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Hubby Wears His Game

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Last week was so different.  My work load was not as heavy as it should be so I had the opportunity to observe my husband while he was at work.

Aside from being a nine-to-fiver, Jon has a T-shirt printing business which serves as his personal outlet for his untapped creativity.  It’s not that he is being held from expressing his creativity when he is in the office except that there is a limitation because his output there should always meet the requirements of the company’s clients.

Jon would often compare office work with formal parties where it is necessary to control his appetite while T-shirt printing with home for he can have as much of our home-cooked meals without having to think of what other people might say.

Since last work week was not so busy for me, I was able to see the entire process of T-shirt printing from creating the first draft of a design up to pulling the merchandise out from under the massive iron.  Seeing how Jon painstakingly works on the elaborate designs made me appreciate the people who are in the same business more.

Designing his favorite PC game for a customer.

Most of the requests lean towards computer games and their famous characters so there were many of these last week but on other days, I see Jon churning Disney characters, Nickelodeon and the like.  Meanwhile, some people prefer personalized designs.

I remember how I would pressure Jon to start my macrobiotic T-shirt few weeks ago thinking it can be done in just five minutes or 10.  He told me that he has to come up with a good design, something unique that would fit my advocacy.

Prints Galore

I have come to understand that artists need different platforms for their artistry as writers need their blogs to maintain their sanity.

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