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Who has not worn crochet tops and shawls?  Practically every woman in my family has because my Mama Love has a perpetual fascination for crochet.

Mama Love, my grandmother on my father’s side, has been doing crochet hats, frocks, coasters, mantles, duvets, and shawls among others since time immemorial.  When I was a little girl, I would always watch her work with her crochet hook and yarn.  If she’s not busy with crochet, she’s actually talking about it.


Mama Love can finish a crochet piece in just a couple of hours, while it took me a month to finish a single crochet pillow case for a high school project.  Because my parents were office employees when my brother and I were still kids, we were often left in Mama Love’s care.  I miss those days when all I did was watch Mama cook in her spacious kitchen; or sew a party dress, duster, or new pajamas for me.

Last Saturday, we excitedly opened a balikbayan box that Mama Love sent to us.  Mama is now a US citizen living alone in her Los Angeles apartment.  We haven’t seen each other for 10 years, but we would always talk to each other on the phone.  That Saturday we received the box, we were all excited, but when I saw the crochet hat and shawl that she made for my Sonnet, I felt sadness.


I suddenly missed my Mama Love terribly that I called her that instant.  I thanked her for all of the stuff inside the box, and I told her outright that she should just come home.  Of course, asking my 89-year-old grandmother to get on a plane and come home to the Philippines is pure selfishness; but I had to say it or else my heart will burst.  Mama laughed and told me she will at the right time.

To keep myself from being too emotional, I thanked Mama once again, and said in jest that I’m jealous of Sonnet.  She laughed so hard before telling me that my crochet bonnet is underway.  Upon hearing this, Mama was no longer 7,300 miles away from me and my sadness was gone that instant.

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