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Taking Control of My Life

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We work to live, at least this is what I do.  I refuse to allow work to hinder me from living my life, so once it starts doing just that, I throw it out of the window; like what Miss Trunchbull does to her students in the 90s movie, Matilda.

Your work should bring forth a feeling of accomplishment, not a life that is full of stress.

To avoid throwing away work, those people who are looking for a job should know what they want.  Meanwhile, employers should stick to the deal and avoid trapping their employees into something that is not stipulated in their contracts.

Choosing a job is like cooking.  You don’t prepare something that you do not plan to eat, right?  When I say I want to eat mixed vegetables sauteed in extra virgin olive oil, trust that I will finish the dish.


When I told my boss I quit, while she was explaining the week’s tasks, I meant it.

After submitting my formal resignation letter, I erased everything related to my previous job so that I can start my goal for the year: to organize my financial portfolio.

I used to associate my newfound passion with older people, such as those in their 50s and 60s; until I realized that most of the people I know, who are financially okay, are in their early 20s, I realized they must be doing the right thing.

So, here I am finally doing the right thing, too.

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