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That Pumpkin Changed My Hubby

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My husband was raised in a household of veggie experts. My late mom-in-law and dad-in-law’s spacious kitchen always teemed with all kinds of light and dark vegetables, and their veggie recipes are to die for.  I just noticed that dad and mama always required heat in preparing all these.

So yesterday morning while discussing what to have for lunch, I told hubby that macrobiotic chefs suggest the balancing of cooked and raw vegetables in accordance with the yin and yang philosophy.

It’s only the brown rice that I cook well and always  see to it that two cups of rice equate to six cups water because following the 1:1 ratio will harden the rice.

Anyway, so we were talking about using heat scarcely in cooking and he tells me, “Sweetie, I really love the fact that you are being more experimental in the kitchen nowadays but I cannot sacrifice my stomach.”

Still, a guy who can’t cook has to eat what’s on the table. For yesterday’s lunch I prepared pumpkin stuffed with yogurt glazed chopped cabbage. This was inspired by some of the best macro blogs that I have been following for over a month now.

Pumpkin stuffed with yogurt glazed cabbage

I blanched one -fourth squash (one-half is preferable for this recipe) and let it drip for a while. In another pan I sauteed minced garlic, onions and ginger before mixing in the chopped cabbage for a microsecond to avoid overcooking.

Next, I poured the mixture into the carved squash and glazed it with regular yogurt. Served it on the dining table and Jon remarked, “it looks yummy but can I bite into it the squash?” This left me in stitches.

We proceeded to eat and what do you know, the serving spoon never left Jon’s hand. He told me that he loved the crunchiness of the leaves and how the ginger’s tangy flavor blended with the smooth texture of the yogurt.

We were in the middle of this momentous event when Sonnet arrived from school. She went to wash her hands and when she came to the table, lunch was history for Jon and me.

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