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Earthquake Series and Why?

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News of an angry tsunami and earthquake hitting Japan on Friday shocked me.   I was on the elevator when I heard two women talking about it.  Aside from the three of us, there was also one of the building securities who interrupted in their conversation to tell them not to run and just stay in their places when there is an earthquake.

The conversation of the women still lingered in my head even after I have left the building premises, and was in transit already.  It just scares me, the thought of an earthquake attack, as it’s barely a month since the earthquake in New Zealand, and now it’s Japan’s turn.

While on the road, I received a phone call from Mama and though I did not understand what she said because of the weak signal, her voice told me it was something serious.  Upon arriving home, I sent a text message to her to ask what the call was about.  So she did call once again and told me to stock the pantry with canned goods because we’ll never know what could happen, like we might lose electricity or a  storm might be in the offing. I  know Mama, she’s just scared I would panic if she mentions earthquake that  is why she didn’t say a word about it.  So, I went  ahead  and brought up the subject.

While earthquakes,volcanic eruptions and  tsunamis are life threatening, an article published in the New York Times has somehow made me understand why these forces of nature are made to be.  According to the article, these natural disasters are known as plate tectonics which happen naturally on Earth to improve it, as ours is the only habitable planet in the solar system.

It also says in  the  article that the huge waves of  a tsunami distribute helpful sediments from the bodies of river to the land and, thus, resulting in a more fertile soil that can yield healthy crops, mountains and jungles.  Earthquakes have been part and parcel of geology since time immemorial.

These  things are discussed in Science class but maybe I was not  paying attention to my teacher when it was taught to us.  Anyhow relearning these facts is really advantageous, and this time I ought to keep them in my head.

Guess if Earth was a woman, an earthquake would be her rejuvenating cream.

What should we do then?  Love Her and preserve our natural resources.

Technology can evolve but it can never be God.

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