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Modern Bonnie and Clyde


If not every week, every month I chance upon on the news a live in or married couple ripping taxi drivers or unsuspecting individuals walking the dangerous streets of Manila off their money, and other precious valuables.  Once caught by the police authorities, each has a not so convincing excuse for doing such hateful crime.   

One time a foursome even victimized jeepney passengers in their robbery escapade that was caught by a CCTV in Manila. Bet they got tired of the usual double dates in high-end restaurants and guaranteed seats only movie theaters so they thought it would be fun to rob innocent people off their money.

These partners in crime roaming the streets of Manila, Quezon City and other big places in Luzon remind me of the 1967 flick, Bonnie and Clyde, except that they’re not as handsome and as pretty as Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway who starred in the said movie. Aside from their faces, what pisses me off all the more is when these criminals mention family members (especially their children!) in need of medication, food and whatnot, just to vindicate themselves.

 Like carnappers, I believe that there is somebody behind this new modus operandi, too, otherwise these men and women wouldn’t have had the courage to involve themselves in dreadful life-changing crimes unless they underwent serious training to succeed on this field. 

Being caught by the police, however, just goes to show that they are no experts, and their greedy minds simply triggered them to do what they did.

2 thoughts on “Modern Bonnie and Clyde

  1. The crime rate in the country is really alarming. Aside from corruption, the government should also work on the security of its people.

  2. Len, beware of well dressed and comely men. They can be either carnappers or holdapers.

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