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Sweet Mango Smoothie…or Maybe Sour?

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Happy 2013!

T-shirt printing and packing kept hubby and I busy three months before Christmas.  One week before 2013 shoved 2012 out of the way, we were able to finish the last batch of the orders.

So, in the morning of Jan. 1, 2013 we did nothing but laze around, as Sonnet decided to spend the day with her favorite cousin, Gav, and her grandparents, who are my parents.

Jon and I, on the other hand, just had a mango smoothie in lieu of the santol smoothie, which I initially had in mind. It was one of those rare mornings that we did not want to miss, so instead of going to the market to buy ourselves the santols that we have been craving for since the night before, we decided to settle for a green mango smoothie.


Our mangoes’ peel was green, so we were expecting a refreshing drink, albeit sour.  I was halfway through peeling the first mango when I noticed  its golden yellow flesh.  I told Jon I have a hunch that we’ll be having ripe mangoes.  When I was done peeling the first mango, which had no tinge of green, I proceeded with the two others.

When the three, big, warm yellow mangoes were finally lying bare on the chopping board in front of me, I asked Jon if a glass of sweet mango smoothie would be all right since we obviously don’t have green mangoes.  He said yes, so I tossed the slices of mangoes into the blender and watched them start a swirling motion.

After a few minutes, Jon and I sipped our sweet mango smoothie…and to our astonishment, it was sour!

Oh well, we agreed that 2013 is sure going to be a year of surprises:)


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