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Ignorance Will Kill You


I have a strong repugnance for politics, whether local or foreign.  There was never a time that I felt enthusiasm for the government’s activities, though I am a regular newspaper reader.

There is a difference between absorbing news and simply reading it.  I do the latter for information about politics.

My family is not partial to any leader, though there have been occasions in the past when they have discussed the good deeds of certain officials.  Unlike most people, we do not consider the track record of a family in governance as gauge of its ability to lead the country.

There are many leaders in this country who do not even know the history of the Philippines.  If I enumerate them, I could be summoned to some official’s office, if not to prison, for violating the cybercrime law.

The reason that I am indifferent to politics is simple.  I have learned through the years, not to mention reluctantly accepted, that the leaders of each country are submissive to one organization whose goal is to demolish all forms of government on this planet.

Once that organization, which is comprised of the so-called illuminati, has achieved its goal of eradicating the world of democracy, republic, democratic republic, and other types of government that you can think of, it will not only be able to run every nation’s resources but also its government.

I wish that time never comes because if it does, no person will have the freedom to live the way he would want to live.  All of us will be like chess pieces, with those in position dictating who lives and who dies.  In fact, this has already begun.


Few people, who neither listen to nor work for mainstream media, know that the Philippines is, in fact, already part of the illuminati’s ploy.  This is why I have turned to alternative medicine apart from the fact that macrobiotic really worked for me.

Don’t you ever stop and wonder why the healthiest of the healthiest die of cancer, why babies are born with AIDS, why a vegetarian succumbs to stroke or breast cancer, and why many people continue to die because of a whole range of killer diseases?

Even our doctors don’t know what’s mixed into those drugs that they prescribe to us because only the illuminati knows and the leaders of each state.  I’m not saying that these leaders want their people to die, but most of them are left with no choice; lest their families suffer from their disobedience to the higher order.

I aspire to see normalcy in governance, but for as long as someone else is ruling the one who is supposed to rule us, then we’re doomed.

4 thoughts on “Ignorance Will Kill You

  1. Pwede kayang lagyan ng microchip yung mga iniinom nating gamot para mamonitor tayo? May plot nga!

    Hello sonnet! Long time no comment ako! Ehehehehe kamista ka na? Sana kilala mo pa ako… Hihihi…

  2. Hi Potsquared, long time no chat:) Buti sana if their motive is just to monitor us. Kaso human extinction ang gusto. O di ba mga ambisyoso!

  3. not yet Cheesecake:) Let our leaders be a kiss ass to the higher order, but we can choose not to be. Thanks for dropping by:)

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