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Fruit and Veggie Overdose is still Good

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Before starting the day’s work, I would normally read a book but today I opted for an online article from Yahoo  titled “21 Mistakes Healthy People Make.”

The said article focuses on 21 activities that appear good and healthy but in reality, too much of these can put one’s health on the line. I’ve listed some of them below.

1. Too Much Exercise, Less Sleep – According to the Yahoo article, there’s no point getting up too early in the morning to hit the gym if you’ve had less than seven hours of sleep.  Doing this often can lead to an array of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and depression among many others.

2. Supplements Galore – The article cited a 2011 study that revealed 40,000 women who took dietary supplements have higher risk of dying before their time.  It is not advisable to take multiple health supplements so slow down on those pills.

3. Preventive Tests – Many long term care (LTC) articles suggest people to undergo certain medical tests to find out what they are at risk of acquiring or developing health-wise.  Unfortunately going through all the tests will overexpose you to radiation which can damage your health a great deal.  One has to consult his physician first.

4. Antibiotics Abuse – Taking too much antibiotics kills all the good bacteria in the body.  I myself  don’t trust antibiotics because these hinder people’s growth, too.

5. Postponing Medical Care – Do not ignore that pain in your tummy or you might end up with pancreatic cancer. Pain in your left arm could be more than a sign of tiredness.  You could be at risk of stroke so head to your doctor immediately.

6. No Fruits and Veggies in Diet – Did I just scream, “go macro?” Anyway, the article states that eating at least five servings of fruits and vegges daily reduces your risk of heart disease, all types of cancer, and helps you lose weight. There’s never been a case of fruit and veggie overdose, thus proving that these are the healthiest food on this planet.

7. Build Healthy Friendships – I absolutely believe that it is impossible to achieve a healthy lifestyle if you are surrounded with people who either pig out or engage in vices.  So, choose your friends.

And I have to get down to work now to keep my bank account healthy.



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