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Thank You, Healthy Co-bloggers!

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It has only been two months since I revived my blog to talk about how macrobiotic diet improved my health.  I gave it a fresh look because I wanted it to reflect who I am today, and the ways in which I take care of my family and myself.  I did not expect other people to find my new blog appealing, especially in this age of junk food and vices.

Surprisingly, it appealed to some people, those who have obviously not abandoned their health principles despite the toxic elements that surround them every day.  I should know because there are also things (and people) in my life that try to influence me, and make me veer from my goals.  Unfortunately for them, I am stronger than they think I am.

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to,,,,,,,,, and for showing some appreciation for the simple yet helpful health topics in my blog.

I may not know all of you personally, but knowing that there are still health conscious folks like you in this planet gives me peace of mind.  When I die someday, I hope that your children or your grandchildren, whose lives you have affected, will continue to influence my daughter who is, after all, the sole heir to this blog.

Stay healthy!

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