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Vocabulary Ignorance


Some guy online earned my ire this afternoon when he insisted that my usage of “cum” in a particular sentence was a fatal error.  According to the dope, this term is used in relation to the male orgasm.  I  rebutted that writers and  journalists use it as preposition, a substitute for with, together or as.  His vocabulary ignorance further triggered him to say that he cannot remember an instance in Australia when they used cum as a preposition.

To make me appear brainless the annoying Aussie even said and I quote, “I am a fully qualified journalist for one of the biggest newspapers in Melbourne Australia. Thank you very much.”  To end the conversation, I told him there’s no harm in doing some research.

Back in Journalism class, we were told that a reporter should possess a child’s curiosity.   I’m just  wondering why today’s young journalists act as though they are walking encyclopedias.  Guess they haven’t heard about vocabulary evolution yet.

Still, cum is an age-old preposition used by yesterday’s great journalists.  Period.


3 thoughts on “Vocabulary Ignorance

  1. I’m with you here.
    It’s really irritating every time someone flaunts his language prowess as if it’s a religion and he’s the head.

    Even language experts have disagreements on words and grammar.

  2. Len, what used to be taboo before is now acceptable. They should know that, don’t they claim to be geniuses? thanks for always sharing your thoughts, Lenski:)

  3. period!! ngayon ay creative na ang word usage — tulad ko, buyoy na nga mag inglis pero pwede pa rin. pwede lang ha, hindi na pang profi 😀 musta na?

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