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It’s a Family Thing

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One of the most celebrated occasions in our family is somebody’s birthday.  Yesterday was Jon’s so we left him to decide on the activities for  the day, including where and what to eat.

Since going macrobiotic two months ago, I have not been to a single restaurant for fear that I might ingest something that may look edible but is actually lethal to my health.  Call it dinerphobia, restophobia or whatever word or phrase you deem appropriate to use for such feeling.

Yesterday, however, was different.  It’s my husband celebrating his birthday and I didn’t have the heart to disappoint him so when we left the house I was ready for whatever gastronomic experience that awaited me.  On the road I was expecting he’d take us all to a Chinese restaurant that served everything heavy in monosodium glutamate, which is a staple in most people’s kitchen but ours.  I thought this because Jon loves noodles and so does our daughter.

Surprisingly, he did not take us there.  He brought us to a place called Gotti’s Ristorante that serves Italian food made only from the most natural ingredients.  How did I know they only make use of organic stuff?  I might have said earlier that I was prepared to take anything and that I had no say or whatsoever because it’s Jon’s birthday.  Still, once we were all seated at the restaurant I couldn’t help but ask the staff waiting on us what they use to prepare everything in the menu.

Even though she told me that they only make use of organic ingredients, I remained suspicious.  What was I thinking?  Of course, they won’t tell me the truth, lest they ruin their business.  After a quick look at the menu, I told Jon to take charge because it’s his birthday, right? The truth is, I wanted him to be completely in charge because I didn’t want to bear the guilt should my eczema break out again.

However, when the food arrived I felt embarrassed because everything was, indeed, organic including my little Sonnet’s beverage that’s made from fresh strawberries picked off the shrub. It’s not a very big place so you can actually hear the mixer in the kitchen.  It’s unlike most restaurants where the food just comes straight out of the freezer and tossed in the microwave or pan to heat for a  while. 

I ate peacefully and especially liked the Mushroom Bruschetta which we had for appetizer and the Joe Minestrone, a traditional Italian vegetable soup. I also loved the pizza that was teemed with fresh basil.  My parents tried the Grilled Chicken Pesto which was really tempting but I preferred to stay away from it.

All in all, Jon’s birthday lunch was perfect.  I asked him last night if he was satisfied and he said very much. However, when I served papaya celery smoothie this morning as breakfast prelude,  he sang a different tune. Oh well, I understand that he can’t go Macrobiotic all the way.

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