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Plants vs. Zombies

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My enthusiasm for video games ended with Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. and that was about…like I would say the year.

Still, I cannot get those electronic games out of my system since my husband is a game master while our daughter is his only student.  Once they get tired playing their iPad games or when the battery of this device dries up, they move to the desktop as hubby has converted our Windows to Mac so everything on the iPad they can access via desktop.

I remember vividly that it was 2010 when my daughter got addicted to the game, Plants vs. Zombies. My husband, on the other hand, has managed to reach the end of the game at a time other people were still figuring out how to go past the first wave of zombies.  And my mother, she too jumped on the bandwagon. Everybody was in it except me because I don’t see how playing it would satisfy me.

Then I woke up one day a few weeks back and just felt differently about the game. My Sonnet was playing it and I found it very unusual for me to sit beside her and just watch. I would even cheer every time she succeeded in slaying a zombie; especially if it’s Football Zombie or the one on catapult.

I looked back on the past days, weeks, months in hopes of finding a clue that led to this change. Then came the realization that the reason of my sudden interest in Plants vs. Zombie could’ve stemmed from my macrobiotic diet.  Perhaps, I subconsciously see the plants as my good bacteria and the zombies as the culprit of all kinds of diseases.

It’s not only me who’s happy with this change, though.  Sonnet just loves to have me as her No. 1 fan.

There’s a zombie on your lawn!

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