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Sonnet’s Period of Adjustment

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Sonnet: Mama, I miss my old school

Me: Why? It’s been three months, don’t you like your new school?

Sonnet: Kids there are less naughty than the ones in my school now.

Me: Who do you miss most?

Sonnet: All of them.

She’s only five but this conversation made me realize that my daughter is old enough to make choices and this reality tinged me with guilt.

I plucked Sonnet out of her old school that limits per classroom to five or 10 students because I felt that she has limited choices in that school.  In her new school, she gets to interact with 19 kids in the classroom and I think this would be healthier for her since she is the only child in our family.

Sonnet’s enthusiasm for learning continued in her new school where she was accelerated to Grade I.  I told the principal that my baby is only five and she’s supposed to be in Kinder II but the head of the school explained to me that my little girl aced the assessment test so she’s joining the Grade I class.

Although proud of my Sonnet’s accomplishment, I was fearful that she might not be able to get along with the older kids.  But she got along fine with everybody.

That was what I had in mind until she initiated the above conversation. It dawned on me that my daughter’s mind is starting to work independently and that I should respect her feelings and opinions.

Though definitely far from being a grown-up, Sonnet is currently sifting all the pieces of information in her life and starting to make preferences. All I can do is support her in this process.



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