbong, to run for higher office?

Since Bongbong served Ilocos as its governor from 1998 to 2007, there was not a time he was ill spoken of so it just goes to show he served his father’s province well. He had practically turned the humble province into a tourist destination the entire country must be proud of this deed. I guess it was his goal to pursue the late Pres. Marcos’ ideals. According to my in-laws in Isabela, their province could’ve been the seat of Philippine Disneyland which was was one of the late Marcos’ many plans when he was still in power.

Rumor mill has it that Bongbong is running in the senatorial race next year though the latter hasn’t affirmed nor denied anything. Personally, I would love to see him run for president. Just because his father was accused of corruption (now, who isn’t corrupt in the government?), human rights violations, and tons of other allegations, it doesn’t mean Bongbong should stop pursuing what is ideal for the country. Besides, he is one leader who barely talks but gets a lot of work done.

So, why not Bongbong?

11 thoughts on “Why not Bongbong Marcos?

  1. That I want to see too! Sana one of the Marcos siblings will run. Iba ang magulang sa mga anak and I think the Marcos siblings are capable of doing good jobs naman as officials of this country. Sana they will really think about running again for a national office in this coming election.

  2. We share the same dream, ifoundme:) I hope it realizes soon

  3. I don’t think he will win if he runs for presidency. His surname will always remind the Filipinos of a dark past. Kumbaga, may dala siyang stigma.

  4. bakit nga naman hindi?
    kung si wowowee nga gusto, eh

    magkita naman tayo!

  5. Hi raft3r:) May point ka. Kung mga walang utak pwedeng tumakbo, yon pa kayang henyo:) We’re moving to a new place, Ondoy hit us big time in Cainta. Once we’re settled kita-kits tayo ng JASMS folks:)

  6. Hi Len! Perhaps, that’s true. But more Filipinos are more intelligent nowadays. They know and can see that he’s not the chip off the old block.

  7. hi mare! hmmm no comment na lang ako sa isyu na yan. i wanna know him more bukod sa nagagwapuhan ako sa kanya especially nung kabataan niya. hehehe

    pero mas curious ata ako where na si aimee, yung bunso?

  8. last time Aimee came out on 24 Oras, a year or 2 ago, may band sya Hito di ba?

  9. why not nga ba? hmm maybe he is much different from his father.. if he makes it to the senatorial race… let’s see if his not the traditional trapo…

    musta po?

  10. Hoping that you’ll come back here, Happy New Year to you and your family, Fren.

  11. I love to see Ferdinand Marcos Jr to be a President of the Philippines in the Future

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